The most promising 150 business ideas in 2020

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy, but quite achievable. In any case, success comes with experience, which is based on achieving success in business as failure. The main thing is not to shift their failures to legislation, taxes and lack of initial capital. Success comes with willpower, innovative business approach, providing quality service to customers and the desire to make your product even better.

We provide the most promising business ideas to start our business in 2020 and 2021.

Business idea number 1. Embroidery to order.

For business to bear fruit, it is necessary to create pages in social networks, to show photos of already executed works. Having mastered the art of embroidery with threads, ribbons and beads, you can create not only exquisite expensive clothes, but also embroidered towels, decorative pillows, icons, clutches and even shoes.

Business idea #2 Orangery.

Business idea No. 2: Orangery. If you first need to spend money to buy seeds and bulbs, over time you can learn how to multiply them, and therefore get a net profit.

Business idea number 3. Restoration of old photos.

This case for those who have mastered photo editors. In addition, you can offer customers handmade albums.

Business idea No. 4. Production of soap.

Such a natural product is increasingly winning the market, because in addition to cleaning the skin, also helps solve other issues, in particular: moisturizing, reducing irritation, fighting cellulite and the like. It is easy to learn how to cook soap, and no special certificates are required.

Business idea No. 5. Making eco-cosmetics

Cosmetics made from useful ingredients are incredibly popular. In order to learn how to create it, you can visit special master classes.

Business idea No. 6. Jewelry making.

Ukrainians love jewelry made of natural stones and beads. Earrings and necklace in ethnic style are especially popular.

Business idea No. 7. Production of Christmas tree ornaments.

Such ornaments do not necessarily have to be made of glass. Beautiful ornaments are made of clay, wood, felt. In recent years, Ukrainians are increasingly buying Christmas socks to decorate the fireplace, Christmas tree.

Business idea number 8. Manufacture of soft toys.

Products can have different sizes and looks. The most chances to earn on such business have manufacturers of actual toys (heroes of popular cartoons, characters of the year), characters for puppet theater, tactile products.

Business idea number 9. Growing fish.

The bigger the pond, the bigger the catch. In the mountainous areas of Ukraine you can breed trout. In the lakes, the most common cultivation is carp and fattening.

Business idea No. 10. Breeding ostriches.

There are very few ostrich farms in Ukraine, but the demand is huge, so the profitability exceeds even 100%. In addition to eggs and meat, a farmer can earn money on excursions to his farm.

Business idea number 11. Manufacturing of pellets.

This type of fuel is gaining popularity in Ukraine, because it is economical and environmentally friendly. Consequently, there will be no problems with the sale of pallets. To start your own business, you will need: wood waste (the delivery of raw materials can be negotiated with carpenters, woodworking enterprises), a special machine for manufacturing pallets.

Business idea No. 12. Manufacturing of metal mesh.

As in the case of heating pallets, to establish this business you also need to have raw materials – metal rod and machine. It will be possible to organize production in a garage or any utility room.

Business idea number 13. Production of paper disposable tableware.

Such a startup requires financial expenses, because the installation itself is not cheap. The advantage of business is the availability of material. You can get more profit if you make themed dishes or complete sets.

Business idea number 14. Sewing clothes for dogs.

Since this niche is almost completely free, and the demand in large cities is huge, the results of very small investments can be seen from the first month of work. For more profit you can offer other products for animals, such as dog collars, leashes, toys.

Business idea No. 15. Production of furniture for pets.

Skilled craftsman will easily cope with the execution of the aquarium, a house for kittens. Learning from this, you can move on to the manufacture of cages for birds, rodents, cages for dogs.

Business idea number 16. Production of photographic posters, photomagnets, photo books.

To do this, you need to buy a quality printer and photo paper, additional stationery tools. You also need to be able to work with some design programs or at least photo-editors.

Business idea No. 17. Breeding animals.

Such dog breeds as Husky, Dalmatian, Pomeranian Spitz, French Bulldogs have become popular in Ukraine in recent years. Some dogs are estimated to cost more than 150 000 hryvnia. As for kittens, the most profitable breeds to breed are: Servala, Sphinx, Belgian, elves, British Shorthair.

Business idea number 18. Production of colored decorative gravel, stone.

You can sell products in bulk – in construction hypermarkets, local specialized shops or companies. Raw materials for products can be gravel, marble chips.

Business idea No. 19. Decorations for a candy bar.

Success of business depends on quality, originality of products and variety of offer. More profit will bring themed decorations with cartoon characters.

Business idea No. 20. Interior stickers.

For printing you need to buy a special printer, polymer film. More success can be achieved if you come up with an original design of the stickers yourself. As an option, you can also make stickers for smartphones, laptops, furniture.

Business idea #21. Sweets 3D.

