The most successful and popular business ideas 2020

If you were looking for the most successful and popular business ideas 2018…2019…2020, then get comfortable and get ready for longride, as they say recently. Because before we move on to the list of ideas, there will be a lot of introductory information and reflections, based on experience and many years of practice in business. And why in the title we have listed even a year in advance, you will understand as the text goes.


Those who are eager or just lazy to read the business philosophy can go straight to the list at the end of the publication.


The most successful and popular ideas for business


What is the difference between business ideas for experienced and start-up entrepreneurs?


There are many resources on the Internet dedicated to business ideas, entrepreneurship development, business partnerships and investment projects. The authors of Internet projects have different approaches to providing such information. And it is not surprising, because the preferences of visitors are very different. Someone is looking for detailed business ideas with examples of calculating investments, and someone just a list or directory with brief descriptions of the essence of the business.

Very much depends on the degree of competence, knowledge and experience of the entrepreneur. For example, a detailed description is not so important for experienced and life-bound businessmen/businessman. If a person for many years is engaged in independent business or has extensive managerial experience in the top positions, it is much more important to him a key concept, the essence and meaning of the project. And how to earn money and other technical details he will think up himself or will find where to get additional information.


    Because, in fact, any idea for business, even the most successful and popular, you need to adapt to the specific case of use.


External circumstances, available resources and knowledge will be individual for each entrepreneur. Accordingly, the economic calculations will also be very different. Therefore, in practice, the figures for calculating investments, which are given in ready-made projects, do not play a big role. This is nothing more than a simple example for guidance.


Business ideas for start-up entrepreneurs are often somewhat abstract. They see a certain general picture, but not always understand that behind it costs and how to earn money. A person who has decided to become an entrepreneur, but before that had no experience in business, has a lot of questions. How to open from scratch or buy a business? How to register a company? What kind of business should I do at all? How to start a business on your own or look for partners? And so on … In the absence of practical knowledge and skills, many even the simplest questions cause panic among beginners.


Therefore, novice entrepreneurs are so eager to find detailed descriptions of business ideas with ready-made calculations of investments and examples of use. Sometimes without understanding that in practice everything will be absolutely different. At the same time, either due to lack of knowledge or inexperience, is not done one of the most important stages in the selection of ideas – analysis and evaluation of ideas for business.


By omitting this stage or treating it superficially, beginners often later face problems in project implementation. After all, it is at the stage of idea evaluation and subsequent elaboration of the business plan that the viability and probable success of the future business comes to understanding. And besides that, in the process of working on the project, the entrepreneur gets new and missing knowledge and information. It is not easy to imagine or understand any kind of business activity. It needs to pass through itself, feel the essence, find all key factors and assess potential risks. And this is possible only with a deep practical immersion in the project.

And also, young businessmen really want to find or come up with some absolutely new and unique idea for business. They are not attracted to already popular types of business to earn money. Young and boisterous energy pushes novice entrepreneurs to look for something innovative and previously non-existent.


And on the one hand, it is good. Because, thanks to such innovators, the world gets the latest technologies and developments. And on the other hand, there are only a few who succeed. And most people waste their time and energy trying to earn money. But at the same time, they gain experience. As a rule, for this category of beginning businessmen, lists and ratings of the most popular or successful business ideas no more than the list of that is already made in the world. And what they do not plan to do.

Anyway, the main idea we want to convey to the readers is as follows. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a beginner, whether you plan to start a business from scratch or buy a ready-made business. How deeply and seriously you approach the question of evaluating and analyzing a business idea.


Today it is no problem to find hundreds and thousands of examples of successful and popular business ideas. You will see one of these lists at the end of this article. These may be business ideas with minimal investment at home, or, conversely, requiring a serious investment to start production. You can find options for online business or service business ideas. The choice is huge. The only problem is that often entrepreneurs are very superficial about the choice and analysis of the future business. Today there is no lack of business ideas, but there are very big difficulties with their implementation due to various reasons.


    Real business starts with a serious approach to evaluating business ideas and drawing up a business plan. The format of description or the way to get an idea for business is not so important as the direct work of the entrepreneur himself with this idea. Count, analyze, check it yourself, not rely on what is written somewhere.


An idea is not a business yet.

Why not always look for the most popular and successful business ideas?

Search queries about popular and successful business ideas consistently occupy the top lines of the rating in this topic. It is not surprising in general. If some kind of business has found mass and popularity, then it is in demand in the market and can bring income. But let’s look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of popular and mass business activities.


