The RTX 3080 TI should get 24 GB of video memory

According to the latest insider information, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 should be announced on September 9. On this day, we should be shown the flagship graphics cards of this model range, which will include GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070.

New data partially confirm this. The source claims that Nvidia really plans to announce three new video cards in September, and a more affordable RTX 3060 should be released in October. have the abbreviation RTX and support ray tracing).

The source also adds that the flagship video card should get 24 GB of video memory, which is really a lot. The RTX 3080 should get 20 GB, and the RTX 3070 – 16 GB. Let me remind you that AMD’s flagship competitor, Radeon RTX 6950 XT, will receive 16 GB of video memory. The average budget RTX will get 8 GB of video memory.