The Complete Guide to Hair Removal

We didn’t mean to call this article a “body hair removal guide”. Indeed, despite the fact that this is essentially true, the term “removing vegetation from the body” is outdated. It is more suitable for men who have come to the conclusion that any attempt to engage in their own physical form and look after themselves deprives their masculinity. According to a survey by Cosmopolitan magazine and, 95 percent of men pay attention to body hair. So if you still think groin trimming is bigotry, that’s your problem. But even if we understand the need to pay attention to body hair, we don’t always do it right. For example, hair removal from the scrotum is much more difficult than from the chin. That’s why we turned to the experts. Attention! Introducing the merciless guide to body hair care.


1 Eyebrows

2 Ears

3 Nose

4 Chest

5 Back

6 Armpits

7 Hands and feet

8 Below the belt

8.1 Groin

8.2 Testicles

8.3 Penis

8.4 Crotch


One of the defining features of a man’s face is his eyebrows. They prevent sweat, water and other things from rolling down from the forehead into the eye sockets. They also help to express anger, sadness and surprise. Niven & Joshua founder Chris Beastall shares his eyebrow care secrets. The main thing is to maintain a masculine look and at the same time remove excess volume by removing protruding hairs. As a result, you will look younger and cleaner. Beastall recommends starting eyebrow grooming by plucking. You can take a comb and comb your eyebrows up. Loose hairs can be trimmed with blunt scissors. Some men use special trimmers for their ears or nose for this, but the result is not always neat. Individual protruding hairs can be removed with tweezers. Beastall advises doing this after a shower, when the pores are open. This advice is also suitable for men with a so-called monobrow, but you need to remove the hairs between the two eyebrows, and not “bite off” from each eyebrow, otherwise the nose will stand out unnecessarily.


As a three-day hangover and forgetting the names of their children, the appearance of nose hair is a sign of age. Usually, they appear in middle-aged men, but some especially gifted by nature notice them at age twenty. Bistol considers tweezers particularly suitable for removing hair in the visible part of the ear. Take the tweezers with blunt tips to remove long hairs. Using tweezers, not trimmers or scissors, firstly makes the removal process more accurate, and secondly, allows you to remove hair from the root, which means that the hairs will not grow longer. But it is better to remove unwanted hair inside the ear with scissors specially designed for facial hair. They are stupid enough not to damage the fine skin. To see the “working area” better, lift your head up and use the magnifying mirror. The alternative is to find a Turkish hairdresser’s shop, where you will simply burn these hairs.


Some nose hair is necessary: it acts as an air filter, prevents pathogenic bacteria from entering the body when breathing. There is nothing terrible about controlling the nose hair. The visible hairs do not do too much work – they trap the dirt that gets into the nose and make you unattractive. And you can cut it with scissors with blunt tips. You don’t need to pluck them, because when you pluck them, small vessels are damaged, which can lead to infection. Alternatively, you can use an electric trimmer. It has an ergonomic shape and acts gently. It does not damage the delicate skin of the nose and ears. But Bistol does not consider electric trimmers as neat as scissors. It’s all about their shape – they don’t allow you to see the area they’re working on, which means you’re acting blindly.


If you are not a dancer from the group Chippendale, not a porn star, not a bodybuilder at competitions and not any combination of these hypostases, keep some hair on your chest. An expert in the field of men’s care, who has worked with Chris Hemsworth, George Clooney and John Hamm, Diane Schmidtke believes that removing all the hair on your chest gives the impression that you are a swimmer, cyclist or some other athlete. The chest hair should be trimmed, not removed completely. Schmidtke advises you to arm yourself with a decent electric trimmer, for example, Peanut by Wahl or Norelco Bodygroom by Philips. If you use them with a nozzle, they leave your hair short, rather than remove it completely. Which nozzle to use and how long to leave the hair, it’s up to you. But before cutting – as on any other part of the body – you should first try a specific trimmer nozzle on a small part of the chest to evaluate how it works on your hair.


Get rid of! No, we don’t have any research results on the basis of which we give such advice. But have you ever met anyone who appreciates the hair on their back? That’s it, that’s it. If you don’t have a very loving partner or an overly bored neighbor, then the best choice for you is waxing in the salon. If you feel sorry for this time and money, here are some recommendations on how to fight hair on the back. You can take a trimmer with a nozzle in the minimum position. Schmidtke advises ManGroomer trimmer – it can treat the whole back, in addition, it has delicate blades, which makes it impossible to cut yourself. Of course, after its use, the skin on your back will not be as smooth as a baby’s ass – this can only be achieved by “wet” shaving. If you want a smoother skin, Chris Bistol suggests using a waxing cream, for example, designed specifically for Nad men. You need to apply the cream on your back (you’ll need a helper), leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off – your hair will disappear with the cream. Important: do not use this cream in the intimate area, no matter what the funny and horrible advertising of Veet products promised you at the same time.


Who does not want to stink less and look better? We don’t offer a full armpit cut (that would be weird), but a light haircut is recommended for everyone. Chris Bistol believes that underarm hair is acceptable even for the most groomed man. Today, the trend is that they are cut, not shaved completely. Take a body trimmer, such as Philips Norelco, set the nozzle to level 2 and cut the hair. Your bed partner, colleagues and friends will thank you.

Arms and legs

It’s only necessary for obsessed people or people with high hairiness. Use a trimmer with nozzles to keep your hands and feet natural. Do you really need legs like a baby?

Below the belt

Get ready, we’re going to …


There have been some serious scientific studies looking at the relationship between a well-groomed pubis and attractiveness. We believe that you will only benefit from hair removal. The body trimmer is great for removing pubic and upper leg hair. The trimmer has cut-prevention attachments. When removing hair, you need to tighten the skin to prevent damage to it.


For heaven’s sake, don’t trim them! Using electrical gadgets on the testicles can lead to illness. Do not ask in what way we came to this knowledge. Use a wet shave instead. Take a lot of shaving cream, work slowly and carefully, periodically rinsing hairs from the razor.


We would really not like to say the way they write in men’s magazines: something like “if you remove the hair at the base of the penis, it seems larger.” However, if you remove the hair at the base of the penis, it does appear larger. If you want such an illusory effect, proceed in the same way as with the testicles and try not to damage the skin.


You have a choice. You can use the trimmer, but very carefully also with the nozzles. And if you want a smoother result, contact a waxing professional. You can shave this area with your own razor – you might as well get out of the 10th floor. Believe us, it is not worth it. If you want to get rid of your hair completely in this place, contact a professional. Leave it to the professionals and prepare to shudder. Let the hair grow back within a couple of months, then contact the professionals again. If it is too frosty for you, you may want to try the laser.

Laser hair removal – for men who would like to get rid of body hair, but it hurts, the effect is enough for 2 – 3 months, and then they grow again. Laser is a more effective solution. Does it hurt? Yes. But it works: after a few treatments, your hair will be permanently removed. Here, you have become more attractive, less hairy and smell better!