The world’s largest solar power plant will appear in Australia – its area will be equal to 20 thousand football fields

The world’s largest solar power plant will be built in Australia.

The Australia-ASEAN Power Link project is worth about $ 14 billion. will be built in the north of the country, in the Northern Territory region. The project was developed by Sun Cable from Singapore. Construction of the facility will begin in mid-2023, commissioning is scheduled for early 2026. This was reported by Sciencealert.

The solar panel farm will produce 10 gigawatts of electricity, and the area of ​​the station itself will be 14,000 hectares, which will be equal to 20,000 football fields. Interestingly, the electricity from this station will not supply Australia, but will be supplied to Singapore and Indonesia. To do this, a 3,700-kilometer cable will be laid along the ocean floor. Only a small share of electricity will go into the local grid.

According to the authors of the project, the exported electricity will provide electricity to more than 1 million Singaporeans, ie about 20% of the population. Negotiations are underway to provide electricity to Indonesians as well. The project is currently being evaluated by environmental services.

It will be recalled that in the autumn of 2019, the world’s first floating solar power plant with a capacity of 448 kW was installed on the surface of the artificial lake Tul in the Alps. The station has 1,400 double-sided solar panels and 36 floating structures.