Advantages of popular and successful ideas for business


    such ideas have been time-tested and proven viable;

    if popular types of business exist and are in demand in the market, then they bring earnings;

    the methodology of successful projects has been thoroughly reviewed and described by different specialists, it is easy to copy and use;

    there are always accompanying businesses and additional infrastructure around profitable business ideas, which makes it easier to run a popular business;

    mass business activities already have a formed market and consumers, which saves forces and time for the formation of the market and the creation of demand among customers;

    popular types of business are easier to sell if the owner has decided to change the sphere of activity;

    due to the fact that a large number of people work in such areas, it is easier to find the working staff and business partners.


As can be seen from this list, which in fact can still be complemented by many items, popular and successful business ideas really have many advantages and advantages. But, as you know, everything has its opposite side. If mass types of business did not have disadvantages and they are guaranteed to bring income, then everyone would be engaged only in them. What are the drawbacks of common businesses?


Shortcomings of popular and successful business ideas


    I guess the first place can be attributed to high competition. The more players on the market, the more they have to fight for the client.

    the complexity and cost of marketing activities to enter the market;

    the density and limitedness of the market – any market has some capacity, there may not be enough room for everyone;

    when the market is saturated, most often the only thing left is to fight for price. And this means the fall of entrepreneur’s earnings.

    higher price to attract new and retain regular customers;

    lack of entrepreneurial drive – in the “old” markets, over time, it becomes uninteresting to work, everything is banal and familiar;

    high qualification and quality requirements – a highly competitive market does not forgive incompetence and relaxation. In such markets you have to constantly be in tension and fight for a place in the sun.

    probability to enter the market at the end of its “life” cycle.

And just on that last point, I’d like to make a special mention of it. This lack of popular and successful ideas for business is not always taken into account by beginners. The fact is that virtually any markets, goods and services have their own terms of relevance and demand. We call them “life cycles”.


If each of you will turn back and remember what goods, services or types of business were popular 10-15 years ago. He will see that very few of them have remained the same or still exist. Of course, there is a certain category, the so-called “eternal businesses”. People will always need food, clothing, medical and household services, transportation, etc.


But look at how all these types of business have changed in just the last decade. Even this seemingly unchanged and “eternal” pawnshop business, which is more than 5000 years old, has been increasingly virtualized in recent years. And usury is shifting to new electronic forms and the use of Internet technology.


And in our opinion, one of the significant drawbacks in choosing the most popular and successful business ideas is the probability to start a business that is already outliving its life cycle. It’s like jumping into the last car of the leaving train. Except the big question is where it will take you.


    That’s why we focus on the fact that an entrepreneur should not just focus on the popularity and success of the idea, but also deeply penetrate into the essence of the future business and analyze its further prospects, not the current profitability.

In other words, choosing a popular and successful business idea for your own business, you should immediately think about how you can use its strengths and best sides, but at the same time to modify under current conditions. And the main thing is that such a business does not lose its relevance in 3-5 years, and vice versa, has long-term prospects.


The main rule when choosing an idea for business


In fact, you’ve probably heard a lot and a lot about the main rule when choosing a business idea. It’s a universal rule for absolutely any business. It’s a red thread in literally every book about entrepreneurship. So, that has even had time to stuff oskominu and you stop paying attention to him.


We have also met it repeatedly in many sources and gradually stopped perceiving its importance. And only with time, having many years of entrepreneurial experience and business practice, we realize that it is really very important.


    And it sounds like the main rule: “The business that you do should be your favorite thing to do. To build a successful business and reach the top is possible only when the business for you will not be work and duty, and your favorite business and pleasure.


In other words, one should choose an idea for one’s own business first of all, focusing on one’s own individual desires and aspirations in life. Look for the kind of business that you will like to do. Even money, despite the fact that it is the main purpose of the business, can not be a reason to choose as your own business not interested in you. In this case, it is even more likely to lose both money and business. But if you manage to find something you like. A case that will bring you pleasure, then getting a decent income and achieving success is much more likely.


And in this case, it does not matter what business idea to earn you choose. Whether it will be the most popular and successful at the time, or it will be an innovative and brilliant own idea, or it will be a type of business, which for many centuries, but you will be able to present it in a completely new and modern form.


If you manage to find “your” idea. The one that will constantly inspire you and bring you pleasure, then everything else simply won’t matter anymore. This, in fact, is the very key that opens the way to success in business.

