The ideal relationship between a man and a woman

Relationship between a man and a woman

The relationship between a man and a woman has been and will be one of the most important topics in this life. It is so arranged by nature that men cannot live without women and women without men. But despite the importance of these relationships, for some reason we are not taught how to build them properly. Neither in school nor in other educational institutions, this topic is not seriously considered. It’s kind of secondary to most people. However, because of this, not serious enough attitude to this topic, both men and women, sometimes it is very difficult to build good, long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with each other. What can I say, about eighty percent of all the problems that people come to me for help are related to the relationship between a man and a woman. That’s not enough, you have to agree. So, let’s have a good look at this topic.

First, let’s think about where, how and from whom do we learn to build relationships with the opposite sex and with people in general? We learn this from people around us, mainly from our parents, or from those who replace them. These people, by example, teach us how to treat other people, how to behave properly with them, how to solve problems in relationships with them. Roughly speaking, if your parents give you a bad example – they will constantly argue with each other, do hand-to-hand with each other, then you probably will not have to expect good manners from you too. It is also clear that about men and women, again, we learn from people around us, both by their words and by their own example. If we are surrounded from childhood by alcoholic men, as well as women of easy behavior, without self-esteem, it will seem to us that all men are drunkards, and all women are easily accessible and can be treated like a thing. Bad examples are contagious in general, and when they have no alternative, in the form of other, more correct and worthy examples, the person begins to consider these bad examples exemplary and the only true.

In connection with the abovementioned, we conclude that without proper understanding of people, it is impossible to build any competent relations with them. Men are different and women are different, and when it comes to relationships between them, we must understand that there is no single correct example of behavior with different people. Each person needs a different approach, whether it is a man or a woman. All people have their own characteristics, which must be taken into account when building relationships with them. Let’s say that you are a woman, and you only know about men what you were able to learn about them through communication with some of them, that is, through their experience with the men who surrounded you and surround you.

And let’s assume that you were not surrounded by the best men – liars, tyrants, degenerates. How will you build your relationship with future men? You will see in every man – a liar, a tyrant, a degenerate, that is, someone you have an idea about. Which means you’ll treat all men like liars, tyrants and degenerates. It’s very likely that you will be. That is, your past experience with men will make a big difference. And how will men react to that? Obviously, not very well. And normal men will bypass you at all, because they do not want their beloved woman to see them as a liar, a tyrant and a degenerate, and treat them accordingly. That is why many men prefer to build a serious relationship with decent women from good families, they do not want to have problems with inadequate women who have mental disorders because of their negative past. And women are often drawn to men they know and understand, even if they are not the best men. Say, if a woman’s father was an alcoholic, it is highly likely that her husband will be an alcoholic too. Men who know as much about women as they know about them because of their life experience do the same. They also reach out to those they understand.

So, from the above it follows that if you want to have the best relationship with the opposite sex – rethink your life experience. If you are a woman – learn about what men are like in this life, what their characteristics, their behavior, how men treat women and how they expect to treat themselves. If you are a man, find out the same thing about women. You should know what people are like in this world, not only because of your life experience, which is not rich enough to teach you everything you should know about people, but also because of the knowledge about them. And if you cut all men or all women under one comb, then your relationship with them will be monotonous. Know how to distinguish people from each other and learn to adjust to the best of them, if you are interested in a normal relationship with normal people.

In general, of course, the psychology of relationships between a man and a woman is not an easy thing to parse it can be reduced to a few simple rules of conduct with the opposite sex, which should be followed in building these relationships. Too different in character and temperament, people can get together, or try to get together, so you can provide all the subtleties of their relationship and give them universal advice on all occasions. But it is always necessary to take into account the most important points in this relationship. Let’s see what those moments are.

