1.Look for the Fool and you will find the Fool.

2. Evolution evolved from the clever to the Fool.
The clever one can always discover the Fool in himself.
The Fool will never agree to become smart again.
The Fool with a small letter is a dead-end branch of evolution.

3. The Fool is so simple that one refuses to believe in him.

4. The fool is not subject to the law, so he is doomed to be free.

5. The Fool is an excellent partner – he never wins.
But the Fool is invincible because he never fights.

6. The Fool does not fight for anything.
He just doesn’t give up anything.

7. Failure haunts everyone, but Fools cannot catch up.

8. The mind is the Devil’s trap.
The Fool is the way out of it, given by God.

9. The Fool never spits against the wind, for his wind is always a tailwind.

10. The fool does not believe in miracles. He uses them.