The drones will look for deadly jellyfish

Jellyfish can kill a person in three minutes

Off the coast of northern Australia and Indonesia are found deadly jellyfish called “Sea Wasp” (Chironex fleckeri). Their venom can kill a person in just three minutes. Now such jellyfish will be looking for a special drone.

Scientists have noted that jellyfish have a love for calm coastal waters, which allows them to collide with swimmers. Therefore, a reconnaissance drone could make the beaches safer.

Scientists have already tested the accuracy of drones on jellyfish near the Cape York Peninsula. The researchers set up a 70-meter net, then used a drone to record videos, and then took them out and counted the jellyfish. As it turned out, the detection accuracy was high. Scientists have also determined the effect of weather, such as clouds and wind, on the success of drones.

Researchers are going to conduct a number of experiments for testing.