The needs of a man and a woman in a relationship

Both men and women need to understand each other’s needs and strive to meet them. A woman must understand what a man needs and try to give it to him, and a man must try to satisfy the needs of a woman. In some cases, it is not easy to do, but it must be sought. That is, it should not be, when everyone should each other and no one owes anyone anything, when everyone lives for himself and does not think about his partner. And all the more it should not be when a man and a woman are trying to impose on each other a lot of obligations and insist on their performance. If a man and a woman decide to parasitize each other – no normal relationship they can not. But there will be plenty of scandals, quarrels and mutual accusations. So even try not to build something with this approach to the relationship. You either change and stop being selfish, selfish, or be content with a relationship in which you simply can not live comfortably. So look closely at your partner’s goals and desires to understand what he or she wants from you and what you should expect from him or her. It is quite possible that in addition to your basic needs, your man or woman still needs a lot from you. And about your goals and desires, think carefully, so as not to require from your partner too much, and try to get from him only what you really need. I am not talking now about the desires and dreams of a man and a woman, which you must try to satisfy, because people have an infinite number of desires, and it is impossible to satisfy them all.

But about normal, natural needs of each other, be sure to think – think about how to satisfy them. Let not all your expectations from the relationship will be met, but if you are a smart man – a smart woman or a smart man, you will not make excessive demands on your partner, partner. But once again, the minimum needs of people must be satisfied! Otherwise, there is little sense in a serious relationship. A serious relationship is a responsibility, and not everyone is ready to take it upon themselves. And if people do not want to take responsibility for each other and do not plan to do something for each other, then their relationship will be fragile, unstable, and generally meaningless. Why build a relationship with a person if you are not going to do anything for him, and if you expect from him what he or she can not give you? There’s no need for a serious relationship, then. To meet the same need for sex, a relationship isn’t really necessary. Well, as for the other needs for which men and women build relationships with each other, they will be described below.

One of the basic human needs is the need to communicate. So be sure to pay attention to communication with each other when building an attitude with the opposite sex. Without communication, a person is not a person. Communication between a man and a woman should be frequent and deep, and it should be in general. Very often people simply do not notice each other from the moment they start to live together, not to mention some rich communication through which a man and a woman maintain interest in each other. Understand the main thing – communication is necessary for the person. And it is better if your woman or your man – will communicate with you, not with other people. Communication will bring you closer, and its absence will alienate you from each other. Let you have different interests and different views on life, it’s okay, you still have to find something in common, interesting for both of you, and to communicate on this topic. I recommend that women give in to men in this matter, finding something interesting for themselves in their interests, and to communicate with them on this topic as often as possible. So communication, like sex – if it is, and it is normal, then the relationship will be fine, and if it is not, wait for problems.

A partnership between a man and a woman

This is a very important moment, which not all people pay attention to. And to you, dear readers, I recommend that you pay your attention to it. We’re talking about a partnership between a man and a woman. Whatever relationship you build with the opposite sex, if you want it to be serious, strong and durable – it must include a partnership between you and your man, woman. Many people, again, do not attach importance to this relationship, but I believe, based on my experience, that a man and a woman, especially if they are husband and wife – must be partners, besides everything else. They are one team that should have common goals and agreed ways to achieve those goals. Therefore, a man and woman must be a support to each other, must be at the same time, must support each other and help each other in difficult situations. So there should be a common cause, there should be common goals, so that people – men and women – have the most in common, so that they were interested in each other and were useful to each other on many issues. The man and the woman must understand that together they are a force and they need to use that force as a binding tool in the foundation of their relationship. In general, a man’s and a woman’s life should be shared, not one that lives its own life and achieves its goals, and the other, its own. Common interests, common goals, common views on many things, even if not everything, but many things – this is what makes a relationship strong and lasting.

Well, what can you say – sex is sex, without it it is difficult to imagine a full-fledged relationship between a man and a woman, unless we are talking about a friendly relationship that does not involve the growth into a more serious relationship. But the friendship between a man and a woman, you know, it’s a rare thing in life, and not because this friendship itself is wrong, but because people of different sexes are not always perfect for such friendship. So don’t twist it, and sex is our everything! So there should be no shortage of sex, one of the basic needs of the person must be satisfied all the time. And it is necessary to satisfy this need beautifully, qualitatively, interestingly. But to do stupid things, I do not advise. There are women who blackmail their husbands with sex. These, friends, are very stupid women who do not understand what they do.

