The harsh truth of life

What is the harsh truth of life to understand and learn? Life lessons explain us very well, it’s a pity they only fill up strong bumps and cost a lot. The harsh truth of life, which everyone should know. You may be the best and the best person in the world, but that does not mean that the world is fair. The world doesn’t care that you’re the right guy. He lives by his own harsh laws and isn’t going to help you. It’s the harsh truth of life. The laws of life

1. Nothing is given for nothing. The world only cares what you can give it and take it. The world doesn’t care about all your dreams, plans and desires. It’s not going to fulfill your dreams until you’ve achieved it. If you want something, you go and get it. There’s not gonna be a platter with a blue tile. The harsh truth of life

2. Appearance is very important. Attractiveness is a plus. You can say that the beauty of the face and body is not very important, but it is not. Attractive and athletic people are more likely to succeed, and most importantly faster. Beautiful people become more successful in their careers, it is easier to find contact with people and establish a personal life.

3. Other people’s opinion does not matter in youth; everyone always cares about what others will think and say. But as you get older, you realize that other people’s opinions are absolutely meaningless. Almost always it’s a common criticism, envy or biased opinion. Evaluate your own success and dreams, without needing someone else’s approval.

4. Sometimes you lose, but the game is still going You can do everything right, not make mistakes and follow all good advice. There is no guaranteed path to happiness and success. You can do the right thing, but you still lose. That’s the harsh truth of life. But until you live and give up, the game continues.

5. Strength in harmony Some only go to sports, while others pump only the intellect. But the truth is that only harmonious development will help you reach your full potential. The brain works better in the sports body, and muscles without intelligence are hopeless. The harsh truth of life is

6. You can hope for yourself. You have only one thing to count on. You are indifferent to 99% of the people around you. Nobody cares about you from the high bell tower, even if they say otherwise. Count on your strength only.

7. Dissatisfaction with yourself has its reasons Sometimes we hate ourselves. What’s the reason? The reason you hate yourself is because you’re not doing anything. Or you’re not doing what you want or what you should be doing. Hence the dissatisfaction with you. It’s better not to hate yourself, but to take action. That’s when you’ll love and respect yourself.

8. Luck exists, but something depends on you too. Some people just happen to be in the right place at the right time. But when they talk about their success, they’ll talk about everything, but not this. Someone was born in much better conditions and had more advantages, but there’s nothing to be done. You may not be as lucky as someone else. There’s nothing you can do about it, but hard work and perseverance definitely makes a person luckier.

9. Play on several fronts at once A lot of people were betting on one thing that went bad. They could not enter a certain university, failed at work, were injured in professional sports, parted with their loved ones or lost promising places, after unexpected dismissal. Always have a few backup plans. If your one dream falls apart, you must have a couple more in reserve. Don’t put everything on the line.

10. Make connections and communicate with people. Developing skills, knowledge and abilities is the right thing to do. But it’s just as important to make connections and connect with people. A lot depends on the ability to communicate. Sometimes it is more important than talent and knowledge. Learn to communicate with people, listen to them and understand them. The harsh truth of life is

11. Everything is in your hands anyway Maybe it is not your fault, but if you want to get better, you have to fix it. It’s no use sitting on your ass, feeling sorry for yourself and whining. You’re the only one who has leverage. Do you want to be sorry for your misfortune? Pity comes out of nowhere, and envy has to be earned. The harsh truth of life is that the world is cruel and merciless to the weak. The world doesn’t care that you’re a good guy. If you want to realize yourself, you have to try.