Therefore, it does not matter what year in the title of the ranking of the most popular and successful business ideas – 2018 … 2019 … 2020 … or any other. It is necessary to search and choose an idea for business not by year, but by your own guidelines and preferences. And for this, the entrepreneur, first of all, needs to study and understand himself very well. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, knowledge and experience. Find the type of activity that brings him the greatest pleasure. And already on this basis to build their own successful business.


What to do if the “Main rule” of business idea search does not work?


When you read this kind of reasoning, it all looks simple on paper. But in fact, in real life it can be very difficult to understand and define exactly the kind of business that will bring pleasure and be a favorite business. Very lucky are those entrepreneurs who were able, perhaps intuitively, to find “their” profitable business idea. But what should those who have “The Main Rule” not work for?


Perhaps we will disappoint you, but there is no universal answer. Quite often in life there is a situation when it is difficult for a person to determine what kind of business activity is the most interesting for him. And life hobbies and hobbies either do not bring the desired income, or a person simply does not understand how to derive commercial benefits from them.


What to do in this situation? Continue to work “for my uncle” or engage in uninteresting business? No, that’s not the right option. The only thing that can be recommended in such a situation is to keep looking. But at the same time, to try to change the ways and areas of search. If you can’t go and choose a business idea or define a field of business in which it would be interesting to work, then try to go from the opposite.


First, take a look around. And in this case, really, popular and successful ideas for business can be very useful. It is quite possible that among them there is one that you will like. It’s just that you will be able to find a new application to avoid the disadvantages that we wrote about above. Or take a look at other business ideas, such as online business or the best foreign business ideas.


Secondly, try to take a close look at the needs and problems that you personally or people around you face in everyday life. It is very likely that you will be able to identify an activity that can meet the needs or solve consumer problems. If you can make money from this and are interested in this activity, then this is your “business idea”.


Thirdly, try to analyze your personality more deeply, as a person and an entrepreneur. Define, or better write down on paper, what and how you like to do in life, and what causes you dislike or irritation. Then, based on this data, try to create a “portrait” of the kind of activity, which will maximize the positive and interesting for you to do. And based on this “portrait” look for “your” idea for business. In other words, you are not looking for a business idea, but for yourself in entrepreneurship.

In any case, do not stop looking. It happens in life that when one door closes, another one opens. Sometimes it is possible to find “your” idea for business where and when you do not expect it at all. The main thing is to keep the focus of your attention all the time and be open to new things. The way a successful entrepreneur thinks is different from an ordinary person, that he is always looking for new business opportunities.


Where to look for business ideas?


    The Internet is the most popular source and medium for searching information. Of course, first of all, you can start searching for business ideas on the World Wide Web. There are just a huge number of resources with different lists and catalogues of not only the most popular business ideas, but also in general any type of business activities. Many ideas for business in Ukraine you can find on our website Business Market, and the newest projects and startups can be seen on the world famous resource – Kickstarter.

    Look around you. Yes, this is also one of the very effective ways to find a profitable and interesting business idea. Moreover, you can not only see in your daily life popular and already known types of business, but also come up with a completely new idea of business from scratch, if you watch closely everything that is happening around you and your friends.

    In fact, in the space around us you can find a variety of business areas that are either not implemented at all or require significant improvement. So why not use it?

    Discuss business with colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Communicate with other entrepreneurs or partners as much as possible. Explore industry-specific sources of information about commerce. One head is good, and 100 or 1000 new ideas are even better.

    The more you immerse yourself in the business world and expand your horizons, the more new and profitable ideas you can think of. One person can’t know everything. Therefore, discussing business with colleagues, for example, at the Ukrainian Business Club can give you much more new and useful information.

    Fantasize. Yes, yes, the habit of including your imagination and fantasy can be useful for you in business. Non-standard and original ideas most often come to mind those people who use not only rational reason. Remember that a significant number of goods and services, which are commonplace for us today, once were someone’s fantasies and dreams.

    Ask questions to potential consumers. Each of us is surrounded by hundreds of people we know. And if we also take into account social networks and electronic means of communication, then in general thousands, if not tens of thousands of potential customers. All these acquaintances buy some goods, use various services, etc. And, for sure, each of them has his own thoughts and suggestions about what they lack.

    Ask your acquaintances, what goods or services do they like or what would they like to have? After all, it’s just priceless (and it’s also free!) market research, so you can very easily find a unique business idea and a way to make money if you just listen to other people and know their needs.