They destroy the basis of family relationships by their rash actions – undermining the trust in themselves, showing disrespect for the man for whom a woman’s refusal to have sex is a great insult and sowing hostility in their own home. No blackmail, even with sex, even with divorce – for a normal relationship is not allowed! If you do not want to live in a constant state of war with your partner, exclude any blackmail from your life. Otherwise, do not rely on an unhappy fate when you find yourself at the “broken trough” to which you will lead yourself. Normal, regular sexual relations between a man and a woman are a prerequisite for a normal and lasting relationship between them. There is no need to idealize sex as people with sexual disorders do, sex is not the main thing, it is one of the main conditions for a normal relationship. Therefore, consider each other’s desires to the best of your ability and try to satisfy them in a timely manner. Whoever says what, and in most cases, problems with sex, inevitably turn into problems in a relationship between a man and a woman, no matter how developed and advanced people they are. Take this fact into account in your life.

Scandals must be avoided with all our might! And for that, you have to stop enjoying them. What, are you saying that you don’t get any pleasure from scandals, that they themselves happen for different objective reasons? Do not deceive yourself, let alone me. I’m an experienced man, I know that a scandal does not need a reason, but a reason. It’s just that some people don’t always realize that they themselves provoke quarrels and scandals in relationships, because they want them to happen, because thanks to these scandals and quarrels, people feed off negative energy and spew out the overwhelming aggression on their partner, instead of taming it. People who are not burdened with moral and cultural upbringing as well as intellectual development need to express their aggression. A human being is an aggressive being, so if he is, let’s say, not quite rational, not quite rational enough – he needs to vomit his aggression somewhere, somehow.

Let’s assume that you are one of those people and it is difficult for you to catch up, it is difficult to become less aggressive and more patient with other people. Let it be so, to hell with it, with this education and intelligence – try not to spew your aggression at least on those people who are really dear to you. And I understand that your beloved man or your beloved woman – it’s still dear to you a man who clearly does not deserve to be snarled at him or her. Close people should become saints to you! There should be no scandals with those you are in the same boat with. In general, dear readers, take it for granted – it is not scandals that provoke problems in relations, but scandals that cause problems in relations between men and women. As soon as you start to approach the issue of scandals from this position, not from that position – who is right and who is wrong, you will reduce their number in your life many times. But do not forget that scandals cannot be avoided completely, so do not aspire to a non-existent ideal. A pinch of pepper should be in every relationship – it gives them taste.

For some people, my opinion, suffered by years of working with people may seem old-fashioned, but I believe that the supremacy of the man in the family should not be challenged, it should be encouraged and supported in every possible way. A man should be in charge of any serious relationship with a woman, and a woman from this male dominance will only get better! Equality of rights is equal, but in relations between a man and a woman, the male dominance must always be paramount. It is not that a woman should obey the man in everything and not have the right to vote, and in general be a thing for him. No, it’s not about that. But the head of the family must be a man! And not because I want it to be so, or all men want it to be so, but because nature is so conceived – every man from birth is a leader, warrior, hunter.

And if a woman wants to have a normal man near her, with whom it is profitable to maintain a close relationship, she must help him to be what he is from birth, not to turn him into a smear. And already most men are ugly and always disfigured, mainly at work, when forced to meekly obey their boss, who is always right in everything. I’m not even talking about wrong education, often wrongly brought up men are not able to build a relationship with a woman, and for them it is a big problem. So, if it so happens that the man is not a “lion” in the big world, so let him be at least in his own family. So when I talk to women, I want to say – do not drive a man under the heel, do not make him something that you yourself will throw up. If a man will adjust to a woman, if he is afraid of losing her, if he tries to please her in everything, not paying attention to her attitude to himself – he will cease to be a man and most likely lose his woman. Well, what a woman gets from such a relationship, which will be dominated by her, not her man, can be understood by numerous examples of life, when relations between people are not the best way. A man must feel like a leader, and even better to be him in life to, so to speak, function normally. Otherwise, it is of little use to him, so, the garbage to take out, yes, the faucet in the kitchen to replace, will do.

