The Japanese showed an unmanned robotic tractor of the future

At an exhibition in Kyoto, Kubota unveiled an X tractor developed as part of the Agrirobo agricultural automation program. The tractor runs on electricity, powered by lithium-ion batteries and solar panels.

Japan’s agriculture suffers from a lack of labor – poor peasants do not cope with the cultivation of fields. Kubota released a drone to help them.

Features of the tractor

With the help of GPS systems, onboard sensors and artificial intelligence responsible for navigation, the tractor can move independently in both conventional and rice fields. The computer monitors the weather and the growth of cereals, analyzes various factors and decides when it is time to leave and start to sow, cultivate the soil or harvest.

Instead of four-wheeled tractor wheels, this is the optimum scheme for maintaining traction on soils of various types, including watery paddy fields. Each caterpillar has a separate motor so that they can rotate at their own speed. This design makes it possible to make a turn almost on the spot – as shown recently by the Rivian pickup truck.

In addition, it is possible to adjust the height of the tractor body relative to the tracks. If increased stability is required, the housing can be lowered, and when tall field with tall grass should be raised.

Price and release date

There is no information about the start date of batch production and the price of such a tractor. It is likely that such a tractor may remain at the concept stage, however, given the pace of development of agricultural machinery, it is unlikely.