The girls talked about male qualities that increase the chances of sex

Some men are physically attractive, others are rich, but girls like very different men. Why do some men enjoy the increased interest of the fair sex without any money, gifts, or courtship? How do men easily and easily get sex with girls? Some men easily seduce girls when others have to persistently woo, give gifts, and enter into a long-term relationship. How do they do that? Girls talked about the basic male qualities that greatly increase the chances of sex. It can be casual sex or a long-term relationship.

Male qualities that increase the chances of sex

1.Confidence makes a man more sexy

One of the sexiest things about a man is his confidence. When he is not afraid of his desires. When he knows exactly what he wants. When he goes and gets everything he thinks he wants. Such a man behaves confidently: his shoulders are squared, his chin is up, his behavior is calm, his speech is unhurried. Girls just get wet from strong and confident men.

2. A sense of humor makes sex more likely

A cheerful, optimistic, easygoing, direct and with a sense of humor man is more likely to be in bed with girls than other types. When a man knows how to infect a girl with the heat of communication, jokes merrily and skillfully flirts. Girls love fun, drive and emotion.

3. Brutality turns girls on

Girls have always been attracted to a strong male shoulder. They are attracted to masculinity, dominance, danger, strength and some roughness. Representatives of the fair sex like brutal men who look like real males or dangerous predators.

4. Intelligence

Increases the Chances of Having Sex with a Girl A high level of intelligence allows you to keep the conversation interesting. But not the intellect of a nerd or a nerd, but of a man who is smart and has seen a lot. When a man is smart, he knows how to interest and intrigue the girl.

5. Responsiveness increases the chances of having sex with a girl

Demonstrating empathy, consideration, caring, and the ability to listen to a girl. When a man is able to empathize with a girl’s current state and tunes into her mood. A man lets the girl open up emotionally. Man is not shy about compliments and admiration.

6. Integrity of character attracts girls

When a man is real, true and hot. Girls are attracted to men who aren’t shy about living the life they want. Who are not afraid of not being liked or living differently than everyone else. Girls are attracted to such rebels who are real, like movie heroes.

7. Active Men Get Sex

A man knows exactly when to touch, when to hug, when to kiss. He doesn’t freeze or get stupid. He boldly makes the first move and demonstrates his desire to possess a woman with his entire demeanor. The girl knows for sure that the man is active, sexy and wants to get her into bed. Active and confident men get sex, while modest men sleep alone. Concentrating these qualities greatly increases the chances of sex. Check…