When a person really values something or someone, they care about it. We take care of what we care about! We don’t feel sorry to lose only what we don’t need or what we have a lot in our lives. So if we need someone for a serious relationship, we can’t help but take care of them. When a man makes a woman work from morning to night, when he does not take care of her – he does not care about her! He doesn’t appreciate her! With this kind of attitude to a man to talk about any serious relationship is simply impossible, even if he gives her flowers from time to time and buy expensive tzatzki. And it is the same with a woman who makes her husband to work more and more, without paying attention to his health, as long as he brings a lot of money home, which she spends mostly on himself. Such a woman does not care about her man, she does not appreciate him! Often, women do not even care that their man sleeps as long as he works. Well, is this a normal relationship? It’s not a relationship at all, it’s parasitism. If you don’t care about your woman or your man, don’t expect any normal relationship with that woman or man. A house of cards like this is bound to fall apart.

And finally, Her Majesty’s love! You know, dear readers and readers, I could tell you a lot more about the relationship between a man and a woman, but let’s finish the discussion of this topic within this article, still the most important thing – love. If it is love, then all of the above and much more, on which the relationship between a man and a woman depends, will be fine. If you love a man – you will try to do everything for him! And if not, then no advice will not help you. No psychologist will not be able to help and even more so to make you love a man, love takes its origin in your heart, and then comes to your mind. Therefore, you must not only feel, but also understand whether you love a person or not. If you love, it is good, then you will do everything for your relationship with him, all the best that you can do.

And as for him or her, let them decide for themselves how and how to respond to your love. You will not be mildly nice, so do not ask people to reciprocate love for themselves. And in general, listen to the advice of a wise man who once told me that the main thing is not for you to love, but for you to be loved! If you are loved, you will also love the one who truly loves you – with light and pure love, provided that you love not only with your heart, but also with your mind. And also on the condition that you are capable of loving someone other than yourself. For true love, friends, you have to grow up. After all, the immature, in fact, a child’s mind is selfish, while the mature and developed mind is able to think not only about themselves but also about others. We are too selfish creatures, so when we are not developed intellectually enough, it is not typical for us to think about other people, we think only about ourselves. The relationships based on this selfishness will not be strong, they will not lack true love – sacrificial love. But when you appreciate with your heart and mind the feelings of another person for you and manage to love him for the fact that he loves you – then you will have a real, great love, which will allow you to create a strong and lasting relationship. Isn’t that happiness, friends?

That is the kind of relationship based on pure and bright love, but not without natural shortcomings – I sincerely wish you! I understand that this relationship will never be perfect, because both men and women, as was said at the beginning of this article – there are different. Each person has his or her own shortcomings, on which his or her attitude towards other people will inevitably depend. And in each case, the relationship between a man and a woman will have its own characteristics. However, by sticking to the advice I gave you in this article, you, dear readers, will be able to avoid many unnecessary, neither you nor your relationship, the mistakes that could affect this relationship. Man and woman are different parts of the same whole. And by living together, they must complement each other. Then their relationship will be as strong as steel!

Perfect relationship between a man and a woman

An ideal is something unattainable. And everyone knows that nothing is perfect. Everything has its flaws. But for life to get better, you have to strive for an ideal.

This statement can definitely be attributed to a relationship. Indeed, many believe that ideal relationships are myths, so they agree to tolerate a variety of ridiculous situations.

After all, if you admit that ideal is an example to follow, then you have to work on the relationship, and it is not easy work.

At the beginning of a relationship, everything is fine. The partners are in a state of love, do not notice the shortcomings of each other and try to demonstrate even those positive qualities that they do not possess.

Over time, the pink glasses begin to fall off the radar, revealing the unsightly truth that your partner is not at all as good as it seemed before.

And the bad habits he suddenly has, and attention is not enough, and around the house does not help. In fact, no “magic” transformation has occurred.

It’s just that your partner relaxed and became himself. Just like you. Believe me, he feels a little disappointed, too.

And in this situation, you have only two choices: to build the perfect relationship for your couple, or take the path of swearing, fighting, rebuke and scandal.

Despite the absurdity of the situation, many couples prefer the second option. After all, the ideal is unattainable, so why strive for it?

In fact, we are not talking about a common ideal, the same for all, but about an ideal relationship specifically for your couple. All people are different, they make even more diverse couples.

So it’s probably not too wise to talk about a relationship that would suit everyone. Each couple determines for themselves how they live. That’s the difficulty of working on relationships.