This is an absolute novelty of the modern world. Although in Ukraine, such a business idea has never been implemented, but American businessmen have already managed to earn on it a lot of income. The peculiarity of production is a 3D printer, thanks to which every customer can model a cake or candy that he wants to buy.

Business idea № 22. Food in bulk.

Knowing how to cook deliciously, you can agree on wholesale of dishes. Thus, delicious lunches can be ordered with pleasure by office workers, as well as cafes and canteens. Desserts can be ordered in bulk for corporate parties, weddings or other celebrations.

Business idea No. 23. Unusual bouquets.

Appetizing bouquets made of sweets, elite cheeses, quality meat products or beer delicacies may become an alternative to traditional flowers.

Business idea No. 24. Smart restaurant.

Popularization of good nutrition arouses interest in balanced breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There are already active places in Switzerland where calories and nutritional values are counted in each dish. Accordingly, a visitor to such a restaurant can eat as much as possible, and thus will come here again.

Business idea number 25. Eco-products.

In order to produce useful products do not require much expense. You can find a lot of recipes online. You’ll need quality natural products for your work. It is worth buying drying for vegetables and berries.

Business idea number 26. Blanks.

With spacious freezers and basement rooms, you can prepare seasonal food products. In the off-season period, they can be sold wholesale to restaurants and canteens.

Business idea number 27. Meat semi-finished products.

Dumplings, dumplings, delicious chebureks – something that always pays off in Ukraine “hurrah”. And it does not really matter whether semi-finished products will be made in the home kitchen or in a specialized shop. It is important that the manufacturing process is as clean as possible, and the products – delicious.

Business idea number 28. Production of cakes and desserts

No holiday is without cake and desserts. Cakes decorated with mastic decor have been especially popular lately. However, there is not always time to cook something grandiose. Which means your services will be in demand.

Cake has always been and remains the basis of the holiday, cake is a great way to decorate this or that event. A huge number of people order cakes and get a real pleasure from it. If you have the skills to bake quality, delicious and attractive cakes, then this hobby can be easily turned into an additional, or even basic, source of income. Many enthusiastically bake cakes for their families, while receiving from the process of pleasure and get the opportunity to please loved ones. But somehow not everyone is ready to do it for other people and earn money.

Business idea number 29. Making cheese (cottage cheese).

All you need, for a start – milk and containers for its processing into cheese. Over time it is possible to establish production of elite kinds of cheese, creams, cheeses and various curd desserts.

Business idea number 30. Production of jam, marinades, preserves.

Consumers of all these products can be dining rooms, cafes.

Business idea No. 31. Quick service café (fast food).

To organize such a business does not need too much space, it is enough to have one small room where would be placed coffee machines and several tables (or racks). “Take” customers can assortment and flavor.

Business idea number 32. Production of fruit chips.

A tasty and healthy snack will interest users more if to describe in detail its nutritional value and safety, as well as the benefits to the human body.

Business idea No. 33. Cultivation of greenery.

Unlike many other food products, dill, parsley and some other herbs can be dried and sold off-season.

Business idea No. 34. Fried seeds.

Ukrainians are very fond of sunflower seeds, so this business idea is a sure winner. The case requires a solid investment: you need to buy a line for frying, sorting. Having coped with one product, you can introduce to the sale of others – fried pumpkin seeds, sesame delicacies, peanuts.

Business idea number 35. Fresh bar.

A quality juicer, blender, fresh fruits and vegetables, disposable dishes – that’s what you need to start. It is advantageous to place such fresh bars in shopping, office and entertainment centers, markets and other crowded places.

Business idea number 36. Manufacture of pita bread.

The technique of making this product and recipes is very much. Some do not even require a special bakery and technique, but can be made at home. You can sell them in retail by opening your own shop or wholesale – in local supermarkets, canteens, retail stores.

Business idea No. 37. Production of breadcrumbs.

Electric or gas oven – that’s what you need first. With the development of business, you can buy a separate line for frying breadcrumbs. As “eco-products” are “in fashion”, it is profitable to refuse chemical flavour additives and replace them with natural spices, nuts or berries.

Scope of services

Business idea number 38. Childcare.

Although not new, but very relevant service. Modern mothers are less and less giving themselves to maternity leave, and trust your baby to any person, of course, can not. If the housing conditions allow and agree to parents, you can take the children to himself. More chances to realize such a business idea have people who have completed medical courses, have pedagogical education.

Idea No. 39. Service by proxy.

Often, modern businesswoman and serious professionals simply do not have enough time to perform all their tasks. They would gladly use the services of a responsible assistant. Having successfully organized their time, you can become an assistant to several persons at once.

Business idea number 40. Wedding counseling.

Wedding (especially a big one) is an incredibly important event. Newlyweds and their parents do not always know how to most interesting and successful to organize everything. Wedding consultant in this case is just an indispensable assistant. More success in the implementation of this business idea will achieve a person with good taste, excellent communication skills.