Why look for new market niches for popular business ideas?


The most popular business ideas are so called that they are very widely spread. Accordingly, the saturation of players in such popular types of business is very large. As long as the capacity of the market allows all companies to get an acceptable level of earnings, business will remain popular and attractive to entrepreneurs.

When the number of players reaches the limit of the market volume, or starts to exceed its possibilities, profitability, as a rule, falls as a result of price competition. And it is already difficult to call such market promising or interesting for earnings. And it is we do not go deep into the theme of crises, when the rate of market collapse and falling demand can bring entrepreneurs even greater problems.


Due to natural and objective reasons, many markets are massive and popular. These are traditional, so-called “eternal” businesses: food, clothing, housing, medicine, lending-money, transport, some household services, etc. And despite the great competition, popular and successful business ideas continue to attract new entrepreneurs. It is understood that there are consumers and demand in mass markets, which means that it is possible to earn money.


There is a natural change of participants in the market. Someone is losing out, someone is leaving the market, there are new strong players with more modern products and services. In general, the usual market routine. Therefore, if the entrepreneur has an idea with which to successfully compete in popular markets and he is confident in his abilities, it is a good option to make money.


But here’s the question – is there a point in getting into what is called a forehead in such saturated markets? Of course, if you have serious financial and marketing resources behind you, then with a good professional team you can bite off a piece in competitive markets. But will it cost a sheepskin dressing?


We recommend, when choosing and searching for popular and successful business ideas, to consider another strategy – look for new market niches.


The fact is that if some business model has shown its effectiveness and profitability in one area, it is very likely that it can be applied by analogy in other business areas or in other markets. On any large-scale markets, there are many different niches and segments. In order to understand which market niches are not yet occupied or relatively free, of course, it is necessary to do a serious and detailed analysis. It is necessary to take apart all existing groups and categories of consumers, to identify segments of needs and demand that are not covered.


Here is an example based on our website Business Market


The market of Internet business has long been very competitive, although to the limits of its saturation is still far away. On the one hand, the site Business-Market in part of its functionality is a specialized bulletin board, which is designed for business and its owners. And the business idea of activities related to the placement of ads, it is one of the very and long popular ideas for business on the Internet. It is even believed that today in this form of business there is no place for beginners.


When we thought about launching this project and analyzed the market, we saw the following. For all the saturation in Ukraine with different message boards, specialized service in the form of BusinessMarket in the capital market and for business owners in Ukraine, there was simply no (read more about it here and here).


In other words, with all the fact that our country has long been such popular and mass bulletin boards, such as OLH, Free, Prom and others, a niche business ads for those who want to buy or sell a business, find or offer investment, place offers of commercial real estate on a resource with a target audience or promote their services b2b was almost free. If we take as a whole all categories, free and format of business announcements, as well as the functionality of the message board, as it is done in the Business Market, similar trading platforms for business users in Ukraine did not exist.

But Business-Market is not only a noticeboard. It is also a place where entrepreneurs can find a lot of useful and relevant business information, the most popular and profitable business ideas, get acquainted with business plans and participate in live communication with each other in the Business Club of entrepreneurs of Ukraine № 1. In other words, another of our goals is to provide an Internet platform for the formation of the Community of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine. And our goals are not limited to this. We still have plans to provide many interesting and useful services for entrepreneurs and business.


    Thus, on the one hand, Business Market entered the very competitive Internet markets (bulletin boards, selling business, business ideas, business plans, business clubs, etc.), and on the other – by providing a range of services, concentration of the target audience and the format of opportunities, we found and occupied relatively free niches in these markets. And we hope that such a platform for business, as Business Market, will please Users and will be in demand among entrepreneurs and businesses.


Such examples, when even the most popular and successful business ideas can be used in individual niches in mass markets, there are many more. Just these market niches need to look for and make an effort to offer consumers the goods and services that will be of interest to them.


Why do popular and successful business ideas not work?


Sometimes, in communication with entrepreneurs you may find that many popular business ideas no longer work and it is difficult to make money in traditional markets. Partly, it is true. As the old Indian wisdom says: “If a horse is dead, get down and look for another horse”. But some entrepreneurs instead try to hold meetings where they discuss how to revive a dead horse instead of looking for a new idea for business and real ways to earn money.


