The possible date of the start of sales of the Xbox Series X console has become known

Yesterday we saw “live” photos of the new Microsoft gamepad, which will be suitable for both current generation Xbox consoles and next generation consoles. Among other things, we saw an inscription on the box that clearly indicates that the Xbox Series S model will really come out.

Now we have the video from which the screenshots were taken.

As you can see, the gamepad should really be compatible with both current and new STBs, as well as with Windows 10, Android and iOS. And it still runs on batteries.

Also, we may now know the launch date of the new Microsoft console. As it turned out, the warranty on the new gamepads will expire on November 5, 2021. And Microsoft provides set-top boxes and their complete controllers with a one-year warranty. This probably means that the consoles are scheduled to start selling on November 5th, but so far that’s just a guess.