Often a person is not able to decide what he wants. And when we are talking about two people who need to determine what each of them wants and how these desires relate to each other, the task becomes complicated many times.

That is why many couples prefer to live their lives the way they do, without making much effort to change or make things better.

Relationships are named that way for a reason. After all, it is essentially a system of interactions based on love, respect, loyalty. Relationship defines the actions of a person, aimed at his partner.

Based on this, is it possible to say that ideal relations exist? Of course we can. After all, we create couples for a reason, we choose people who arouse tender feelings in us.

If we learn to express these feelings correctly, to convey them to our partner, to guess his needs and satisfy them, then our relationship will be if not ideal, then the most comfortable and happy.

Many will say that all these are characteristics of an ideal person, patient, caring, fair, and there are no such people. Accordingly, only ideal people can build an ideal relationship.

So all this isn’t true and a myth. As it was mentioned above, in this article we are talking not about the ideal as such, but about the ideal for each pair, which is formed taking into account all the features of this pair – characters, interests, problems.

To achieve happiness in each particular case, it is necessary to imagine what exactly this happiness is expressed in. Create with your partner your own ideal in a relationship and strive to achieve it.

Having a clear idea of what your relationship should be like will help you find the quickest way to eliminate all inconsistencies and achieve personal happiness.

In other words, to achieve an ideal in a relationship, you must understand what that ideal is. After all, you do not take the first thing in the store, and pick one that meets your desires.

Builders do not build houses of their own accord, but according to the drawings of architects who know exactly what this house should be.

Relationships are a bit like this scheme. But many couples persist in acting at random, not knowing what they want to achieve as a result.

In order to get the perfect relationship between a man and a woman, you need to know what kind of relationship will be perfect for this couple.

If the resulting ideal is almost identical to how you live today, you can be happy for yourself, because your relationship is almost perfect.

And if there are many discrepancies, you have to determine what they are, and eliminate them. You’re gonna have to reduce it somewhere, increase it somewhere.

If no change helps bring the relationship into alignment with the ideal, there are only two ways to do it: to accept imperfection or to start building a new relationship with another person.

Since all couples are unique, it is unreasonable to give clear advice about what the relationship should be.

An ideal relationship is a set of conditions under which each partner will feel comfortable, comfortable and enjoyable. Each couple has its own conditions.

But a few general rules that are relevant for everyone, you can still call them:

There are many more nuances that will help you build a strong alliance. But don’t forget that each pair has its own set of happiness factors.

Define your parameters for a perfect relationship and strive to achieve them! Just remember that this work must be done together with your partner.

The perfect relationship between a man and a woman – what is it?

Hello, friends! This is Yuri Okunev. We continue to understand the theme of relationships.

How would you like to see your union with the other half? What?! You say perfect?! Well, well… the bar is raised, I must admit, quite high, but the goal is quite achievable. The main thing is to understand exactly what you see as the ideal relationship between a man and a woman. What do they represent? And does the invented image have anything to do with real life? Maybe, to get the desired result will have to reconsider some positions? А?

I suggest at the outset to abandon the idea of achieving some unimaginable perfection in terms of personal life. Instead, let’s better talk about harmony. Although harmony is a very abstract phenomenon, you can still try to describe it in at least some words. I think it is quite fair to call a harmonious union in which both partners are really good and cozy. This is what we are going to build on. Do you agree?

Of course, each person and each couple will have different ideas about a happy love story. But from the point of view of psychology, we can still identify several criteria that will greatly contribute to the fact that lovers were really comfortable and enjoyable to be together. Let’s talk about them.

We have all heard more than once that “opposites attract”. But the thing is, some issues will really require something in common. The themes of moral values, finances, views on the upbringing of children become fundamentally important for many couples. Religious, national traditions also mean a lot.

So, you can look at the principles of building a career or what kind of rest is the best in absolutely different ways. But in the opinions about what is “good” and “evil”, what to teach your child and how to share the family budget you are better to come together at least on the basic positions. The same applies to the nuances of cultural features.

That is, for example, when each career in their field, but both partners dream to go abroad and work hard each in his field on this task. Or, for example, when both know for sure that they want a big friendly family with children and grandchildren, who will be welcomed in a house built with their own hands.

