The cheapest countries to live in

For the average person, a vacation is associated with a two-week vacation abroad, dedicated to the sea and walking around the countryside. However, there are many places outside the Russian Federation where the average Russian can go for a longer period of time. We have compiled a whole list of countries where it will not cost more (or even less) than in Moscow.

The costs of a stay in any country are made up of such components as rent, food and travel expenses. In calculating the cost of a month’s stay, two trips a day by public transport, accommodation in a hotel, apartment or guesthouse, and three meals a day were included. The article outlines the price ranges for accommodation, where the minimum is the cost of staying on your own in a modest apartment, and the maximum is staying in a hotel with full meals in a cafe.

When planning your travel budget, it is important to determine the cost of the flight. Information about the cost of regular flights will be presented in our article, but self-monitoring of charter flights will allow you to find better deals from airlines.

  1. Laos

Laos will pleasantly surprise you with its affordable prices. A month of living in the country will cost $300-530.

The cost of living in a guesthouse starts at $150 per month. Hotel rooms with showers and toilets can be rented for $10-12 per day.

Lunch at the snack bar of one main course (chicken shish kebab, fried vegetables with meat, noodle soup, rice with seafood) is offered for $1.6. By paying $0.8 extra, a salad can be added. An economical option for a day meal is local soup for $0.9. In tourist cafes the cost of dishes doubles: for example, fried duck will cost $3.3, and spicy soup with shrimp $6.6. For breakfast, $1.5 is enough. The same amount should be enough for dinner.

Public transportation is $0.5; cab fare is $2 per km (plus $2.2 for boarding). You can rent a bicycle for $1 per day, a moped for $8.5 (the price for 1 liter of gasoline is $1.17).

The table shows the cost of groceries in supermarkets in Laos.

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per piece, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 0,3

water (1.5 liters) 0,5

bread (500 g) 2

eggs (dozen) 1,2

rice 0,8

chicken/beef 3,2/8,8

apples/bananas/oranges 1,8/0,9/2,5

potatoes 1,8

tomatoes 2,3

wine 16,5

Beer (0,5 l) 0,9

A ticket to Laos (with two connections) starts at $615.

When staying in a private home for a long period, you should pay attention to the meter readings (electricity and water). Paying the average rate can significantly increase the cost.

  1. Nepal

The country can be considered a budget holiday: a month’s stay will cost $350 to $950.

Accommodation in a guesthouse in Kathmandu will cost $6-7 per day, in Tamil $9-11. You can rent an apartment in the center of a popular tourist area for $16-20, on its outskirts – for $9-14. In case of long term rentals owners are willing to offer an apartment in the capital for $ 130 per month.

Lunch at an average cafe will cost $3-3.5. A pizza and coffee for breakfast costs $2.50.

The cost of a bus ticket (Kathmandu) is in the $0.12-$0.2 range. A cab fare is $1.7, plus $0.4 per kilometer.

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 0,6

water (1,5 l) 0,28

bread (500 g) 0,45

local cheese 6,6

eggs (dozen) 1,4

rice 0,7

chicken/beef 3,3/4

apples/bananas/oranges 1,4/0,8/0,9

potatoes 0,4

tomatoes 0,6

wine 6

local/import beer (0.5 l) 2/9

The flight from Moscow to Kathmandu will cost $345.

  1. India

One of the most inexpensive countries will require from $400 to $600.

The cost of a day’s accommodation in a guesthouse will be $ 7-9, in a hotel $ 10-18 (depending on the level). If you look for lodging directly in the country you can find inexpensive options for $ 160-180 per month.

Lunch at a local eatery, which includes soup, seafood, chicken and cheese flatbread, will cost no more than $2. Dinner can be rice with fish and salad for $1.50. In resort restaurants for tourists, the price for a full meal can be 2-3 times higher.

A trip on public transportation will cost $0.3-3 (depending on the distance). A kilometer by cab is $0.3. Rent a scooter for $68 a month (1 liter of gasoline equals $0.45).

