The natives of SpaceX and Tesla have created a high-tech tent at the price of a ticket

A small startup founded by former SpaceX and Tesla employees has introduced stand-alone electric capsules for country living. They have an unusual design and will provide living in nature with all amenities. That’s just these amenities are not cheap. Unlike most of these structures, a kind of tent from Jupe is created on the basis of high technology, offering future owners two single beds with mattresses, desk, chair and soft pouf.

The floor is lined with Baltic birch boards, it has a special storage compartment of 1.1 m3. We see more and more people wanting to leave the city and get to know the nature that intensified during the coronavirus pandemic. The ability to stay close to the city makes such facilities ideal for short stays, – explain the creators of the project. According to representatives of Jupe, the deployment of such a house takes several hours. It covers an area of ​​10.3 m2 with a ceiling height of 3.4 m. Housing with a strong aluminum frame has an unusual awkward design.

Glow is provided by means of a special ceiling fire-resistant fabric. From afar, the tent resembles a bright lantern. Despite the fact that the tent is designed as a means of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is not without the necessary attributes of modern life.

These are solar panels, a battery with sockets for recharging various equipment, and a wireless network. Price The first deliveries will begin in March 2021. Everyone is invited to leave a deposit of $ 100, and the price of such a country house will cost as a small studio apartment – $ 17,500.