It is ideal when a man sees his big life goal and goes to it, and a woman becomes his rear, inspirer, helper. He says, “I’ll be president!” She adds, “A president who has a beloved wife, well-bred children, clean shirts and a cozy home in addition to his work”!

Respect for the needs, ideals, aspirations, even fears and “flashes” of the other half will allow everyone in this union to feel calm and confident. And this, you should agree, is a lot.

So let the person you love have their personal affairs, plans, desires, beliefs. Let him have the opportunity to spend time without you. Let him have the opportunity to dress, eat, rest, work, including the way he likes.

But practice shows that such pleasant manifestations of care, as lovingly prepared cake for her husband and children, personally designed and assembled crib for the baby will only strengthen and enhance the feelings. And it does not matter that you are not ace in cooking or hold the hammer crookedly. After all, the main thing – attention. If not ready for such “feats” every day, then please your loved one at least occasionally.

Relationships do not always bring pleasure. Periodical quarrels, some misunderstanding, resentments – all this is absolutely normal, we are all human. But still, we should try to build an alliance so that pleasant moments prevail in it. Otherwise, after a short time, the sediment of the negative will simply overflow the bowls of love and patience, leaving no room for anything good.

If you are puzzled by the theme of building a happy union with your other half, I recommend you to read the book “Men from Mars, Women from Venus” by John Gray. The author in it speaks about the differences in perception of the world by different genders. And explains why, from a psychological point of view, they exist. An excellent book for those who seek to understand the reason for some actions, words, feelings and even thoughts of a loved one.

Ahead – a whole cycle of materials on the relationship between the sexes, so I advise to subscribe to the mailing list, so as not to miss their release. I also remind you that you can ask questions and share your experience right in the comments to the articles! I’ll give you all the answers.

Top five signs of a perfect boyfriend-girlfriend relationship

The perfect relationship between a guy and a girl: myth or reality? In youth we believe in overwhelming love and dream of a prince on a white horse, and after 30 we think that all men are the same and understand the female mantis. And what is the real situation?

The relationship between a man and a woman can be perfect or not, because everyone has a different experience of love. More than 50% of women admit that they had an ideal relationship in their lives.

Five factors in a perfect boyfriend-girlfriend relationship…

Each person has his or her own set by which he or she determines how good the relationship is. For some people, the indicator is to walk together under the moon, and for others, to work on a common business. However, there are common details, without which it is simply impossible to build a harmonious relationship.

Nothing will work if the girl or guy is not sure about the partner. A girl should feel that the guy belongs only to her, and the guy – that she is entirely his. When suspicions arise, there are scandals, quarrels, surveillance, total control, and the whole atmosphere is lost.

If the boyfriend and girlfriend are bad in bed, they end up breaking up. Even if everything else is great, without quality sex it’s just friendship.

Everyone wants the other half to understand him. Coming home and being alone with your loved one (lover), we want love and understanding. If instead we hear only reproaches, “pokeholes”, attempts to manipulate and lecture – it causes nothing but fatigue and grief. Then there are mutual complaints, reproaches, quarrels – and there is no pair anymore.

The ideal relationship between a guy and a girl is when they have common dreams, desires, hobbies and preferences. It is not necessary to do everything together, but if a girl wants only to relax on the beach and walk, and the guy dreams to build a business and have children – they will not work. It’s the same with hobbies. There’s got to be something in common, from TV shows on Sundays to running together in the mornings. If it doesn’t, there’s a rapid alienation, and then there’s a cooling.

A guy and a girl should respect each other, not just love. See the partner as a person and respect her thoughts, desires, needs and decisions. Partner should respect the right to privacy, your own decision, your dreams, relationship with family and so on.

The ideal relationship between a guy and a girl is when their “cockroaches” walk together.

? Perfect relationship ? ? The secret of a perfect relationship between a man and a woman ? What’s the difference in age for a perfect relationship

Perfect relationship between a man and a woman.

What is ideal and what are harmonious relations built on? Six areas that need attention in order to build an ideal relationship.

