The most comfortable clothes for the winter: trends in men’s down jackets for the season 20/21

This outerwear is very popular, which is no accident. The down jacket is comfortable, practical and warm. It is easy to stay on trend, as such jackets are at the peak of popularity every year. This season is no exception. In front of you are the most current trends of men’s down jackets for winter 2020-2021.

Bulk down jacket – an indispensable thing in the closet of every man. This is a functional outerwear, which can be worn anywhere and with anything. The world’s major fashion houses and young independent designers offered many interesting and stylish models for this winter. Fashionistas will like down jackets in the form of coats and capes. Lovers of active lifestyles will appreciate the convenience of shortened models. And those who prefer the classics, will be able to choose a basic variant in one of the trendy colors. Consider the leading trends of the season.


This season, designers offer men to wear jackets made of non-standard materials. Very relevant leather down jackets, including eco-leather. Original and trendy look velvet and metallized fabrics. Many shows showed futuristic seamless materials, which are connected by ultrasound.

Still in the trend is a bright printed fabric. As well as details of natural or faux fur. Particular attention should be paid to the models, which combine two or more types of fabric. As for fillings, here too there is a lot to choose from. Nylon, polyamide, natural – there are a lot of kinds of padding.


Simplicity, comfort, functionality, versatility – these are the main words to describe the solutions offered by most fashion houses. Men’s down jackets continue to be basic enough to pair perfectly with clothing in any style. Simple lines and clear shapes are hugely popular. But if you want something more original than a typical sport cut jacket, pay attention to the most trendy models of down jackets.

  1. A down jacket

Most men want to look not so much ultra-fashionable as elegant and unassuming. At the same time, comfort and warmth are a priority. A down jacket is just such a thing. It clearly demonstrates the leading trends of the season 20/21. But, in contrast to the usual coat, such outerwear is more practical and warm. This style implies a medium length, hypertrophied shoulder line and a minimalistic cut.

  1. Trench coat

The classic cut of the English trench coat remains at the peak of popularity for decades. Now we are offered to wear it in a new version. Winter version of the trench coat preserved the traditional elements: double-breasted smell, belt, shoulder straps and collar. Such models are made of modern insulated materials and have a different length, so you are sure not to freeze. The color may be any. But the usual trench coat colors (sandy, yellow, beige, white) look the most interesting.

  1. Down jacket

One of the most stylish options, which will definitely attract attention wherever you go. But perhaps not the most practical. Jackets that look more like the top of a two-piece suit are a fresh take on a timeless classic. Designers are trying to rethink popular solutions. And give them an extravagant touch. Time will tell if this trend will become a new classic. For now, you can experiment and try on a cropped down coat.

  1. A down jacket

The distinctive features of this style are a short length, two rows of buttons and a collar, which may be trimmed with fur. Leading fashion houses have released several interesting models of insulated jackets. Perhaps the most win-win variant is this down jacket in black.

  1. Puffer cap

Even in the autumn men’s closet cape is not as common as a straight coat or jacket. Although designers produce new models in every collection. And certainly its winter version will not become mainstream on the streets. Therefore, if you want to look as original and trendy as possible, buy such an insulated cape with arm slits. In order to hit the trend one hundred percent, choose bright prints.

Color scheme

Absolutely all shades are in fashion this winter, from basic to acidic. The three most popular trends:

Tranquil base

Black or brown down jacket is a universal piece that will suit everything. It will look great in business and casual looks. No wonder that most men prefer these shades when it comes to winter closet. With neutral colors you will definitely not go wrong.

Bright colors

The colorful range looks spectacular and attracts a lot of attention. This color palette will appeal to bold fashionistas who want to stand out. If you are one of them, choose winter jackets in blue, purple, yellow, orange, red and other rich colors.


The military style is always popular. It is a certain base of men’s closet: elegant, distinctive, but not too flashy. And this year on the podiums there were a lot of images with military themes. Winter jackets in such shades look simple, but stylish and go with everything.