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per piece, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 0,27

mineral water 0,25

bread (500 g) 0,1

cheese 3,5-7

eggs (dozen) 0,3

rice 0,8

chicken 1,7

Banana / grape / cherry 0,03/0,8/0,5

Potatoes 0,5

Pasta 1,2

Tomatoes 0,3

Wine 4

beer (0,5 l) 2

The flight from Moscow to Delhi will cost $ 178.

In local Indian markets haggling is practiced, through which you can reduce the price of goods by 50%. But it’s not worth haggling over fruit, vegetables, and tea (their prices are fixed).

  1. Vietnam

A month of living in Vietnam will cost from $440 to $720.

You can rent an apartment for a day for $ 12-18. If you plan a long stay (6-12 months) you can bargain up to $ 300 per month.

Full lunch at a local cafe costs 2-2,2 $, for 1-1,2 $ you can eat soup with beef or chicken. Breakfast and dinner costs $1-1.5 (for rice with vegetables and bacon, scrambled eggs, and coffee).

Bus fare in Nha Trang is $0.3, cab – $0.25-0.5 per kilometer plus $0.5-1 for getting on and off. You can rent a bike for $ 3-6 per day (cheaper to rent from local stores than travel companies), a bike – for $ 1.5, a car – for $ 35.

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per piece, per kg, etc.)

bread (500 g.) 0,6-0,7

milk 1,3

rice 0,8

cheese 9

chicken/pork/beef 3/4/7

eggs (dozen) 1,4

potatoes 1

water (1,5 l) 0,5

cucumbers 2,2

tomatoes 1,05

Fruit (rambutan, bananas, mango, lychee, pitahaya, etc.) 1-1,5

tea (100 g) 1

lemonade in a can (pepsi, cola etc.) 0,4

Local beer Tiger, Saigon/import beer 0,6/1,5

local wine Vang Dalat 3-5

The price of a ticket from Moscow to Vietnam starts at $350.

If you take a cab, you’d better negotiate the price in advance (for tourists the price tag can be way overpriced).

  1. Indonesia

A month’s stay in an exotic country will cost $445 to $720.

Rent a room in a guesthouse or hotel is $11-16 per day (you can find cheaper options for $7.5-8).

The cost of daily meals at cafes and snack bars is in the range of $2.8 – $7. Depending on the level of the place breakfast costs $0.3-1.2, lunch $1.2-2, dinner $1.5-3. You can save on food by buying products at the local market or ready-made food from a mobile tray: the price for a dish is 0,5-1$ (rice with vegetables – 0,5$, soup – 1$).

The price for a ticket in the city transport is $0,25, cab ride $4-5 (boarding from $1,6). For $4-5 you can rent a bike for a day, for $2 a bike (gasoline – $0.5 per liter).

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per piece, per kg, etc.)

bread (500 gr.) 0,7

vegetables 0,5-1,9

rice 0,7

fruits 0,5-1,4

water (0,5 l) 0,1

milk 1

eggs 1,3

beer 2

wine 23

Airfare to Indonesia from Moscow (with connection in Istanbul) starts at $400.

To save on travel, you should choose low-cost areas of Indonesia – Sumatra, Java, Sumbawe; visiting Bali, on the contrary, requires a large financial investment.

  1. Honduras

A month of accommodation in Honduras will require a sum of $480-650.

Rent an apartment for a month in Honduras for $180-300. For short term rentals are available from $ 7-10 per day.

Lunch at an inexpensive cafe costs $ 5-5.5. Plateau topico (a local dish consisting of meat with rice, beans, bananas and cheese) at a regular diner will cost $2 (high-end restaurants raise prices up to $20). As a snack, a flatbread with toppings is good for $1.4.

A ride on public transportation is $0.6. Car rental is $28 per day (plus gasoline $0.8 per 1 liter). Cab costs are made up of the cost of boarding ($2) and distance (1 km – $2.6).

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 1,1

water (0,33 l) 0,7

potatoes 1,2

rice 1,4

bread (500 g) 1,3

cheese 3,4

eggs (dozen) 1,9

beef 6,5

apples/oranges/bananas 2,5

tomatoes/cucumbers 0,9

wine 8,6

A flight from Moscow (two connections) will cost $400 or more.

When planning a trip to Honduras, you should keep in mind that it is not the safest country for tourists: because of the low standard of living there, theft and drug trafficking are rampant.

