The price of success

Successful lucky people have achieved a lot. Everybody is jealous of them and everyone condemns them. Everyone wants to know the price of success, but when they know the truth, they are looking for a catch and easy ways. As soon as people hear that someone has achieved success, they start looking for the reasons. Rich parents helped. Bluth and connections are found. Successfully married or got married. Find patrons. Fooled people.

Got in the stream. Stolen and committed crimes. Dumb luck. Surrounders make up hundreds of far-fetched excuses for the price of others’ success to look better against their background. Otherwise, they turn out to be lazy, mediocre, stupid or losers compared to these successful people. When others succeed, the easiest thing to do is to think of something to justify themselves.

They are lucky by chance, not because of their qualities, character or actions. Any Malomalese successful person is criticized and condemned. Surrounders look for flaws and negative traits to pout and criticize. Everything fell from the sky, not given with hard work and strength of character. All this is done in order to amuse his PSV (sense of self importance), which suffers when comparing himself with successful people. Undoubtedly, there are people who have achieved something not always in a righteous way. But most people have paid in full for their “luck” as it is considered by naive people. But this is bad luck and luck, and the logical outcome of the actions taken.

What is the price of success? Success costs a lot, which has to be put on the altar of victory. They just do not achieve what others do not succeed. You have to pay an expensive price for everything. What does success really cost?

  1. Availability Ready to work not 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, but 18 hours a day and all 7 days a week. This is not 40 working hours, but about 120. This results in 3 times more actions than the average citizen. Successful people work much more, rather than looking for an opportunity to leave work early. Are you ready to pay this price?
  2. Hard work Many people are looking for an easy and easy way to success, avoiding the hard road of work. But it is on this path that real ploughmen walk, who do not bend difficulties. The desire to grasp at any work, even if it is not the best and pleasant. Willingness to do what others avoid or fear. This is the price of well-being and success. All the lazy and cunning are pushed on the easy road, which leads only to minor achievements. That is why the competition on the heavy road is minimal.

  1. Perseverance How many times do the weak and the average give up, how many times do the strongest get up from their knees. There is no guaranteed path to success, and therefore there are always defeats. Most people give up on the first 3-5 failures. But successful ones are not stopped by 10 or even 20 defeats. They learn to pay for all tenacity and inflexible character. But are you ready for such trials?
  2. Maximum effort Most people like to protect themselves from challenges, preferring to work and to give half the effort. But how they do not look like those who will succeed later. Maximum effort. Wasting all your energy, time, energy and health on the target. Hence, successful people have early gray hair, severe wrinkles on the face, wasted nerves, lost sight and tired eyes. The price of success is expensive and you have to pay for it with your health.
  3. Calculation and planning Think a few steps forward, not give in to momentary whims and desires. Plan, calculate and think over. Constant analysis of the situation and further consequences. Successful people think for the future, not go with the flow. It is harder this way, but it is impossible to achieve the desired goal without it. Success exposes the full price.
  4. Work, work and more While others rest, play, have fun and sit in social networks, successful people work or plan business. It is more pleasant to have fun for years, and then to judge successful people, as if they are suddenly lucky.
  5. What else is worth success? Everyone wants to know their cunning and simple secret to success. But it is not easy. It is not free or lucky, but a great job and effort. It is something that costs a lot. The sea of responsibility The sea of ingratitude in response Cynicism as a way of life Betrayed friends and framed partners The torn ligaments of voice The next start from scratch Broken against the wall phones Restoration of nerves Condemnation of envious Confrontation of enemies Constant struggle and many problems The price of success is expensive, but is each of us ready to pay it? It’s easier to think about luck. For everything in life you have to pay dearly. And are you ready to pay for your dreams?