Business idea number 41. Walking animals.

Very popular service in the USA and Europe. Such work will be useful and profitable. You can walk with ten or even more dogs in one day. Over time, you can hire an assistant.

Business idea number 42. A personal chef.

Only those persons who have reached a high level of professionalism can prepare dishes for their only wealthy clients. If you invest in your development, you can count on a solid salary.

Business idea number 43. Help with relocation.

This way of earning does not require any investment or special skills at all. All you need is time and physical strength.

Business idea number 44. Keeping an eye on the house.

In this case, you will need to live in the house of the owners until their arrival. The service will help the owners to protect the home from thieves, and do not worry about pets, plants.

Business idea number 45. Interior decoration.

You can decorate rooms of almost any type: offices, housing, entertainment facilities. A separate direction can be decorating the room for holidays. Suitable for everyone who is fond of design and has good taste.

Different elements of decoration can completely change the interior of the house. With the help of special accessories you can create a cozy home environment. The only problem is that men can not do it, and some women are not able to choose the right accessories. Decorating an interior requires special skills and abilities, you must see the end result before the work is completed. Different decoration elements can be quite expensive, so the work is extremely responsible.

Business idea number 46. Garbage disposal.

On request, you can not only take away household or construction waste, but also deliver old household appliances, tools and furniture to recycling centers.

Business idea No 47. Care of the aquarium, terrarium.

Choosing this activity for yourself, you will have to buy some professional tools and instruments, and cope with the fear of snakes, spiders, lizards.

Business idea number 48. Restoration of antiques.

Will benefit and money to all men who are well versed in various materials, know their properties, have good taste and can restore the old.

Business idea number 49. Repair of clothes

To repair your clothes, you will have to buy a sewing machine and hire a sewer if you do not have the necessary knowledge in this field.

Business idea number 50. Atelier

The studio, as well as the repair of clothes, requires minimal investment. However, in addition, it is necessary to rent a spacious room where it is convenient to cut fabrics.

Business idea number 51. Repair of shoes

This business idea requires minimal expenses. However, special knowledge will be needed.

Business idea No. 52. Laundry.

Senior citizens, male bachelors and students will want to use this service. You can also offer clothes repair and ironing for an extra fee.

Business idea No. 53. Private gardener.

To engage in such activities you must have special tools for gardening, as well as a good understanding of plants, their diseases, needs, have good taste and are interested in landscape design.

Business idea No. 54. Technology maintenance.

You can provide the service both in your workshop and at the site. Preventive maintenance is especially useful for tablets, laptops, expensive smartphones, air conditioners.

Business idea number 55. Consultant on energy saving.

Given the systematic increase in the price of utility services, such a service becomes especially important in Ukraine. For work it will be necessary to order special devices to determine heat loss.

Business idea No. 56. Tutoring .

Have you always liked the specialty in which you graduated? Share your knowledge with others! Especially since it can really make a good profit.

Business idea number 57. Nutritional services

In this case, one cannot do without special knowledge. It’s best if you have a medical background.

Business idea 58. Publishing House

In this case, you will need to establish links with the printing industry and hire specialists in layout and design.

Business idea number 59. Barbershop

Hairdressing is your calling? But do you want your establishment to stand out from the many beauty salons? Open a barbershop, that is a men’s hairdressing salon!

Business idea number 60. Photo Studio

For this business, you need a room, as well as various thematic decorations (by certain holidays, they should be changed).

Business idea No. 61. Quest Room .

Such an idea would require space and a certain décor. In addition, it will be necessary to come up with a fascinating scenario.

Business idea number 62. Hostel .

For this business you need to have an apartment or house, which you will rent out as a hostel. Also do not forget that the room should be furnished (buy beds, refrigerator, etc.).

Business idea number 63. An accountant.

Increasingly, small companies and FOPs prefer remote work as an accountant. Cooperation of this type has been justified in the USA for many years. An accountant himself can “lead” several companies at the same time.

Business idea number 64. Crisis manager.

Suitable for specialists with economic education, who know how to competently optimize costs. Both enterprises and ordinary Ukrainian families, which cannot solve their financial problems on their own, will use the crisis manager’s services.

Business idea No. 65. Private car instructor.

Not every owner of a driver’s license bravely sits behind the wheel, sometimes people are hampered by uncertainty in their skills. In this case, the services of a car instructor will be useful.

Business idea number 66. Vehicle distillation.

It is possible to provide such services as in the city (by the type of service “sober driver”), or within the country or from abroad.

Business idea No. 67. Rental of bicycle transport.

For spring-summer season is a very profitable business. Europeans have already managed to estimate such business and earn on it.

Business idea number 68. Rental of children’s goods.