  1. Mexico

To stay in Mexico for a month, you need to bring $490 to $850.

Apartments and inexpensive guest houses far from the city center can be rented for $12-15; hotels in a more convenient location are estimated at $17-18 and more.

Lunch at a local cafe costs about $ 4, a more economical option – meals at markets, where you can buy a full meal for $ 1-2 dollars. Street food is very popular with the population: tacos ($0.65), quesadillas ($0.9), etc.

The bus, trolleybus or subway in Mexico City costs between $0.13 and $0.22. The cost of a cab is made up of the price of $0.55 per seat and the distance ($0.26 per km). It is possible to rent a car for $18-36 (plus gasoline – $0.9 per liter). In Mexico City, a subscription to bicycles is practiced: for one day (for 45 minutes) you have to pay $4.4, for a week (45 minutes per day) – $14.7.

Name of product

Cost, dollar (per piece, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 0,7

water (1,5 l) 0,6

potatoes 0,7

rice 0,7

bread (500 g) 1,1

cheese 3,9

eggs (dozen) 1

chicken/beef 3,4/5,2

apples/oranges/bananas 1,5/0,6/0,7

tomatoes/cucumbers 0,8

wine 6

eer (0.5 l) 0,8

A plane ticket to Mexico City would cost $550.

  1. Peru

You will need $500 to $1,050 for a month’s stay in Peru.

Prices for apartments start at $10 per night; the housing market has enough offers in the range of $25-27 $. For the long term, you can rent an apartment for $260-280.

The cost of food depends on the level of the institution. Lunch for tourists is offered for $7-$10; at a local diner it will cost $3-$5. You can have breakfast at a reasonably priced cafe for $1-1.5. Bargaining over food is appropriate.

Public transportation is $0.50; cabs cost $1.50 per ride and the same per kilometer.

Name of item

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 1,2

water (1,5 l) 0,7

potatoes 0,7

rice 1

bread (500 g) 1,8

cheese 5.4

eggs (dozen) 1,5

chicken 5

apples/bananas/oranges 1,4/0,9/1

tomatoes/cucumbers 0,9

wine 7,4

Local/imported beer (0.5 l) 1,3/1,9

It is possible to buy a ticket to Peru (Lima) with two connections for $550.

  1. Cambodia

For a month’s vacation in Cambodia, you need to bring $500 to $1020.

The price of a daily stay in a guest house or hotel room starts at $15. However, using the services of local realtors, you can find housing for a month for $ 250-300 (depending on the availability of amenities – washing machine, stove, etc.).

A traditional breakfast consisting of eggs with bacon and coffee with a sandwich in Cambodia would cost $1.5. Lunch offered at a local Khmer establishment can be purchased for $1-$2; lunch at a café closer to a European café will cost $3-$5. Dinner (meat+garnish) will cost $2-2.5.

Riding a tuk-tuk (local public transport) costs from $2 to $5. For $20 to $25 a week you can rent a bike.

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per piece, per kg, etc.)

noodles with egg 2

French fries 2-2,5

Soup 3,7

Pizza 5

Fruit (mango, dragon’s eye, bananas, pineapple) 1,5-2

water (12 1,5 l bottles) 6

bread (500 g) 1,5-2,5

milk 1,65

processed cheese 2,4

eggs 1,6

Finlandia vodka, Jameson whisky 12-13

local whisky 1

red wine (France) 6,5

beer (0,33 l) 1

The minimum airfare to Cambodia (with a connection in Istanbul) is $360. In late fall and early spring you can catch discounts of up to 30%.

On vacation in Cambodia you should always have cash (there are no ATMs, you can withdraw and exchange dollars and local currency only in banks). You will need the money not only to pay for purchases, but also to solve minor household issues with the locals.

  1. Georgia

You should go to Georgia for a month with a budget of $540-900.

Stay overnight in an economy hotel for $15-20. For long-term rent locals ask about $ 400 per month for an apartment in the center of Tbilisi, and $ 315 on the outskirts. For $250-$270 you can find accommodation with a minimum of amenities.

