The geometry of relationships: from the love triangle to the circle of the family

There is no room for a third party in love. How to make sure that you do not have to share your man with someone else – we learned from an expert on relationships.

It is said that a triangle is the most stable geometric figure. Only if it is not a love triangle! It is a game that never ends in a draw, there is always a losing side. But why is it that some men are led through life and others are simply held in reserve?

As an expert on building relationships, I can name the main reason for this: a man does not offer his hand and heart to a woman in whom he does not see a wife. And he keeps the one he sees as his mistress for a few meetings. In order not to get into a Bermuda triangle of relationships, take away a few recommendations on how to avoid the role of the mistress and to avoid losing the interest of men:

– Delight not excitement

When your body and what you’re wearing “screams” to a man how much you want to get to know him, it leads you to the image of a mistress. When choosing your closet, focus not on sexuality, but on sensuality, style and restraint in tones. And let your body language not “divulge” your secrets: between easy grace and vulgarity the line is so thin!

– The power is in… discomfort

Sometimes, achieving a man, a woman to bend under his interests, forgetting about his own. She forgives him everything, gives herself to him in full… And he

sees her as a fish that swims into his arms. So uninteresting! But convenient. So remain a trophy, for the conquest of which a man will want to run and sweat for.

– Flirt, but do not flirt

Frank flirting has never led anyone down the aisle. In bed, yes, but not in marriage! Your goal – long-term and happy relationship? Then do not shower a man flattering compliments and ambiguous phrases. More listen than talk. Show your interest without being pushy. There is only one opportunity in the early stages of communication to interest a successful man. Use it right!

– Variety menu of female roles

Man gourmet. He needs different “dishes”: light salads, savory snacks, sweet buns and warm homemade borscht. So in relationships he likes variety: “treat” it to different roles: yesterday you were a gorgeous lady, today you timid girl, tomorrow’s sensual mistress, the day after tomorrow’s caring mommy or muse magic. The main thing is not to flirt and do not linger in one role.

– Do not fall head over heels in love.

Some people may find this advice strange. But it is a cold heart and clear mind – the best assistant in winning the interest of men. Love is sometimes insidious: it completely shuts off the brain. And then most often a woman begins to say silly things one after another (forgetting about all the advice above). Therefore, saying goodbye to the crazy feelings and the firmament underfoot, you can say goodbye to a man.