The Realme Watch S smartwatch has gained impressive battery life

The Realme Watch S smart watch has an impressive battery life (15 days), slim body and budget price. It also has good functionality.

Realme, as promised, today introduced a new smartwatch. True, the Watch S model was originally announced in Pakistan for some reason, but for us it is of secondary importance.

So, the Realme Watch S is valued in Pakistan at about $ 87. What will you get for this money? Of course, in fact you will not get a smart watch, but a sports watch or activity tracker in the form of a smart watch, but this is true for most modern models.

Realme Watch S does not have an operating system, but there are many useful features. The watch can monitor heart rate, 16 types of exercise, blood oxygen saturation, they are protected from water (IP68) and equipped with a 1.3-inch screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Of course, there are simpler features such as counting calories, tracking steps and displaying notifications from a connected smartphone. There is also a music playback control function and a camera on the smartphone.

Realme also talks about sleep tracking, paired smartphone search functions, meditation functions, reminders to drink water, more than 100 dials and 15 days of autonomy.

The dimensions of the watch are 259.5 x 47 x 12 mm with a weight of 48 g. The straps here are standard with a width of 22 mm. The type of display panel Realme does not indicate, so it is probably not AMOLED.