The new Xbox Series X was disassembled on video

You’ll be surprised, but what you didn’t expect happened – the brand new Xbox Series X hasn’t been released yet, and it’s already been disassembled on video. That is, the console will go on sale in just a few days, but how the device looks from the inside, you can see right now. This was made possible by a YouTube blogger from Spain, Detonando Gueek.

In his video, which lasts about 11 minutes, the author not only removed the back cover of the flagship console Microsoft, but also removed some of its details. It is also worth noting that the blogger received the most attention with a huge cooler engraved by Master Chief – a kind of Xbox Mascot since the first console.

The cooler is mounted on large bolts, but it is easily removed from the console. It will be recalled that the official release of the new Microsoft console will take place very soon – on November 10, 2020.