Of course, it is better to invest in those products that parents can not always afford, or that are required for a short period. As an example: prams, children’s bicycles, riding halls, car seats, large playgrounds, trampolines and the like.

Business idea No. 69. Manicure salon.

Appearance in the market of gel-lacque caused a real “boom” on perfect manicure. To implement a business idea in 2018, you will have to spend 2-5 thousand hryvnia.

Business idea number 70. Carpet cleaning.

Kerher, high-quality household chemicals and carpet brushes – that’s what you need for a start.

Business idea No. 71. Massage parlor.

Will bring a good profit, provided that the masseur has the necessary licenses and certificates.

Business idea No. 72. Rental of drones.

Photos and videos using such a device differ in their quality and originality. If your budget is limited, you can buy one average drone. Having earned on such, in due course it will be possible to buy more expensive and professional models.

Business idea number 73. Rental mantle.

Holiday diploma awarding is a special day for every student, so you want to make it as bright and interesting as possible. Following the example of American students, Ukrainians are increasingly using academic robes and confederates on such a day. Having invested in tailoring sets once, money on their rental can be earned for decades.

Business idea number 74. The restoration of pillows.

The two main things you need to buy to implement the idea – feather drying, sewing machine.

Business idea number 75. Animator.

To implement the idea is enough to buy or sew just a few costumes of popular characters and come up with some interesting games for children.

Business idea number 76. Painting the paint that glow.

You can use it to design car discs or individual parts of the car, as well as to decorate the outer walls, various landscape elements.

Business idea No. 77. Repair of interior rooms.

Such business does not require costs. But if you do not have the necessary knowledge in this area, it will be difficult to do your job qualitatively.

Business idea No. 78. Cosmetic repair of entrances.

The work is relatively simple, but profitable. Customers will always be. Of course, you should not sit for long and wait for an invitation. You can apply to ZHEKi, leave a message in multi-storey buildings, create an appropriate account in the social network.

Business idea number 79. Artistic painting.

A case for people with taste and ability to draw. You can paint both cars and walls indoors, furniture, plumbing and the like.

Business idea number 80. Creation of thematic photo zones.

This service may be of interest to professional photographers, as well as private companies that hold corporate parties, various conferences and trainings, schoolchildren and graduate students, other persons who are planning a large-scale celebration.

Business idea number 81. Video recording of events

Do you shoot quality video and know how to mount it? Shooting events is a very popular service.

Business idea number 82. Photography of events

Besides the video of our special moment, we always want to have pictures of the celebration as well. If you have the necessary skills to work with the camera, you have high-quality equipment and you also process images well, it is worth taking advantage of this business idea.

Business idea number 83. DJ services

The atmosphere at any celebration is set by music. The DJ’s services will definitely be a success.

Business idea number 84. Excursions on segments.

For Ukrainians, electric scooters are a novelty. It will be even more interesting to ride on these during a joint walk in the city.

Business idea number 85. Quest tours in the city

Again, there’s an exciting script. Otherwise, the quest will not be in demand.

Business idea number 86. Copywriting.

In high quality and competent texts need virtually all marketing, travel companies, real estate agencies, owners of online stores, information or corporate sites, owners of social networking pages. Of course, to create high-quality texts you will have to read professional literature.

Business idea No. 87. Editing.

Students, as well as teachers, translation agencies, publishing houses, and sometimes copywriters, will certainly want to use the services of an editor.

Business idea No. 88. Advice on online sales.

With online marketing techniques and methods, you can help others promote their business. An online sales consultant can provide valuable advice on the use of social networks, an online store, and by agreement can do some business development work.

Business idea No. 89. Virtual assistant.

Such person can help the company or entrepreneur to carry out small orders. As an example, it can be: answering questions in a chat room, sending out messages, analyzing competitors’ offers and prices, etc.

Business idea number 90. SMM-specialist.

The main task of such a specialist is to promote the company through social networks and to increase sales. You need to be able to write interesting headlines, add photos, communicate with readers.

Business idea № 91. Website development.

You do not need to learn on IT courses to master some platforms. Smart people can learn to work independently thanks to free online videos. It is worth starting a business with simple one-page sites. NeoSeo will help you professionally in creating and promoting websites.

Business idea number 92. Online secretary.

In fact, it is an assistant manager or manager. Uncomplicated office tasks and work with CRM can be performed remotely.

Business idea number 93. Testing of web resources.

In the U.S. on such a job you can earn good money, because the owner of the site is important to know how convenient is its online store, and how it is perceived by the average user.

Business idea number 94. Blogging.

Filling your blog with useful and unique content, you can get money not only for watching but also for advertising. Bloggers are also needed to support the thematic sections of many corporate sites, online stores.

Business idea number 95. Creating an information site.

