TikTok is trying to compete with YouTube

TikTok short video sharing service has gained explosive popularity due to the format of short videos. And now TikTok is trying to compete with YouTube by creating a long video format. The developers began experimenting with the format of long videos. However, the videos are “long” only by TikTok standards – the duration can reach three minutes. However, this is a radical change in the concept of TikTok. Previously, TikTok users could download videos lasting no more than 60 seconds.

While the feature is in the “early access” stage and will gradually spread among users. Such videos will be available to most users in a few weeks. Judging by the messages on social networks, most users have already joined the “revolutionary” innovation TikTok and are dissatisfied with what happened. They are mostly outraged and often obscene. They can be understood, who will like to watch something advertising instead of another small “memchik” for three minutes.