The top five signs of an ideal guy-girlfriend relationship…

The perfect relationship between a guy and a girl: myth or reality?

It is extremely difficult to define the concept, but we can get closer to it. The article gives a general idea of such relations between men and women, and specific situations can be analyzed in comments.

An ideal relationship is like becoming a wise woman.

An ideal relationship is love, passion, respect and mutual understanding, no conflict, full harmony. There is no such relationship, but one must strive for it. A wise woman treats a man because she wants him to treat her.

A perfect relationship if you’re fighting as husband and wife…

There are many ways to fight, someone with a knife and dishes in his hand. And someone who’s grown up, quietly settles things at the table tonight. It’s best not to create conflict.

The perfect relationship is what psychology is like between husband and wife…

Those relationships where there is respect, understanding and the ability to forgive.

How to build a relationship between a child and a new husband…

Don’t rush to live together, let the child and the future stepfather get to know each other in a neutral situation. The three of you spend more time together.

How to build the right relationship if the woman is older…

You shouldn’t focus on age. Treat her first as a woman, so that she does not feel old next to you. Attention, surprises, courting will be quite unnecessary.

How to build a relationship on a spiritual level for life, a new job…

To appreciate each other, to share experiences, good luck, not to look for disadvantages to see only advantages.

At a new job at first it is better to keep a neutral side, not to be too cheerful or modest. Answer the case, without going into unnecessary details.

Perfect relationship, according to men on points

  1. Passion, diverse intimate life.

  1. No scandals.

  1. The man is the dominant, the last word is on him.

How to build a relationship between married lovers, with their mother-in-law, teenagers, strong and without quarrels.

Married lovers should understand that they have only short meetings, no obligations between them and can not be. If they say goodbye, they should forget about each other’s existence for a while.

A good relationship with your mother-in-law will be when no woman is jealous of another man. They don’t share his attention. It is desirable not to see each other too often to be bored.

Teenagers due to age and hormonal surge can be selfish, they should learn to give in, listen to each other.

How to build a relationship, if a young family lives with their parents.

Not to try to rebuild the life of this family. Strictly follow their rules. Everyone should have clear responsibilities in the house. For example, someone has to clean, cook, buy groceries. More often than not, conflicts arise from household trifles.

What should be the real relationship between a man and a woman…

What is “a perfect relationship between a man and a woman”? How to find an unambiguous answer, which can become a kind of lighthouse for unstable couples who try for a long time to keep feelings of love for each other. Let’s try to figure it out.

And what if we assume that such a relationship does not exist at all, as there are no exactly the same people in the world. For each couple, in particular, a specific person, there is a set of certain relationships with a partner. What one “good”, another can be absolutely “bad”. What can I say, even if men and women who are a couple, completely different ideas about what it is.

A perfect relationship from a man’s point of view, or who needs a “ghost woman.”

An ideal relationship for a man is one where a woman supports him in all his endeavors, forgives him that he forgot another “important date” in their life together, when she does not ask for expensive gifts and special attention to himself, and in turn makes unspecified compliments, admiring his courage and intelligence.

A man would like to have a “ghost woman” next to him, who seems to be (cooks, creates comfortable living conditions, raising children, etc.), but seems not to be (gives him complete freedom of choice and planning his free time, allows him to stay with friends and sometimes not even come home to spend the night, after all, does not fill his head with everyday problems), and manifests itself in the image of a man only when the man himself wants to do so.

The role of women in creating relationships

A woman, on the contrary, considers ideal relations those that allow her to take care of her partner, on a subconscious level she wants to realize herself first of all as a “woman-mother. For her, it is important that the partner is always with her and take an active part in their lives together, planning with her next vacation, weekends, but as stated above, a man on the contrary, in this case, wants to achieve neutrality. A woman likes the attention to herself, expressed in expensive gifts and recognition of its importance to her partner, sometimes prefers excessive care to her and harmonious relations.

Analysis of the existing relationship, he and she

Most often, in the formed couple, it is the woman who thoroughly analyzes the existing relationship. And to a greater extent under the constant “scanning” falls her second half, her own actions, especially negative in relation to the man, she practically does not consider. The woman is 100% sure that she is always right, that she is doing the right thing and because of her manners and subtle perception of the world, trying her best to save their relationship or already concluded marriage.