A restaurant offers guests a three-course meal for $5.50 to $6.50. At the local eatery you can get within $4. In Georgian cafes you can order grilled vegetables for 2.5 $, soup (borscht, chihirtma) for 2-3 $, vegetable salad for $ 1.8, the assortment of shashlik for two for $ 16. In the supermarket you can take a ready-made lunch (cutlet, salad 200 gr. and pancake with stuffing) for 2.2 $.

A single ride on the subway and bus costs $0.2 and a ride in a minibus $0.3. Moving within Tbilisi costs 1,6-3 $. The cost of renting a car starts from 24$ (plus petrol – 0,9$ per liter).

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 1

water (1,5 l) 0,35

potatoes 0,4

rice 0,7

bread (500 g) 0,4

cheese 2,4

eggs (dozen) 1,2

chicken/beef 3/6

apples/oranges/ bananas/ grapes/ watermelons 0,8/0,9/1/0,7/0,2

tomatoes 1,4

wine 1,2-4,7

local beer (1 l) 0,7

A ticket to Georgia from Moscow can be bought for $120-130.

  1. Philippines

Staying in the Philippines for a month will cost $540-750.

Hotel rooms can be rented for $14-17 per night. If you book a guest house for a month or more, the rent will be $300-350.

Prices for meals in cafes for tourists and in facilities for locals are very different. In the first case lunch will cost $5-6 $, in the second – $2-3 $. To have breakfast, it is enough to have $2.

Travel by trainsicle (motorcycle type vehicle with sidecar) is charged at $0.1 per km. You can travel by jeepney (local shuttle bus) for $0.12-0.29. A subway ride in Manila costs $0.35. Renting a bike requires $ 5-9, a car $ 45 (plus gasoline $ 1 per liter).

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per piece, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 1,4

spaghetti (500 g.) 1,3

rice 1

bread (500 g) 0,8

potatoes 1,6

eggs (dozen) 1,7

fish 2,8

chicken 3

mango/durian/mandarin 1,5/2/0,4

cucumbers 1,3

wine 4-6

San Miguel beer (1 liter) 1,6

In local markets, products are 1.5-2 times cheaper.

Airfare to the Philippines from Moscow starts at $ 300.

  1. Bulgaria

Depending on the season, accommodation in Bulgaria for a month will cost $550 to $1200.

From late fall to early summer in Sofia, Varna or Plovdiv offers accommodation at a monthly fee of $ 200-350. During beach season prices for a room at a hotel by the sea starting from 25-30 $… Beginning in October, it is possible to rent a villa or apartment for $18-20 for a day.

For breakfast at a local cafe is enough for 1-2,5 $, for lunch – 5-6 $, dinner – for 3,8-6 $. The cost of a seafood dish starts at $6. To save money on food, you can buy street food. So, a slice of pizza and coffee from a vending machine will cost $1, a grilled sausage $0.3, and a sandwich $1.5.

Bus fare in Sofia is $0.7. Cab is charged at a rate of 0,9-1 $ per km. It is possible to rent a car for $ 7 per day.

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 0,8

water (1,5 l) 0,25

potatoes 0,5

bread (500 g) 0,6-1

cheese 4,8

bryndza 2,7

chicken/beef 4,8/4

sprat / mackerel / trout 0,6/3/6

apples/peaches/ grapes/ figs 0,5/0,5/0,6/1,2

yoghurt 1,3

wine 3-7

Zagorka beer (1 l) / imported (0,5 l) 0,9/1,3

Flight from Moscow starts at $120.

  1. Sri Lanka

For accommodation is enough $550-700 per month.

The fee per night in an inexpensive hotel is $ 9-12. For longer stays, you can rent a house for $250-270 (plus utilities about $75).

Dinner at an inexpensive cafe costs $1.9, at a mid-level restaurant – $ 5-7.

You can take a tuk-tuk for $0.1 – $0.2. Cab fare is $0.35 per kilometer and $0.4 per ride. Renting a bike costs $160-180 per month (plus gasoline $0.8 per liter). A car can be rented for $30-$40 per day.

