The Chinese have learned to “turn” the old iPhone 11 into the new iPhone 12

The enterprising Chinese have found a way to “turn” an old iPhone 11 into a brand new iPhone 12 without much money. Cases that mimic the style of the iPhone 12 have already appeared in some online stores. The cost of this accessory varies from 1 to 4 dollars, depending on the materials used for its manufacture. The new iPhone has a design with flat edges, but in general the device is not much different from last year’s model. This quality was used by the Chinese for “transformation”.

Manufacturers of cases from China have already created special bumpers that perfectly mask the iPhone 11 under the iPhone 12. You can usually distinguish the devices, for example, the dimensions of last year’s model are slightly larger than new, but this will require a direct comparison, which is unlikely to do a stranger. It is noteworthy that a similar trick was used for the last generation of iPhone, when specially for the XR and XS were developed special camera attachments that add the necessary lens to the device.