The concept of “ideal relationship” or each one of its own

There is a general opinion that only all the representatives of the fair sex, from a young girl to a woman of Balzac’s age, dream about romance in a relationship, about unfading bouquets, about men’s round-the-clock attention to their person, about tenderness, crystal clear love, swan fidelity and the like.

The list can be endless. Everything depends on the fantasy of women. And if one of them has an imagination that ends with just a couple of these “dreams” and she already considers this kind of relationship for themselves perfect, then what? What about a common set for a happy life, starting with the first bouquet and an invitation to the movies and ending with the long-awaited wedding? It’s just that somebody really doesn’t really care if they had a candy bouquet period or not, if their relationship will end with marriage or if everything is based on mutual trust. For a particular person, there are different notions of “ideality” in life, so it’s up to everyone. What can I say, even among men and women there are a lot of people who have their own ideas about the ideal.

For example, the average couple tries to build their relationship in the way that dictates the principles of morality, as advised by relatives, in the end, as laid down by family traditions. And if a family from the end of the century practiced honoring men, expressed in the unquestioned “service and obedience,” it is unlikely that a girl from such a family will be able to go to cardinal and fateful changes in their lives. In the end, she will wait for her man to decide everything for her, and this is the kind of relationship she will consider ideal.

Some people like frequent declarations of love and an endless stream of tenderness, but for some, on the contrary, from such a “calf’s” caress begins to “reduce the stomach. Here is another confirmation that the same good for all relationships simply can not be.

Harmonious relationships are the alternative to “perfect.”

It turns out that the idea of such a relationship between women and men is different, almost nothing in common with each other, and it is the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity shows a constant need for idealization and harmony of their relationship with a partner. And again, it is a paradox that for a woman “it is better not to invent”, for a man “another headache”.

It is easier, of course, to achieve harmony than the ideal. A real harmony in a relationship is when a man and a woman are trying for each other and have a genuine sense of joy and pride, but it’s a great rarity and, unfortunately, such a euphoric state between partners often lasts quite a short time, in a word – breaks down about life.

And to answer the question correctly and find the “golden mean” of judgments on this topic is quite difficult. But one statement is never questioned – “ideal for a person what he considers ideal for himself.

The perfect relationship between a man and a woman – what is it?

As a man with a sense of purpose and a propensity for healthy nonsense, I am cautious about such a concept as “ideal”. Often, the ideal in our lives is limited to each individual’s ideas about this very ideal. That’s why if you consider this concept objectively, you won’t find any ideals in the material world. Let us also leave our discussions about the spiritual world for now in order not to deviate from the topic of our article.

What is the harmony of relations built on?

Common views on key values…

Another element of commonality in nature. Situations where he and she go in their own direction are very common. And many people are quite positive about them. But it seems to me that it is easier to build an alliance when you have some common goals.

It is common goals become the soil on which arise and develop friendly relations between a man and a woman, harmoniously complementing love and passion.

Respect and personal space

It’s wonderful to be one. But do not forget that the union of a man and a woman is the result of combining two separate individuals. You are not half of an abstract unit, because each of you is already this self-contained unit. You are a 1+1, a couple. I hope you know what I mean.

If you have money, you can buy any goods and services today. Are you ill? Here’s a cool doctor from the medical center with a retinue of nurses. Are you hungry? Book a place at the restaurant or order food with delivery to the plate. I don’t talk about the possibilities of cleaning companies and hourly husbands.

Confidence and a sense of security

I can’t imagine being around someone you don’t trust for long. It is simply unthinkable to live and not be sure that your close person will support you in difficult moments, protect your interests, take care of you. That he won’t betray you, trade you for someone quicker/cooler/ younger, etc.. (must be emphasized).

That’s my point… my point is that if a person next to you is unreliable (in the sense that I’ve just mentioned), you should probably think ten times about whether you will be good with him.

For this purpose, it is important not to dwell on the shortcomings of the other and on unpleasant events from your personal life. And at the same time, learn to forgive and love in spite of everything! It is then you will have the same beautiful relationship between a man and a woman, which we so often hear about, read.