Profit – funds for renting advertising space on the site. Of course, for advertisers to agree to cooperation, the site must have a high rating, and for this you need to take care of useful articles, videos.

Business idea number 96. Trainings, MK in YouTube.

You can shoot almost anything you want. If the videos will be useful, they will be viewed often, and, therefore, the earnings will be large. Huge popularity are cooking lessons that develop video for kids, embroidery lessons, drawing, massage.

Business idea number 97. Programming courses

Programming is no less important nowadays. For this reason, the courses related to this direction will be incredibly popular. Even if you yourself are not strong in programming, you can simply hire qualified teachers.

Business idea #98. Cooking courses.

Television shows like “Master Chef”, “Cooking together” help to increase demand for different kinds of cooking courses and MK. Good chances to recruit a lot of students have courses on cooking sweets for very popular nowadays candy bars.

Business idea #99. SEO agency.

In the competition for championship in the market, all the owners are looking to get into the TOP 10 in the search engine. Therefore, the services of SEO-specialists are becoming more and more popular in Ukraine. Specialists of the company “NeoSeo” competently optimize your site and ensure its successful SEO-promotion.

Business idea #100. School of Dance.

Minimum cost and stable income, great physical shape and good mood. All you need to start with is a spacious hall, a separate room for changing students, music equipment.

Business idea number 101. Yoga Courses

To organize such courses, you need to rent a suitable room. In addition, you must have sufficient knowledge to run the course yourself or hire a teacher.

Business idea No. 102. Travel agency.

To begin with, it is better to negotiate with agencies of other cities, as well as to think about the rest of guests in your city. Setting up a business, you will need to book a place in the hotel yourself, perhaps, and the excursion itself. Having “spun” the business, it will be possible to sell services of other experts.

Business idea #103. Personnel agency.

Decent work with good salary is a dream of many Ukrainians. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find a job on your own, so you have to turn to outside help. Polish businessmen are especially interested in Ukrainian specialists, and therefore, contracts should be laid down with them in 2018.

Business idea #104. Courier service.

It is better to start with a small – your city. As the number of employees increases, it is possible to offer delivery to other cities and regions.

Business idea No. 105. Courses and foreign language training.

English and German are especially popular, although a group in a regional city can be recruited to study any other languages. Such business can be combined with translation services.

Business idea #106. Advertising agency.

If you can come up with creative ideas by your team, then to implement them you need to find responsible partners.

Business idea #107. Taxi services.

In a small town you can create your own network with a call-center. It is not necessary to buy cars at all, you can agree on cooperation with drivers who have their own car.

Business idea ¹108. Club board games.

A new kind of entertainment for Ukrainians, and therefore quickly captures its audience. Each participant can pay both for entrance to the territory of the institution and for participation in the game.

Business idea #109. Entertainment center for children.

In a small town it is enough to equip several game zones for different age categories. In due course it will be possible to open a cafe nearby.

Business idea #110. School of Drawing.

Children as well as adults can study. Drawing is a great way to relax and restore inner harmony. In a creative workshop must be quality materials – paints and canvas.

Business idea #111. Children’s development school.

Perfect for preschoolers. It is not difficult to teach children in a game form. You can use one of the most popular tools for learning in the United States – Lego designers.

Business idea number 112. Scientific research and show for children.

Having planned interesting and useful for children lessons and experiences, they can be offered to a variety of educational and educational institutions, for children’s holidays.

Business idea No. 113. Paid fishing.

Yes, for the organization of this business will not be easy to work, but the result will not take long to wait. In addition to the fees for entering the territory and the opportunity to fish, you can make a profit from the rent of spinning. Nearby, you can open a cafe.

Business idea #114. Paintball club.

Be sure to interest young people and men of mature age, because it simultaneously combines active recreation, hunting, team sports. Weapons and bullet paints will cost most of all. Obstacles can be done with any wooden shields, boxes, car tires. Improving their services, you can buy suits and protection (helmets, knees), etc..

Business idea number 115. Gym.

At least 5-10 simulators, and business will begin to bear fruit. In small towns, where there are no network fitness centers, this institution will certainly become popular.

Business idea number 116. Extreme Driving Courses.

Perfect for those who love and perfectly know how to drive a car. Such business will be not only profitable, but also useful for society. Drivers can improve their driving skills and better control the situation on the road. At the same time, the courses will give an opportunity to “blow off steam” and have a great time.

Business idea #117. Internet shop.

Will bring profit if the product selected successfully. If there is any hobby associated with the manufacture of useful (keyboards, garden furniture, bags, etc.) or pleasant (cards, notepads, toys, etc.) things, then you can fill them online store. To create a professional online store and ensure its successful promotion will help you company “NeoSeo”.

Business idea #118. Second-hand.

