The seabed will be cleaned of debris by special robots-cleaners (PHOTOS)

Cleaning robots will clean the seabed from debris.

The SeaClear project has received funding from the European Union and involves the development of autonomous underwater robots. The entire system will consist of an air drone, two submarine remote-controlled robots and an unmanned vessel, which will serve as a “mother ship” and will feed the robots through special cables. This is reported on the project website.

The authors of the development say that the system for cleaning the seas and oceans will work in coastal areas, where the most debris comes from rivers. The robots, called ROVs, will be equipped with artificial intelligence modules that will help the machine distinguish debris from marine animals, plants and corals.

The complex will work in two stages. First, the drone and one ROV will look for debris on the surface of the water and in the water column, and the second robot will remove the detected waste with the help of a suction device. After the ROV returns to the surface, the debris from its container is disposed of.

In the spring, the robots have already been tested at depths of 20 to 30 m in the port of Hamburg and along the coast of Croatia.

It will be recalled that scientists from India have developed the robot Amaran, which can climb palm trees and collect coconuts. The robot is controlled via a wireless network by an operator, you can use a joystick or an application on a smartphone.