The most useful nuts: which, to whom and in what quantity

Autumn is not only a mushroom time, but also a nut time. At every step, grandmothers sell walnuts from their own gardens with glasses, and a hazelnut bush, a wild relative of hazelnuts hung with fruit, can be found in any deciduous forest. Unlike mushrooms, which are called a lot of questions, nuts are definitely useful. They are often called an indispensable product – so it is.

The future is under control

Nuts, like any seed, are the germ of a new plant. That’s why nature makes sure that such a “seed” contains everything necessary for proper development: fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the right proportions, recipes for dishes that increase the female beauty Recipes for dishes that increase the female beauty of vitamins and trace elements. There is also a partly esoteric component: nuts contain the energy of future new life. When we eat porridge from cereals or nuts, we get this energy, which nature has invested in the seeds.

Nuts are especially useful for people engaged in hard mental or physical work, as they allow you to quickly make up for all the nutrients.

We can say it’s Indian food in Ukrainian cuisine: adapted recipes Indian food in Ukrainian cuisine: adapted recipes are ideal, but you should remember about the right dose. For example, for a person with cardiovascular diseases, one walnut per day is a medicine that helps reduce cholesterol levels. But 10 walnuts a day, on the contrary, will make it worse.

Nuts are a source of very valuable vegetable fats, which is especially important because the menu of modern man is full of animal fats, but vegetable fats are usually not enough. A salad dressed with olive oil and a teaspoon of crushed nuts is much healthier than an egg and ham for breakfast.

Baby food

Nuts are very caloric. 100g of walnuts contain 650-700 calories, which means they can replace a full lunch. That’s why you shouldn’t eat them during the day, sending more and more nuts into your mouth unnoticed. You can only afford to combine nuts with sweets – such as chocolate or honey – if you do not get out of the gym.

Caring mothers often prepare useful therapeutic pasta for their children from ground dried fruits and nuts. This is good for maintaining a weakened immune system after an illness, but it is not worth feeding children with this food all the time unless you want to grow a fed laggard. Every day you can eat no more than a teaspoon of “delicious medicine”.

Many breastfeeding mothers put on walnuts to increase the amount of milk, but this is a myth. Walnuts do not increase lactation, but the fat content of milk. It’s also good, but there’s a chance that the baby’s allergic.

Which nuts are the most useful?

For Ukrainians, the most useful nuts are those that we are used to, because our ancestors traditionally used to eat them and we have a genetic memory about their assimilation. Nut #1 for Ukrainians is walnut, the most common, easily digestible, safe and healthy, as it grows in Ukraine almost in every village. It is especially useful for brain function as it contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-2 and Omega-3, which nourish nerve cells and reduce blood cholesterol levels. The high content of a rare micronutrient, copper, combined with polyunsaturated fatty acids make walnuts a “knowledge nut”.

The next most popular walnut in terms of popularity is hazelnut, or hazelnut. And the three almonds close: it grows in the Crimea, so genetically Ukrainians are also quite used to it.

How many nuts do you have to eat daily?

A handful – as much as it will fit in a half-open palm. Say, walnuts – from 2 to 5, depending on the size of the hand. That’s the maximum. If a person eats enough – every day he eats protein food, porridges, animal fats – then the nuts need less, say, half of this dose.

At what time of day are nuts better absorbed?

It’s more of a question of calories, not of digestibility. If you are going to eat the whole day dose (a handful), it is better to do it in the morning, so that the calories do not settle at the waist. If you add a little nuts to your morning porridge, salad, or as powder to your grilled vegetables for dinner, you can stretch the whole day’s portion.

Do they often cause allergies?

Cashews, pine, Brazilian nuts, pecans – quite often. The more exotic the nut, the more likely an allergic reaction is.

Are they better eaten raw or fried?

All nuts except peanuts should be eaten raw. When they are heat-treated (fried, etc.) they lose at least half their nutritional value. These must be fresh nuts from the last season.

What nuts are best combined with?

Almost all products, even milk. However, you should not eat them with dairy products, avocados, fatty fish or meat – because they are too nutritious, pancreas may not cope.

In which case are they contraindicated?

– for gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage;

– in diabetes mellitus, sweet nuts (peanuts in particular) are excluded;

– children under a year old. Older children may add crushed walnuts or almond nuts to their porridge (a quarter, and later half a kernel). Remember that up to 4-5 years, the pancreas is not quite formed, so a whole handful of nuts can hurt the child.