You can earn good money on seasonal clothes and shoes. To buy quality things for weight, you do not need large expenses. To clean up the product (properly washed, ironed) can be at home. Realize things will be possible through social networks, special sites, flea markets (OLH, Klumba, Kidstaff, etc.) or by opening a traditional commission shop.

Business idea #119. Antiques.

Ukrainians like to keep a lot of old things in the attics, because throwing away is a pity. Through social networks and various shopping services you can report the purchase of old things. Having worked on them a little, they can be resold many times more expensive in shops of Antiques, collectors.

Business idea #120. Hendmade at fairs.

If you can not perform unusual and useful things on their own, you can buy them on the trade sites wholesale and resell them more expensive at retail.

Business idea #121. Packaging for restaurant food

The popularity of take-away food or food delivery services will only continue to grow. You can build a small production facility to produce unique packaging for different dishes. You will sell such packaging to restaurants, street cafes or fast food establishments. All of these places are interested in making their food more attractive, convenient to eat.

Business idea #122. Organization of online training

As you may have noticed, there is less and less free time, and the demands on every person in society only continue to grow. This suggests that everyone needs to learn something new, but there is not enough time for all this. You can offer potential customers online training. Your task will be to invite teachers, to provide them with technical means of communication, to search for trainees.

Remote training will be in great demand, the main thing is to properly organize it. You can offer your clients private lessons and deal with only one person, you can hold large conferences. Payment for such services will be high enough, because you save valuable time of each client and give him the necessary knowledge for future development. This is what will be in demand in the market soon, if you start organizing a business now, you can timely offer your client what he is looking for at the moment.

Business idea #123. Recreation organization

We cannot say that this service is completely new in the market, because there are many travel agencies that roughly do the same. But you will focus on a more local consumer, coming from the entertainment that is nearby. This idea is based on the fact that people spend more and more time at work, they try to earn as much money as possible, so that then they can spend it on vacation or life. The problem is that there is not always time for a big vacation, and such a vacation can take much more money. Also, not everyone has the ability to organize their leisure time properly to spend the best money and get a lot of positive memories.

Business idea #124. Creative space

As you may have noticed, many exhibitions in big cities are held in interesting places, people want to see something new, unique and not repeated. You can rent or even buy some space outside the city today, or a cellar within the city. In this space you need to organize a unique and creative environment. It will be possible to hold various events in your space, which means you will receive money for it.

Business idea number 125. Sale of clothes through social networks / Instagram, Facebook

The idea of this type is not new at all and you probably used the services of such shops in social networks. It is convenient and very popular, shops rent a warehouse with clothes and throw photos into social networks. Shops in Instagram are in particular demand today, where users spend a huge amount of time and thus view a lot of goods. While browsing, a person always has the idea to buy something that he or she liked very much. As a result, a person spends money and buys clothes from you, even if a few minutes ago he did not plan to do so.

Business idea #126. Video editing and photo processing services

Content today is a very valuable resource, a huge number of people shoot videos and take great photos for commercial purposes. A huge number of bloggers have turned video shooting for the channel into their main job and are making money on it. The problem is that viewers’ demands for content are very high today, you can’t just put the video you’ve filmed on camera and hope to get a lot of positive feedback. You can’t just throw away a photo with a lot of shortcomings. That is why people who are engaged in video editing and photo processing today can earn a lot of money on the Internet.

Business idea number 127. Decor halls for events

Today, whatever the event, it should be held in a beautiful and original place. People rent assembly halls, banquet rooms, restaurants and cafes. These premises are attractive in themselves, but they are not thematic, they are not suitable for the holiday, which will be held in the near future. That is why decorators of halls always have a job and always find their potential client. It is very difficult to perform decoration of the hall on their own, you need to spend a lot of time and effort, you need to invest, you need to have unique skills and capabilities.

Business idea #128. Custom-made embroidery

The technology of embroidery for many centuries, but even today, many people are doing it. Most people do embroidery for personal purposes, create amazing interior elements and home textiles. But if you look at it more globally, you can understand that objects made of embroidery are in great demand in the market, they can be easily sold in the finished form, and they are valued highly enough. You can go further, to offer your potential customer embroidery to order, which will be even more expensive.

Business idea #129. Services of a female personal trainer

If you are constantly engaged in sports and have achieved a certain success in this craft, you should try to organize your own business. Every woman wants to be beautiful, to have a sexy and trim figure, to feel cheerful and confident. But it is much harder to bring yourself to perfection than it may seem. You need to train properly, you need to force yourself to do exhausting work. Therefore, the services of a personal trainer are in great demand among women.

Business idea #130. Organizing dating in your city.

Today people have less and less time to organize their personal life, and family is the most important element to pay attention to. A date should always be interesting, it creates a positive mood for many years, it forms a strong and stable family, it allows to create a positive image of a couple and gives them prospects for the future. The problem is that not everyone can arrange a good date, not everyone has time for this.

