The complexity of bitcoin production has suddenly increased by 9%

As a result of the next recalculation, the complexity of mining of the first cryptocurrency increased by 9.26%, to 30.97 T. Since mid -August, the average hashrait of the network was 221 eh/s. According to the Glassnode resource, as of August 30, the network capacity of the network was 222.3 eh/s. The figure approaches the mark in the peak area on June 11 (231 eh/s).

The largest proportion of mining operations is the Foundry USA cryptocurrency pool. Its hashrait of bitcoin is 23.25%. It is followed by F2Pool (16.42%) and Antpool (13.43%), affiliated with Bitmain. The daily income of all miners since mid -June does not exceed $ 20 million on average.

In early summer, the total total was $ 668 million – 26% less than in May. In July, the profits decreased by another 9%, to $ 609.7 million. A month later, the proposal had already reached 5767.9 BTC with a total production 3478 BTC.