The number of people playing video games in the world has exceeded three billion people

By mid-2020, the number of gamers worldwide has increased to 3.1 billion, and given that the total population of the Earth is almost 7.8 billion, games are enjoyed by about 40% of the world’s population. This was reported by DFC Intelligence.

It is noted that one half of gamers play from desktop computers, the other – from smartphones. At the same time, the market of mobile games is growing rapidly. Consoles are used by a relatively small percentage of people – 8%.

Most people who enjoy games live in Asia (52%). In second place – Europe (24%), in third place – Latin America (14%), in fourth place – North America (10%).

It was previously reported that the number of computer game users in the world has almost doubled. It was also reported that video game sales broke the record due to quarantine.

The correspondent wrote that a bed for gamers was presented in Japan.