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per piece, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 1,2

water (1,5 l) 0,6

potatoes 0,7

rice 0,5

bread (500 g) 0,5

cheese 11

eggs (dozen) 1

chicken/beef 4,5

apples/oranges/bananas 2,2/2/0,7

cucumbers 0,7

local beer (0,5 l) imported beer (0,33 l) 1,2/1,9

The flight from Moscow will cost $355.

  1. Thailand

The amount to have when traveling to Thailand is in the range of $580-1080 $.

Depending on the location, it costs $450-600 to rent an apartment in the city and $300 in the surrounding area (price per month). For 16-19 $ a day you can rent an apartment near the coast. Those who are used to getting along with a minimum of amenities, you might consider staying in condos without hot water (minimum price $150-200, plus utilities up to $ 60).

The cost of lunch at a local cafe will not exceed $ 5. A portion of tom-yum soup can be ordered for $2.5-4.5, rice with topping for $1.5-2.5, and salad for $1-1.2. Food in a European café will be 40-50% more expensive.

The price for a one-time bus fare in Bangkok is $0.75; a cab ride is charged at the rate of $1 per km. You can get around Pattaya and other small villages by a tuk-tuk (a kind of minibus): the trip costs from 3$. For renting a bicycle you have to pay from $95 to $160 per month.

Name of Goods

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 1,6

water 1.5 0,5

bread (500 g) 1,3

cheese 16-25

eggs (dozen) 1,6

rice 1,2

chicken/beef 3/11

mango/longan/oranges 2/1,3/2,2

potatoes 1,5

tomatoes 1,3

wine 15,6

beer (0.5 l) 1,6

Airfare can be purchased for $260.

For an economical trip choose Pattaya: the cost of accommodation, travel and food in the city is 30% lower than on the islands of Samui and Phuket.

  1. Morocco

The cost of a month’s stay in Morocco is $590-990.

Accommodation in a guesthouse will cost $ 19-20, in a hotel with all amenities – 25-28. The most cost-effective options are in the suburbs – you can rent a house in the distance from Rabat for 15-16 $.

The average eatery offers lunch for $2.7-3. At fast-food places you can buy soup for $0,5, dishes with by-products for $1.

A bus and streetcar ticket in the city costs $0.45; a cab fare is $0.45 per kilometer and $0.35 per boarding.

Name of product

Cost, dollar (per piece, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 0,7

water (1,5 l) 0,6

potatoes 0,5

rice 1,3

bread (500 g) 0,4

cheese 7.3

eggs (dozen) 1,4

chicken 3,9

apples/oranges/bananas 1,3/0,6/1,1

tomatoes 0,5

wine 6

Local beer (0.5 l) / imported beer (0.33 l) 1,8/2,1

The average price for a flight from Moscow to Morocco is $270.

  1. Armenia

To live in Armenia 650-1000 $ will be enough.

The cost of living in Armenia is quite democratic: one-room apartment in the center of Yerevan can be rented for $ 300, in the suburbs – for 180-200 $ (plus 50-70 $ for utilities).

A dinner at a cheap restaurant costs $6.7-7. Shawarma and kebabs at eateries are available for $3.

Public transportation costs $0.2. Cab drivers charge $1.3 per ride and $0.2 per kilometer.

Name of Product

Cost, dollar (per piece, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 0,9

water (1,5 l) 0,5

potatoes 0,5

rice 1,2

bread (500 g) 0,5

cheese 4,6

eggs (dozen) 1,3

chicken/pork/beef 3,5/4/6,5

apples/oranges/bananas 0,8/1,4/1,8

tomatoes/cucumbers 0,9

wine 4

Local beer (0.5 l) / imported beer (0.5 l) 0,9/1,4

The flight to Yerevan from Moscow will cost $80.

  1. Albania

Staying in Albania for a month costs $650 to $1050.

Staying in inexpensive apartments or guest houses is possible for $ 17-19 $ per night. An apartment in downtown Tirana will cost $20-25. The cheapest option is a room for $10.

In the case of long-term rents the cost decreases significantly – the apartment owners are asking $220-260 per month (plus utilities $40-50).

Full meal at an inexpensive cafe offer for $ 5-7 $ (grilled lamb – $ 5, $ 1, $ 7 salad, pasta with seafood $ 3,8, etc.), a network of fast food Kolonat for $ 3-3,5. You can snack on a burek for $1.3-1.7.

