The work taught him to cook 19 dishes: how he does it – a terrific video

Miso Robotics has created a Flippy robot that can cook. He knows how to cook at least 19 dishes, so it will be useful for catering establishments or even replace some of their staff.

The development was presented in January 2020. However, the real popularity came to her only after the beginning of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

How much does Flippy cost and what can he do

So the company finally announced that Flippy was entering the global commercial market. Its installation will cost the client 30 thousand dollars. In addition, you will have to pay 1.5 thousand dollars a month for software rental – you can not buy it.
Certificate. The robot is attached to the ceiling. The design allows it to move throughout the work area, while not interfering with other equipment and fellow people.

Flippy is able to research and classify new products, determine their temperature, calculate proportions and analyze the time required for cooking.

According to the developers, Flippy can cook up to 150 cutlets for burgers per hour. Among the dishes he will prepare are the usual fast food menu, such as french fries or Idaho, as well as artificial meat Impossible Burger.
Flippy received positive reviews from experts

“Miso Robotics is convinced that the demand created by the new conditions will ensure success and simplify the automation of the industry. In addition to recovery, it also needs to accelerate growth,” said Mike Bell, the company’s CEO.
Importantly! The invention has already been tested in restaurants. It has been approved by NSF International. It is an independent organization that tests, inspects and certifies products intended for cooking and beverage.

“NSF / ANSI certification means Flippy meets strict requirements for material safety, hygienic design and performance,” said NSF International Deputy Food Director.