These are the 4 best dating sites we recommend

We manually selected the best dating sites for you to try right now – and there really is something for everyone.

Since half of all single people currently use some of the best dating sites on the Internet to search for love (or, at least quickly, without any sex – hello), the days are long gone when dating on the Internet was considered awkward or unworthy. Now this is about as normal (but much more fun) than Internet banking.

There are literally hundreds of dating sites. So, to make it a little less impressive, we have looked at the Internet for you and sought the advice of an online dating expert for the best 3 online dating sites on the Internet. You can thank us later.

Lovewife is one of the best on the Internet for men who are looking for a Russian or Ukrainian wife. And for women, a good opportunity to get acquainted with a man is a foreigner for a serious relationship. Here you can find a wide selection of Russian women and male foreigners. More than 100,000 Russian women and 50,000 foreign men are registered on the Lovewife website. Every day, more than 700-900 new users come to our personal site. We check each profile before activating it, and only profiles that have passed a thorough check are activated on the site. This means that you can be completely sure that you will not waste your time and money in communicating with any scammer or scammer who will tell you about love only so that you send them money. Thanks to our unique anti-scam system, we can easily detect and remove scammers from the site forever.

Lovewife provides online dating tips, so it’s easy to see what makes it one of our top online dating sites from any country.

Experts say: “For those who are nervous about dating, this site gives you control, allowing you to have access to thousands of profiles and the ability to chat with people who are right for you. He is well known and therefore attracts a wide demography, which allows you to expand your circle of acquaintances or limit it with the help of an expanded means of comparison.

Amyrplanet helps you connect with people who are far away from you – whether it be Ukraine, Russia, Belarus or another remote country with beautiful ones. The site also regularly hosts events that are a fun and laid-back way to get to know the opposite sex. Potential mail-order brides sometimes use local marriage agencies that create fake profiles or write messages from phony profiles to earn money. At Amyrplanet, you can contact your future Russian or Ukrainian wife directly!

Only beautiful and slender Russian girls. Other dating sites accept all girls in a row to quickly increase the database of profiles. Amyrplanet authenticates and publishes only three out of five Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian girls.

Experts say: perfect if you are looking for love with a beautiful girl from another country. Chat is free. Other dating sites will not allow you to enter your email address, share Skype addresses or write a phone number in order to detain you on the site and thereby make you constantly pay. On Amyrplanet, all this is possible and you will not be prohibited.

If you are serious about finding this special thing called love, then this site is for you. Mirlovez takes new users very seriously, making him one of the best online dating sites. 780,000 people online, 27 million profiles from around the world.

Experts say: this is a great site for those who are looking for an individual approach. Mirlovez takes the hard work of viewing hundreds of photos and delivers compatible profiles directly to your inbox. This site provides quality in quantity and is great for anyone looking for a long term relationship.

Amyrlove is a modern dating site, specially designed for adventure seekers over 18 years of age to meet true-minded people. Each profile includes at least three photographs and a detailed biography designed to spark an interesting and informative conversation with your partners.
The site has registered 41 million profiles of women and men. Tens of thousands of webcasts live online every day.

How much is it? It’s free!

Experts say: if you need a good conversation with like-minded people at your age, better nowhere. Attention is paid to communication and common interests, therefore for people who want to communicate without awkwardness, this site is a must to visit.