Some markets are already so full of players and have reached capacity limits that it is almost impossible for new companies to enter them. In some cases, there are disadvantages of popular ideas, which we mentioned above. Also, young and start-up entrepreneurs do not always have enough competence and experience to successfully implement a project. In fact, there can be many reasons.

Indeed, as it is not paradoxical, but to use the most popular and successful business ideas is just difficult because of their popularity. And in this regard, new and not yet promoted ideas for business is much more promising. However, to find such ideas and projects is much harder. But in popular businesses, there is one more positive thing that should be used to avoid a situation where the project “does not take off”. This is business consulting.


What does it take for an idea to work?


Due to the fact that a very large number of people are involved in popular businesses, it is easier to find experts, partners and knowledgeable entrepreneurs who could advise or guide newcomers. In fact, we are talking about the usual business consulting. As for popular and mass businesses, it is not superfluous to talk and consult with more experienced colleagues before you break your head and try to storm the markets.


In our country, unfortunately, the culture and traditions of consulting in business are not yet very well developed. Young and new entrepreneurs do not understand why such services can be paid for. For many people there is not yet a perception that, for example, an hour of communication with a professional in some business area can cost money. And sometimes it is not small enough.


But to get useful advice and business advice is not only for money. One of the reasons why we decided to provide functionality for live communication of entrepreneurs on the basis of BusinessMarket is just the desire to give the opportunity to form a Community of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine. Business Club of entrepreneurs, which is implemented on the website Business-Market, gives the opportunity to ask any questions related to business and receive competent and professional answers from their colleagues or service experts.


Also, Business-Market users have the opportunity to place any business idea on the website to discuss it with other entrepreneurs in detail and comprehensively. In addition, if BusinessMarket Users need business advice on any issues in which the creators of BusinessMarket have experience and professional competence, we are ready to share our knowledge and information. At the same time, it is absolutely free.

In fact, there are still very few resources in Ukraine, where entrepreneurs from completely different spheres of business and from all over the country could discuss pressing problems and topics for business in one place. We hope that Business-Market will become just such a platform for business, where all active and successful people who strive to achieve something in life and do not mind sharing their knowledge with others can gather. Profile and competent discussions, sharing knowledge and experience will be useful for each participant. This is exactly the case when the synergy effect can increase the benefits and benefits for all stakeholders. Register on the website and participate in the life of the Ukrainian Business Community. We can all participate in its creation together.


List of the most successful and popular business ideas


And now what many have come to this page for – popular and successful ideas for business. We have tried to select for you the most interesting and real ideas that in our opinion, worthy to be in such a list. This list does not claim to be any uniqueness or strong detail. There are many similar catalogues “TOP10…20…50…100…1000 ideas for business” in the Internet. And we used a lot of irony in the title of the year 2018… 2019… 2020…


If you have read the whole article, you realize that this is not what is important when selecting and finding ideas for your own business. Among mass businesses, in fact, it is very difficult to find or come up with something new. Therefore, in most cases, it is not the first time you will meet some ideas. But when making this list, we tried to include only those projects that really deserve attention and can actually be used to earn money. For your convenience, we have divided the business ideas into groups. To see all the ideas in each group, click on the link “Read more…”.


The most popular business ideas on the Internet


Business on the Internet, in our opinion, will grow more and more every year. At the moment, there are no limits to the volume of this market, if we talk about the Network as a whole. Of course, some areas of Internet business have already become very popular and competitive markets. But every year there are new segments and activities that can generate revenue on the Internet.

The idea number 1: online store or online commerce, dropshipping.


You do not have to be a large hypermarket to create your own online store. No matter if you sell directly to customers or use dropshipping, you first need to create an online store and have a good management system for online trading. You can sell your goods or products from suppliers in a certain niche. As an idea for home business, if you can do something with your own hands, you can trade your handicrafts and have a good profit on your hobby.

Idea #2: insurance broker online


Create a website with a calculator to calculate the cost of various insurances and sell them online with subsequent delivery of paper documents by courier. Of course, in this type of business will have to work closely with various insurance companies and understand this topic.

Idea #3: Consultant for online retail sales


If you have a good understanding of the online store and know its shortcomings, you can help other people until their online business is successful. Help customers create and improve their stores, advise on how to make the best product photo and write the most appropriate description. You can also teach online business owners how to use social media to promote their stores and how to make their products recommended in publications and sales increase.

