The world’s strangest professions

There are many professions in the world that, at first glance, seem completely unthinkable. Who invented them? Why? We have compiled for you a list of the strangest jobs on our planet. Would you like to do something like that?

Professional sleeper

Who does not sleep at work, he does not get paid a salary! That’s how you could describe a professional sleeper’s weekday. Many furniture manufacturers specifically hire people to sleep on new beds and evaluate their comfort. If insomnia doesn’t bother you, this could be a truly ideal place to work!

Dinosaur Cleaning Specialist

Just as piles of dust collect on our window sills and under our beds, ancient dinosaur skeletons attract dust. Which means someone has to gently and carefully clean them! What do you think of the idea of having a fellow tyrannosaurus? Here you go!

Nanny Sloth

That’s right, you’re not wrong! In Costa Rica, for example, you can spend your work days in the company of a baby sloth. You have to feed the baby sloths in the morning, then you have to climb a tree and get a good night’s sleep there! You have to be a very gentle and considerate person to work in this position – the health of the baby sloths must be taken care of with extreme care!

Professional apologizer

There are special agencies in Japan that provide apology services. No desire to deal with a troublesome customer? Just one phone call and a professional apologist will do it for you!

LEGO collector

As a child you were crazy about LEGO, you loved playing with them and collecting beautiful buildings? If you haven’t already lost the desire to spend all day assembling colorful pieces, then you should get in touch with LEGO – perhaps your luck will smile on you and you will continue your career as a LEGO collector?

The Bicycle Catcher

Every year thousands of bicycles find their sad end in the countless canals of Amsterdam. And to keep the already narrow canals from becoming clogged with bicycles, the two-wheeled friends need to be fished out of the water. Amazing views of the canals are guaranteed!

Diver for golf balls

Bicycles sink in Amsterdam’s canals and golf balls fly into the ponds on golf courses. And you can’t help it, someone has to get them out of the lakes and rivers of the golf courses. Who knows where they’ll go after that?

A waterslide tester

If the first thing you do when you get to a water park is run to the slides, then we have great news for you! People get paid to test new slides at water centers – are they comfortable enough to ride? Go down the tube and find out. It’s worth a try!

Deodorant Sniffer

Yes, some professions are really strange! Imagine, there are professional deodorant sniffers who test how a particular deodorant smells.

Wine Bottle Flipper

The job of a wine bottle turner is not an easy one – true professionals can turn over up to 50,000 bottles in a day! That’s where you really have to love your job!

Animal Talent Agent

Would you like to spend all day with your pets? Nothing could be easier! There are positions for agents who evaluate animals day in and day out – who might be right for a role in a movie or commercial. If you’re not allergic to cats, this job certainly won’t be boring!

A private island keeper

Undoubtedly, one of the best professions in the world can be considered a private island keeper, who is paid for living on a beautiful island paradise. It sounds tempting, doesn’t it? To get such a job, you need to be able to record your every move on social networks and blogs.