Business idea #131. The Copy Center.

Today it may seem that opening a Copy Center is not a profitable service, but if you choose the right place, you can build a very simple and profitable business. To organize such a business you do not need a large space, just a few square meters of space, which reduces the cost of rent to a minimum value. If your point will be in a passageway or near educational institutions, you can earn quite a lot of money. This service is very popular in the market and everyone will use your services, even those who have the opportunity to copy the house. You just need to replenish the stock of paper and toner in the cartridge.

Business idea #132. Organization of dating parties.

Statistics today show disappointing results, many people remain single without creating a family. The fact is that we spend a huge amount of time and effort at work, to get acquainted simply do not have time. That’s why dating parties abroad are in such great demand. Their main advantage is that only those who are really looking for their love have come to the party, which is why the chances of creating a successful couple are significantly increased.

Business idea #133. Translation agency.

To organize a successful business, you do not need to build large factories, you can simply provide relevant services in the market. Today many successful companies have entered the international market. This shows that new partnership relations have appeared, interesting clients have appeared. That is why all activities must be clear to both parties, and therefore, we have to translate everything into another language. When you open a translation agency, you immediately find yourself in a niche that has no tough competition.

Business idea #134. Rent a car.

In the domestic market it is quite difficult to find a company that offers a simple car rental. Many people want to use this service, but can not find it. This can be understood, because renting a car brings a lot of advantages. It is not necessary to go to another city by your car, it is better to use faster public transport, as well as to rent a car on the spot for temporary movements. You can take this free niche of the market and achieve great success in it. Initially, you need to buy cars for their subsequent delivery, organize the process of servicing these cars, after which you can launch an advertising campaign.

Business idea #135. Programming applications for mobile devices.

Yes, this idea is already on the market and it has been implemented, but abroad the implementation of this business is more developed. Everyone understands that the application is more interesting to the potential consumer. Not everyone has a desire to visit the company’s website, to fill out various forms on pages, etc. It is much easier to open the application on your smartphone and thus get access to all the necessary functions.

You can learn programming on your own, it is not as difficult as it might initially seem. Modern programming languages allow you to learn programming in a few months, but it takes several years to become a good professional.

Business idea #136. Transfer of trees to another territory.

Outside of our state, no one tries to destroy the trees that hinder construction and improvement. A tree grows long enough and has a certain value. That is why a special technique is used abroad, which is able to quickly dig out a tree with a root, prepare another place for its planting and restore further growth. The technique is available in Europe and can be purchased by a domestic entrepreneur. It is enough to launch a small advertisement in your city or establish cooperation with construction companies to get your first client.

Business idea #137. Services on behalf.

A huge number of people spend all their time at work, to maintain business, this or that activity. As a result, there is no time left for such simple things as buying groceries in a shop, delivering things to the dry cleaners, controlling the cleaning process by the cleaning company, etc. You can become a guarantor in this situation. Take on those duties that the other person is not able to perform in time, of course, take a certain payment for it. You will make purchases, take things to the dry cleaners and deliver them back, fulfill other tasks of your customer. The work requires a lot of energy and intelligence, but it is very profitable. At the same time to find such a client is not very difficult, many are looking for a person who could be entrusted with their domestic problems. To achieve success, a person gets a substantial amount of money for their work, it is much easier to pay for the solution of everyday problems, rather than deal with their own solution.

Business idea #138. Services of a personal chef.

Successful people deserve to eat restaurant food every day. Such people have no time left to cook, so they are ready to hire their own chef, who will cook, every day to please them with delicious dishes. If you love and know how to cook, you can organize such a business and offer your services in the market. You should put aside the idea that this is not interesting to anyone, abroad the service is in incredible demand, we also have many target customers. In order to organize a more successful business, you can organize a company that provides chefs to the client. The whole point is that you hire cooks, as well as searching for potential customers. The client pays for the services of the company, concludes a contract with it, you provide a professional who cooks a delicious meal.

Business idea #139. A kiosk with ready meals.

The problem of food is present today and is quite acute. The point is that people simply can not devote enough time to prepare a tasty and healthy meal at home. As a result, everyone eats in fast food, which is not useful and can be harmful to health.

You can open your own ready meal stand where you can sell healthy and tasty meals. It’s very simple, you cook a variety of meals, pack them in special containers and sell them to potential customers.

Business idea #140. Cleaning pools.

A huge number of private houses have pools on their territory, which make life more interesting and useful to its owner. The only problem is that the pool requires constant maintenance, you need to constantly perform its cleaning. This procedure requires certain skills, experience and abilities, so it is not always possible to perform cleaning yourself. Pool owners prefer to hire a professional to perform quality cleaning.

Competitiveness in this segment is not so much, so you really can organize the business. You just need to offer a service, run an advertising campaign, distribute business cards in the cottage town.

