The most dangerous weapon in the world

The notion of “humane weapons” already seems absurd in itself. However, it is almost impossible to imagine the fact that the army can behave in an excessively brutal manner during the fighting. However, history has at its disposal a number of examples when some weapons fell under a partial, if not a complete ban on their use. Or they have been removed from production and forgotten. We present the most dangerous weapons in the world. They are also considered the most deadly. The most dangerous weapon in the world The most brutal weapon in the world is not the only one.

There is a list of at least five weapons in the world that carry death and destruction. So here it is: Expansive bullets. Virtually all of the bullets that were actively used by the troops in the late nineteenth century had weak deterrent effects. As a result of these wounds, they were mostly penetrating and did not cause any serious damage to the enemy. In 1890, a British officer named Neville Bertie-Clay corrected this problem. He simply sawed off the tip of the bullet. Thanks to this, the projectile began to give the body more kinetic energy.

Expansive bullets – dangerous and prohibited weapons. The effect was shocking. At the time of hitting, the wound was so badly damaged by the bones that it led to at least disability and at most to death in agony. This invention is now banned. However, the ban only applies to military structures. But this does not prevent the free sale of this most dangerous weapon in the world in different countries and its widespread use during police operations.

Powerful striking weapon Vacuum bomb. Officially these weapons are called “Bulk Explosion Ammunition”. Therefore, shells also have the status of the most powerful weapon in the world, though not nuclear. As a rule, these powerful and dangerous weapons contain propylene oxide or ethylene with rather low boiling point. It is only 11 degrees Celsius. When a munition detonates, an aerosol cloud is formed, it reacts with oxygen and explodes.

And despite criticism of the use of such “vacuum bombs”, weapons are still not completely prohibited. There are rumours that the volumetric bombardment was used by the Russian troops more than once during the second Chechen campaign. The most dangerous and simple weapon in the world is the phosphorus bomb. These weapons were first used by the Vietnamese during the attack on the Khmer Rouge. And the principle of operation of the phosphorus bomb is quite simple.

When the reaction with oxygen phosphorus begins to ignite, in the process of combustion, its temperature reaches 800 degrees Celsius and above. By the way, these projectiles have been used many times by the U.S. and Israel, now the use of these dangerous weapons is limited. Napalm was used during the Vietnam War. Known weapons are thick gasoline with various impurities.

And the horror of the napalm is that it burns slowly and its effect is difficult to control. If you add more alkaline materials to the weapon, it is absolutely impossible to put it out with water. There is one of the most killer modifications of this most terrible weapon in the world – the pie. When burning their temperature reaches as much as 1600 degrees Celsius. This allows burning metal structures. Officially, in 1980, the pie was banned, although in some countries, for example, in the U.S. and Israel, the convention is still not signed.

A cassette bomb. This ammunition looks like an ordinary aircraft bomb, but there are at least ten or more small bombs inside the blizzard. If a cluster bomb is dropped, a bursting charge is triggered, which begins to spread bombs around the area. On August 1, 2010, a convention banning these weapons came into force in the world, but it was never signed by the United States, China or Russia. The M-38 DavyCrocett. This killing cannon was equipped with a nuclear weapon weighing about 35 kilograms and a capacity of 20 kilotons. The range of dangerous weapons is about 4 kilometers. In 1971, Davey Crockett was hastily removed from the armament, as his shells from 300 meters emitted powerful radiation of 600 X-rays. This value exceeds the lethal dose to humans. The most powerful weapon in the world exploded the most powerful bomb in the world on 30 October 1961. Its name is Tsar Bombshell. A 58-megaton hydrogen bomb was detonated by the Soviet Union at the Novaya Zemlya test site. And it became the most powerful explosive device in the history of mankind.

Structurally, the Tsar Bombshell was designed for 100 megatons. But it was decided to reduce the energy release for safety reasons. Since the range would have been seriously damaged. The weapons were so massive that they did not even fit into the carrier aircraft bomb and were partially sticking out of the Tu-95. Weapons development began in the middle of the century. In 1955, the weight and dimensional drawing of “Ivan” was agreed upon, so in the common people dubbed a powerful bomb.

The layout drawing of weapon placement was also agreed upon. The bomb weighed 15 percent of the takeoff weight of the carrier, but its dimensions required the removal of fuel tanks from the fuselage. After the superbomb was created, the real tests had to be postponed, because in the “cold war” there was a pause and Nikita Khrushchev was going to the United States. Then the Tu-95 without weapons was driven to Uzin on the airfield and began to use as a training plane. But in 1961, the test became relevant again with a new round of “cold war”. Prepared Tu-95 with a real bomb on board was sent to New Earth.

The bomb explosion in 1961 occurred at an altitude of 4.5 thousand meters. The plane shook, the crew received a solid dose of radiation. The power of the explosion was estimated from 79.4 to 120 Mgt. The result of the explosion struck: the nuclear “mushroom” grew to 64 kilometers in height, and the shock wave three times rounded the entire globe. Moreover, for one hour there were radio interference. The result was staggering even for the scientists-developers.