The most delicious seafood for the family menu

Seafood is a delicacy created by nature itself. What valuable properties did she endow them with? How to preserve them in their entirety? What is the best way to prepare the gifts of the sea? We understand gastronomic nuances together with Maguro, a recognized expert in these matters.

Eternal youth

Shrimp is appreciated not only by gourmets, but also by doctors and nutritionists. They establish metabolism, nourish muscle tissues, improve brain function, purify blood from toxins. This is the first seafood that can be given to children from 3 years. Slimming with shrimp is delicious and pleasant. After all, they not only burn fat, but also improve the skin, hair and nails.

In order not to lose this wealth, it is best to boil the shrimp. Add to the pot with boiling water juice ½ lemon, 2-3 sprigs of dill, laurel, a pinch of salt and a couple of peas. Let the brine leave for a couple of minutes, after which you can lay the shrimp. Untreated frozen shrimps will take 3 minutes. Purified shrimps do not require cooking at all – just hold them in hot brine for 5 minutes. By the way, you will find interesting recipes right on Maguro shrimp packs. Here you will also find valuable tips for storage and defrosting.

Yummy rings

Squids are not only a foam snack, but also a valuable delicacy. We’re talking about the Maguro squid fillet. This product stimulates the heart and increases the elasticity of blood vessels. At the same time, digestion is improved and the body is cleansed from slags with harmful salts.

The most important thing you should know about cooking squid is that in no case do not heat them for longer than 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, they will become rubber. If you are cooking a combined dish, say risotto, add the squids at the last minute. And do not overdo it with salt and spices, otherwise there will be no trace of the refined taste.

Perhaps the most popular way to prepare squids is to roast them in batter. Mix it with 4 eggs, 3-4 tbsp. flour, 5-6 tbsp. ground crumbs, pinches of salt and fish spices. It remains to cut the fillet of squid rings, dipped in batter and fry until crispy.

Golden scallop

Gourmets love scallops for their unique sweet taste. But they also have a beneficial effect on the body, increasing the overall tone. Scallops remove harmful cholesterol from the body and saturate it with beneficial. In addition, they’ve earned a reputation as an effective aphrodisiac.

It’s wrong to think that making scallops is the job of a professional chef. The main thing is to defrost them competently. With rapid defrosting of shellfish is lowered into a mixture of water and milk for 30 minutes.

Scallops from “Maguro” can be cooked in a variety of ways. For a perfect fry, marinate them in olive oil with a crushed garlic clove and Provencal herbs. It’s best to fry scallops in a grill pan. Then they will be covered with a smooth golden crust and will acquire fine nutty notes.

Woman’s happiness

Another noble representative of the marine population is the mussels. A special value for us is the tender meat that has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood composition. It is proved that mussels strengthen immunity, remove harmful substances from the body, including radioactive. And most importantly, they miraculously affect the health and beauty of women.

Company “Maguro” offers to try mussels in the whole sink or on half and mussel meat itself. If you are cooking mussels for the first time, boil them in water with the addition of white wine for 5-7 minutes. Although mussels blend harmoniously with many products, they are incomparable in themselves. A good sauce will help to bring them to perfection. Fry the shredded bulb, pour 150 ml of white wine and evaporate it. Add 200 ml of cream, tomatoes until thickening, put shredded herbs and shredded garlic cloves. Exquisite sauce for mussels is ready.

Lord of the Seas

The octopuses have long been loved by the national gourmet. And it is not surprising, because it is an excellent delicacy with pleasant taste and record reserves of copper and zinc. Without these elements, heart and immunity are not sweet. The number of omega-3 fats in octopus that are vital to the brain is also off the charts.

Perhaps among his fellow brothers, he is known for his most capricious temper. It is recommended to cook it in water for 10-15 minutes before frying or stewing. It concerns frozen products, in particular mini octopuses “Maguro”. By the way, it is miniature carcasses ideal for cooking in the oven. They bake quickly, evenly and do not have time to become rubber. Do you want to surprise your family with unusual kebabs? Bake octopuses on coals. Just marinate them first in 50 ml of olive oil with 2-3 thickened garlic slices. And sprinkle the ready brown octopuses with lemon juice.

Maguro seafood is the best proof that healthy things can be tasty, exquisite and give incomparable pleasure. And thanks to the rich assortment of seafood gifts, each of the family members will find a dish to suit their taste.