Business idea number 141. Watch the house.

Many successful people are often on business trips, visit other countries, fly away on vacation. A huge amount of time the house is unattended, dust accumulates, no one feeds pets, no one cleans after them. That is why the service for the supervision of the house is in increasing demand in the market. Successful people are willing to pay a lot of money to someone who will look after the house, to keep it in a living condition even when the owners are not on site.

You don’t need special technical skills, you just need to love your business, be a good and responsible owner. Of course, you must inspire trust, a person will not be allowed in the house of those who do not have trust.

It should be noted the fact that the service is in demand in the market, but the supply lags behind. You can occupy a niche as long as it is free and no problem to find your first customer, your first home to service. This is a profitable business, which is very easy to organize.

Business idea number 142. Creation of web-sites

At first it is better to create a business card site, if you have funds, you can enter a service for the development of portals. It is possible not to have an office, not to hire staff of designers, self-optimizers, and to use labor of the remote employees working at home. Perhaps part of the work the entrepreneur can do on their own. A considerable waste of money, when opening a business – advertising. In this case, the profit can be up to several hundred dollars (depending on the type of activity and its success).

Business idea number 143. Testing of web resources

From the business ideas of America, you can choose this type of activity, as well as the previous one. When testing sites that have almost all companies, the owner of the company is given all the information of interest about the quality of his work on the part of the user resource. This project is profitable, and the costs are mainly related to the registration of its activities.

Business idea #144. The device of simple smart home systems.

Technologies do not stand still, they are constantly evolving and provide solutions to all our problems. Smart home systems are not new on the market, but in 2019-2020 they will get a serious boost to their development. The systems have become easier to set up, today you can buy a set of equipment, install in your home, make simple adjustments and get smart features that were previously only available in science fiction.

Business idea #145. Delivery of food to the office.

Office staff is very busy and sometimes there is no time to go out for lunch, visit some place and eat tightly. Not everyone can take food from home, it is not always comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. That is why more and more office centers are cooperating with companies to supply ready-made meals to the office. An employee makes his own order on the site, where you lay out your own menu. After that, the company pays for his order, you deliver food to the office, where it eats employees, without breaking away from the work process. This is profitable for you, profitable for the office employee and the company, which works with greater efficiency.

Business idea number 146. Organization of children’s holidays.

Children’s holidays are an integral part of modern family life. Each parent strives to give his child the best that he can. Inviting professional animators to the children’s holiday, who have the appropriate approach to children, and know how to turn a boring event into an unforgettable and bright holiday. Providing the services of an animator – one of the fairly lucrative areas of services, which can bring a good reward. For successful and fruitful work with children, the animator must have such qualities as stressfulness, the ability to find contact with the child, creativity, artistry. Equally important is the professionalism of actors and the ability to get out of embarrassing situations.

Business idea No. 147. Writing term and diploma works

A professional approach to the organization of writing theses and term papers can ensure the performer’s quite harmless existence. Currently, this service is one of the most in demand among students, and can generate substantial income with the right approach and responsible attitude. To attract customers, you can place ads on content exchanges or bulletin boards, as well as visit educational institutions in person, because the real meeting with the customer will protect against unscrupulous customers. Especially profitable season for this type of earnings – winter, summer sessions, as well as pre-graduate period at graduates.

Business idea number 148. Organization of the exhibition.

It is easy enough to organize an exhibition. You will need to pay for a few days of rental space, to agree with the artist, whose paintings will be exhibited. Further it is necessary to send out invitations to all guests, to buy a treat and alcohol.

Business idea #149. Realtor services.

Work in real estate has excellent prospects. People will always sell apartments and buy them. Great revival is also noted in the commercial real estate market. In addition, most sellers and buyers of real estate simultaneously apply to several agencies. Thus, they increase their chances for a successful deal. I recommend that you visit this page 5 business ideas for a small town. Therefore, there will be no problems with customers. If you are not lazy and really work, you can be the first. And a realtor is a lot like a doctor or a lawyer. Successful first experience of cooperation will determine the subsequent treatment of the client to this realtor.

Business idea #150. Organization of weddings

Modern weddings are quite complicated. It is necessary to make an agreement with a restaurant, to accommodate guests who came from other cities. In addition, it is important to find a good host with a really fun entertainment program, you will need artists, photographer and much more. See also: 4 business ideas at home. Doing everything yourself is a direct way to ruin your wedding. And most people understand that. So, today’s time can be considered the blossom of such agencies. Their job is to organize turnkey weddings. They take care of all the trouble. And clients often save serious money. Despite the profitability of this business, anyone can open it. It only requires a small office. It will be important to establish contacts with the presenters, restaurants and other potential participants in wedding events. All of them will gladly accept the offer of cooperation, because it is their profit.