TikTok Allowed Parents To Stop Their Kids From Searching For Content They Don’t Like

The social network TikTok has expanded the parental control functions, thanks to which parents can protect their children from inappropriate content. This was reported by the press service of the company. “We regularly communicate with parents and teens and work with experts on family and youth to develop effective ways for parents to support their teens on TikTok,” the company said.

The social network clarified that the Family Pairing tool was previously updated. It allows parents to link their account to their child’s account. Now its this function has been expanded and a number of additional functions have been added. According to the innovations, parents will be able to prevent their child from searching for videos, users, hashtags and even music. They will be able to decide for themselves who can comment on the child’s video (all users or only subscribers), and determine who can see the account. In addition, it will be possible to restrict other users from seeing videos that the child liked.

As NEWSONE previously reported, the social network Instagram for the first time in many years decided to radically redesign the main screen of the application and added new tabs.