The most popular ideas for business at home


Earning a living at home can be an additional source of income, as well as become the main type of business activity. Many entrepreneurs started their business in a garage or home occupation format. And as sales increased or the number of services provided, they moved on to start a company. One of the important advantages of home business is that it can be started with minimal investment and from scratch.

Idea No. 26: childcare or babysitting services


In order to start a childcare business at home, you just need to have some experience working with kids and a safe home environment. In most cases, you won’t need a special license to babysit at home (but the recommendations will of course be a plus) if the number of children does not exceed a certain number. More and more parents now have to spend a lot of time at work, so home babysitting can be a great idea for your small business, and you can spend time with your children too.

Idea #27: Cooking for offices


You can take advantage of an idea for a small business related to cooking lunches or other food for the offices. Although there are many different restaurants and cafes today, you can offer lower prices and better quality home-cooked meals for office workers. Not only is it an interesting idea for a business from scratch that will help you earn good money doing what you love to do, but it is also a great way to try out your culinary talents before investing in a full-fledged restaurant. But first, you’ll need to learn more about the laws that govern home cooking for sale, and they’re strict enough, as well as to have the appropriate medical books from the staff.

Idea #28: personal chef’s services


Another option, the cooking business. If you like cooking, but you do not necessarily want to open a whole restaurant, you can become a personal chef and cook for the client or customers at home or at his home, implementing a new idea for business.


The most popular business ideas in the service industry


The service itself is very extensive. If you manage to find a free market niche and provide the services you need, you are guaranteed income. As a rule, you can start a service business with small investments, and the yield is even higher than in trading. Also, as a rule, the services are well scaled. So you can provide them individually, or you can create an entire company.

Idea #43: mowing lawns


Nobody likes homework. In private homes, one of the tasks of a household is to look after the territory. You can start offering your neighbors in your area lawn care services as a business idea. All you will need is a lawn mower and a car so that you can easily get to the right place.

Idea #44: Services on behalf of


Business people very often need help to do their daily chores. Therefore, by organizing an on-demand service, you can take money for services such as shopping, delivery of dry cleaning and other small part-time jobs. And one of the most striking examples of business that can be done on the organization of other people’s orders, is the service “Boar”. A great business idea, which can be implemented by analogy in many other areas of life.


Idea No. 45: organizing weddings and festive events


If you like to organise and plan events, use an idea for a business from scratch such as setting up a wedding company or organizing other celebrations. Mostly, you will need to plan and help with various suppliers and contractors. If you earn a reputation for being a punctual and executive organizer, you won’t have an order picking issue. And in the future, you can further expand the organization of various events and seminars for business.


The most popular business ideas of production


Business ideas for production tend to involve already more serious investments. Although a lot depends on what is produced. Among popular business ideas for production, you can find those that can be implemented just in your garage.


Idea No. 110: paving tile production


It’s easy enough to make paving tiles. Small production of paving stones, curbs, etc. open locally where there is demand. Production does not require a large area of 20-50 m2. A garage or an old workshop will do. The presence of light and water is a must.


Idea №111: production of facade stone (lumoconcrete).


The production of finishing materials is still an actual business idea. Lumoconcrete is an original decorative stone for cladding facades of buildings. The material is perfectly suited for facing not only from the street, but also indoors: fireplaces, bar counters, wall decoration. Lumoconcrete stone differs from ordinary finishing materials by its original property – to glow in the dark.


Idea № 112: production and sale of overalls


Special clothing is necessary for employees of medical institutions, law enforcement agencies, firefighters and other professions. Many large companies seek to emphasize corporate identity through the introduction of uniforms. With the expansion of services, the volume of sales of workwear is increasing rapidly and the business idea of opening production of overalls undoubtedly has all chances for success. In the manufacture and sale of such products can make good money.


The most popular business ideas in trade


Business ideas in trade are probably the most common. Of course, the very process of trade cannot be called something original. The only question is what to trade. Those entrepreneurs who know how to follow popular trends, usually take cream off the sale of goods.

Idea #120: Selling coal in small batches at retail.


The meaning of the business is as follows – coal is purchased from a large supplier and sold to the private sector from 1 ton or packed in bags. For business, you need a room – garages, base, an open area for loading a car, a warm room for car repair, if necessary. Conveyor scales – for weighing.


Idea №121: sale of second hand clothes.


Selling second hand clothing does not require much investment. Moreover, it is one of the few areas in which the investment returns quickly and the markup is more than 100%. The fact is that in warehouses things are bought for weight, then evaluated and already put up for sale by the piece.