A bus ride around Tiran costs $0.25. Cab fare is $0.95 per 1 km plus $2 for boarding.

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 0,9

water (1,5 l) 0,4

potatoes 0,4

rice 1,1

bread (500 g) 0,45

sausage/sausage 4,3/2,6

cheese 4,2

eggs (dozen) 1,1

chicken 3,4

apples/oranges/bananas 0,8/0,8/1,2

tomatoes 0,7

wine 5

Local beer (0.5 l) / imported beer (0.33 l) 0,8/1,2

You can buy a ticket to Tirana for $135.

  1. Greece

Going to Greece for a month, you need to take 790-1250 $.

Prices for budget housing on the outskirts of Greece are in the range of $220-260 per month, in the center – $300-400. However, you should add utilities to this amount, which will cost another $100-150.

The cost of meat dishes in cafes of different levels is $6.5-14 $, side dishes – $2.5-8.5, Greek salad $3.5-8 $. A full meal at an average place will cost $14-$15. You can snack on street food (such as gyros) for $2.50.

Transportation by bus is charged at a rate of $ 1.2. The cost of renting a car starts at $15 a day (1 liter of gasoline costs $1.44).

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per piece, liter, kg, etc.).

olive oil (0,5 l) 5

water (1,5 l) 0,6

milk 1

potatoes 0,5

rice 1,6

bread (500 g) 0,7

Yogurt (1 l) 1,7

eggs (dozen) 2

chicken/pork/beef 5,2/6/8,2

fish from 5

peaches/oranges 3,4/0,4

tomatoes/cucumbers 0,8/0,8

wine 6

Local beer (0.5 l) / imported beer (0.5 l) 1,4/6

The average price for a ticket to Greece from Moscow is $165.

  1. Nicaragua

Planning to stay in the country for a month, you should bring $ 900-1200.

If you rent an apartment in the city for a long time, the cost of living will be $ 200-500 $ per month (plus utilities $ 60-100 $). If you stay in Nicaragua for a few days, a night in a hostel or guesthouse will have to pay $ 14-23, in a mid-level hotel – $ 45-47.

A full meal in a restaurant will cost $12-14. You can get a combo at McDonald’s for $6-7 and a cheeseburger for $2. Coffee costs $1.5 to $2.

A bus ticket costs $0.1, cab fare starts at $1 per km. You can rent a car for $23-$24 (the cost of gasoline is $1.1 per liter).

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 1

water (1,5 l) 1,2

potatoes 1,3

rice 1,3

bread (500 g) 1,7

cheese 2,6

eggs (dozen) 1,9

chicken/beef 5,5/7,5

sausage 9,8

apples/oranges/bananas 6/2/1,3

tomatoes/cucumbers 1,4/0,75

wine 8,3

imported beer (0.5 l) 2,1

Flight to Nicaragua (Managua) from Moscow starts at $452.

  1. Guatemala

A budget stay in Guatemala will cost $900 or more.

A night in a 3-star hotel in Guatemala costs an average of $15-$25. You can also find more economical options in hostels for $9-14. For long term rentals, depending on the location will cost $250-400 per month.

A full three-course lunch will cost $ 13-15, a modest or fast-food type lunch – 5-7.

The ticket for public transport costs $ 0,25. You can rent a car for $18-20. The price for cab services starts from $0,5 per km plus the cost of boarding – $3.

Name of goods

Cost, dollar (per unit, l, kg, etc.)

Milk 1,7

water (1,5 l) 1

potatoes 1,5

rice 1,4

bread (500 g) 1,5

cheese 4,7

eggs (dozen) 1,9

chicken/beef 6/10

sausage 10

apples/oranges/bananas 2,2/1,6/0,9

tomatoes/cucumbers 1,2

wine 7,8

imported beer (0.5 l) 1,9

The price of an air ticket from the Russian capital to Guatemala is $400 or more.

Thus, there are a number of countries that are suitable not only for short trips, but also for long stays. Renting inexpensive apartments and grocery shopping in supermarkets will extend your stay in a foreign country and even make it cheaper than at home.