The doctor told me which meat is more dangerous – pork or chicken

Anna Ivashkevich, a nutritionist, clinical psychologist and a member of the union of the National Association of Clinical Nutrition, explained why diet poultry meat, which is often recommended by dieticians to replace red meat, is not suitable for everyone and in some cases, its use can lead to health problems.

As the expert noted, chicken protein is considered the most allergenic. Chicken is superior to turkey, rabbit, and even beef in this respect.

– So, the chicken, though the most accessible type of meat, is not the most useful,” said the nutritionist.

By the way, earlier Roskachestvo warned that you should not wash poultry meat before cooking. As pathogenic bacteria do not die from it, and together with drops of water quickly spread in the kitchen. In this case there is a high probability of microorganisms getting into food or on clean dishes.

However, the most harmful meat is pork, says Anna Ivashkevich. The product contains a lot of saturated fats and violates the blood lipid profile if eaten regularly in large quantities, which is dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease.

The specialist advised to give up pork for people with high cholesterol and those who have a family suffering from cardiovascular disease.