The reasons for the incomplete charging of the smartphone are named

The reasons why the smartphone can’t be fully charged may be defects in the charging wire or the gadget itself, as well as problems in the operating system, said Arseniy Shcheltsin, General Director of ANO Digital Platforms. This was reported by Prime.

The first reason for the incomplete charging of a smartphone is the breakage of the charging wire. According to the expert, the official wirelives less than the phone itself. In particular, there is a risk of broken contact in the wire, damaged plug, board or connector.

In addition, incomplete charging can occur due to damage to the charging opening of the smartphone due to deformation of the charger when charging or incorrect removal of the charger from the phone, said Szczelcin.

A failure of the smartphone’s battery may also lead to charging disruptions, the expert recalled. Long charging and fast discharging of the device indicate a problem with the battery.

Problems with the operating system, malfunctions and viruses can be another cause of incomplete charging of the phone, but this cause is rare, said Szczecin. In that case, the problem can be solved by updating the operating system or resetting the settings and content.