The first electric car was developed in Ukraine: project details and characteristics

The presentation of the electric vehicle is due in the summer of 2020.

Kryvyi Rih company Murmuration Technology develops the first Ukrainian electric car. Its supervisor Vitaliy Brizgalov posted a photo of this vehicle on his Facebook page and told the main details. “CoolOn Commercial Commercial Electric Vehicle! Length 5000, Width 1700, Height 2100. The cargo compartment, not final, can be either open body or equipped with special street cleaning equipment, manipulator, repair tower. The machine will have a 40 LiFePO lithium battery safe. the capacity will be 200km running. But the battery can be increased or reduced by the modular design, “he said.

The developer also said that the machine will be driven by an electric motor that they have designed and manufactured themselves. “Front, or all wheel drive, from 30 to 80kW. The engine has quite significant differences from those used in other electric cars. Our engine, this is a modernized Valve Jet Motor. This is probably the most reliable type of motor at the moment. It has no magnets, no “cage” and has a completely passive rotor. This gives significant advantages in reliability and movement. said Vitaliy B. mace.

He added that the free car’s idling and excellent coasting are essential for the electric car. “Dynamically controlled regeneration with controlled braking intensity (almost to the point of abandonment of mechanical brakes). Electric braking even at zero speed. in the summer of 2020. CoolOn will focus on corporate clients – logistics companies and delivery services.