The future Nest Hub display from Google will work as a separate tablet

There are hints that Google may be working on a new Nest Hub in the form factor of the tablet, which is scheduled for release later this year. According to reports about the product, which is still under development, the screen is separated from the speakers.

The secondgeneration Nest Hub was released in 2021 with an intelligent display and costs from $ 99. The largest Nest Hub Max was released in 2019 for $ 229. It has a 10inch screen, more powerful audio output and can work as a device for video conferencing. It is reported that the next Nest Hub will have a removable tablet attached to the main speaker. It is an ordinarylooking device for a smart home.

The new Nest Hub will provide more options and interface elements. Swipe up or down to see some of the items on the screen. It also includes a multifunction browser, but it’s unclear which operating system will run on the new Nest Hub. Chrome OS is unlikely to be deployed in the new Nest Hub due to high power requirements and possible financial implications. The Android version of the new Nest Hub can expand the functionality of the device and open it to Play Store resources.

Google does not have a final statement on the possible launch of the next Nest Hub. The coming weeks will show the possible trajectory of Nest Hub.