The healing properties of nature. How to gain strength and find the meaning of life?

We all went out of nature into the stone jungle to get a job there, have fun and be in the epicenter of events. But the city took all our strength, made us miserable and weak. Where to get strength and energy for life? How to understand yourself and find your way? – Here you said, the city is a force, and here everyone is weak. – The city is an evil force. The strong one comes and becomes weak.

The city takes the power. So you are lost… The film “Brother” There is nothing to do in the village and there are no prospects that we go to big cities, to change our lives. Any city, even the smallest one, gradually wears you out. In it, we lose ourselves, our personality, our dreams and belief in the best. The option to move to a village is not adequate, but what to do if you lose yourself more and more? What is nature? Over time we understand that nature is not only about kebabs, bonfires and a trip to the village to visit our grandmother. The nature is something more. In the nature is hidden where we came from and that’s where all the answers to our questions lie.

Old tree, sunny lawn, rustling leaves, river bank, hills or mountains, wild animals, clean air, starry sky. There is beauty in nature, which can be seen even in the simplest little things. The sunbeam, which plays with vegetation, warms up the open spaces and makes us squint. The wind that cools and blows our hair in the wind. When we go out into nature, we wonder how beautiful it is and almost unchanged.

We have changed ourselves when we fought for our life in the city. We became nervous, tired, sick, exhausted and detained. We lost our vector and energy, although in our youth we felt that we could carry the whole world. As the hero of the movie “Brother” said: “The city is an evil force. The strong one arrives – it becomes weak. The city takes the power”. That’s why it’s nice to get out for at least an hour, where there is no all this.

For this reason, we actively travel, hit the religion, consume alcohol, and try to satisfy our loneliness. People in cities get weaker and exhaled. It is nature that helps us understand the true beauty of life and the meaning of life that we have been looking for. Love for wildlife will give you what you are looking for now. How do you gain strength and find the meaning of life?

Get out into nature at least sometimes. You can do it as a family, or you can do it alone. You can break away to any place where you can enjoy it. “When you feel bad, listen to nature. The silence of the world calms you better than millions of unnecessary words. Confucius No therapy, exercise counseling can help you as much as nature. It will give you mental and physical stability, which you need in difficult times. What should you do in nature? Nothing. You will figure out what to do there yourself.

Japanese girl Aya Quito wrote in her diary: “If you pick flowers on the way and look at the blue sky, it is not difficult to go. Life is similar to the movement in the forest tropics. You can enjoy the movement and a little joy as you move. It is simple and pleasant. How do you gain strength and find meaning in life? Nature will always help you.