Idea No. 122: purchase and resale of property from tenders and bankruptcy auctions


A detailed analysis of promising ideas for business shows that in an unstable economy, special attention should be paid to the sale of confiscated items, equipment, real estate, etc. Bidding and auctions for the sale of debtors’ property, with the right approach, can become a real Klondike for you. It is not uncommon to buy valuable property at such auctions, which can then be resold at a very high profit.


The most popular business ideas in real estate


Real estate has always been the object of investment and commercial activity. Those who understand that real estate is as much a tool in business as other commercial objects know that the price of real estate can change. And for some, real estate is a liability, while for others it is a source of income. In real estate, there are also popular and successful business ideas that can generate income. And in some cases, even with minimal investment in such business.


Idea #131: creating an architectural bureau


The creation of the Architectural Bureau is a chance to build a business that is highly profitable enough to generate a good income. Modern bureaus create large-scale projects that are implemented not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The number of people who want to build high-quality modern cottages and create comfort in their apartments is steadily growing. And quality services in this area will always be in demand.


The idea #132: earn on commercial real estate


Apartments are always in demand, but the construction of commercial real estate can be even more profitable. Against the background of growing business activity, the construction of new shopping centers, office and warehouse space may become more commercially attractive. And the number of new retail spaces already ready for commissioning only confirms this.

Idea №133: sublease of apartments or commercial real estate


It is not always necessary to have the real estate itself or the impressive funds for its purchase to earn money. How do I make money on a property without investing? Sublease of apartments or commercial real estate is a possible business option for active and young entrepreneurs. Daily rent of apartments costs 2.5-3 times more than the monthly rent. And hourly rental of commercial premises, for example, for various events and seminars, or organization of co-covorking, will also bring much more income than long-term rent. Your task is to rent an apartment or office for a moderate long-term price, and then rent it out permanently by the day or hour.


The most popular business ideas for first-time entrepreneurs


Business ideas for start-up entrepreneurs usually require minimal investment. And the business itself must be simple so that a person can gain experience and knowledge. And then, gradually, increase your business or move to other, more complex formats of entrepreneurship.


Idea #138: sewing snowboard covers


Season of winter entertainment dictates the need for appropriate paraphernalia – skiing, sledding, snowboarding. Those who count themselves among the connoisseurs of snowboarding, know very well how important the quality of equipment in this business. Skiing board should be operated with great care. To keep it safe, you need a good cover. Engaging in sewing such covers, you can build a profitable business. This is just a good business for a beginner and a young entrepreneur who wants to try their hand at real business.


Idea №139: organization of excursions to industrial zones.


Standard tourist routes, sea cruises and the like have not surprised anyone for a long time. The so-called industrial tourism is becoming more and more popular. On the organization of excursions to the industrial zones of your settlement can build a profitable business. For young and enterprising people who love extreme kinds of entertainments and unusual places, it can become not only hobby, but also business.


Idea #140: growing mushrooms


A small production facility for growing oyster mushrooms or mushrooms will not require large investments, and the profitability of the business may reach 40%. Given the stable demand and ease of organization of such production, this popular business idea is quite suitable for beginners entrepreneurs.

In this list we have collected 145 popular and successful business ideas that can be applied in practice and generate income. If we set a goal, we could list 200…300…1000 ideas. Because if we take only the areas of trade or services and just start to look at all kinds of goods that can be traded and services that can be provided, the list would be simply endless.


In order to see successful and popular ideas for business, you can just look around you carefully. Any type of business activity can be interesting and generate income if it meets the needs of consumers. The main message we want to convey in this publication to those who are looking for new or profitable business ideas is as follows.

The best and most profitable business idea will be one that the entrepreneur will fully work out by himself. You should not rely on any ready-made recipes for success or “guaranteed” ways to earn money. Any examples of popular and profitable business ideas should be carefully considered and analyzed. You must scrupulously calculate and plan everything yourself. In order for the project to “take off”, you need to be its author and creator, not just a performer “under the copy”.


There are no miracles in the world, and luck loves those who move to her meeting. First of all, it is necessary to look for “your” idea for business, which will correspond to the character and abilities of the entrepreneur himself. And so, it is not so important whether you choose an existing and popular idea or come up with your own unique project. If you find for yourself a business that will constantly motivate you to move forward and reach new heights in business, then success and money, sooner or later, will come true.