The girl pretended to be a guy in Tinder and learned all the pain of a man. Meeting women is hell, she decided

The blogger decided to dot the question of whether it was harder to be male or female, and conducted a simple experiment. He asked his girlfriend to be a boyfriend for a while (but only in Tinder) and try to ask out as many girls as possible. The result did not surprise him, but the second participant of the experience – very much, because she did not expect that communicating with the fair sex can be so difficult.

You can often hear complaints from different genders about how difficult it is to be a man or woman. Girls are angry because the size of their pockets is much smaller than that of the guys, and young people are often accused of abusing even innocent videos in TikTok.

But blogger and YouTubeer Alexander Grace has decided to put an end to the controversy and conduct an experiment that can prove how much harder (or easier) it is to be a man to make new acquaintances in Tinder. To do this, he asked his 18-year-old friend Sarah to create a profile in the Tinder app to find the other half using his photos and see what happens.

I want her to be in men’s skin and see what it’s like to try and find a date girl as a guy,” Grace explained.

At the beginning of the video, Sarah admitted that she’d used the Tinder several times before and always got a lot of attention from guys who wanted to meet her. Once she realized the challenge she was facing, the girl wasn’t scared.

You’re handsome, so I think it’ll be easy to find a girl who wants to go out with you (i.e. with me).

At the same time, Alexander himself was sure of the opposite.

I don’t want to hurt anybody, but I’m sure it will be difficult for you. I’m giving you a week and I want you to keep your eyes open as many women as possible.

The blogger sent the girl three of his photos to fill in her Tinder profile.

Hi, my name is Alex, I’m a psychologist. I’m looking for a nice girl for a serious relationship to enjoy life together, – wrote Sarah in biofeak profile.

On the first day, Sarah managed to catch five matches, and she thought that her experiment is already failing.

I thought it would be very easy, but it turned out to be much harder. Some girls have been acting really bad. One of them showed up with me, and after correspondence, I thought, “Why???” Our conversations were in agony, she answered with two words and acted like I had to follow her. I asked her if she would go out with me, and she said: “No, but thank you,” and I thought, “What’s the tin?”

The second day of the experiment was more successful for Sarah: she got 28 matches, but the result was not satisfactory.

Honestly, I wasn’t very picky. The girls looked like this, I piled everyone without exception, but I want to try a different approach. I don’t want everyone, I’ll choose. I’ll choose the prettiest girls.

Sarah chose several attractive, in her opinion, users and began correspondence with them, but the result of the girl was not pleased.

Many women simply did not answer me. How can I ask them out if they don’t even answer me?

After the experiment, Sarah made conclusions that even surprised her.

I’ve suffered so much trying to meet someone as a man, even though I don’t usually panic at all. There were Matches, but the girls just wouldn’t answer, it’s so weird. There’s a huge difference between being male or female when it comes to dating apps. Alex is handsome, and I pointed out he’s a psychologist, but it didn’t work, I don’t understand why. I feel bad, it’s some kind of unhealthy thing. I think it’s a failure.

The comments under the video brought together guys who confirmed that Sarah’s experience was very much alive.

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