Tips for men: how to stay interesting after marriage

Honeyweek passed and you’re back on the traditional men’s rails: scrubbing the toilet with a duck, borscht and blanche… and you think the goal is achieved. No-no-no, my little home keeper! You risk a marriage crisis and female frustration!

Marrying a woman to yourself is only half the battle. The main thing is to keep her in the family nest after marriage. Tame the stubborn, naturally polygamous, lustful female that lurks in her. And do not believe my friends with the wives – they all drool on the young sciatic, young beards, ravenous faces. And you’re a canonical man after marriage, shredded, unshaven, in a leopard robe and slippers – young boys are no competitor… That’s why it’s important to always be interesting to the spouse. How? About that next.

Don’t be annoying. Male + phone is the most organic symbiosis on the planet, which is a sin to conceal. Bearded whiskers just to talk about eurobloods in a wagon or call their wives. I call you: ASTANIVITY! Do not distract your breadwinner from the briefs, deadlines and battles with silly calls. Don’t bomb her with stupid “I’m waiting for you in the purple-red families at home” or “watch me cut my beard like those?)”). For she will have an animal reflex to run away from the male drill to Mars! (Or to the bunk of the fledgling Vyacheslav of their neighboring department, ho-ho-ho.)

For your wife not to cheat, resort to a win-win strategy – create a deficit of yourself! But don’t be the Snow Queen: leave the khinkali trays and the compote thermos in her work bag. And as if inadvertently send a photo freshly smoked chest! After all, a woman after marriage still craves surprises from her chosen one!

Don’t “man up.” Unfortunately, men fade quickly and lose their trademark. Yesterday you ate boiled brine without any consequences, and today you swim from the spinach leaf … So keep your appetite in check, dress by age (no skinny jeans after 25 – not a boy!), shave a rare beard and do something with baldness! Mirror-shiny bald spots are asexual and disgusting. Run for a capsule buildup or a Filkyrkor wig.

You can even look at her at home. It’s not for nothing my great-grandfather used to say:

A wise man at home smells and splashes sex rides, and appears in people’s pants of loyalty and unsightly training. A stupid man does the exact opposite…

A pure VEDICAL male must protect his rose by tea к̶а̶к̶ ̶б̶о̶к̶а̶л̶ ̶в̶и̶н̶а̶ from the lustful looks of the Sweetums females! Wear baggy clothes, showing the delights only of the Ukrainian black earths. Blur the shape of the beard with a marker, turning it into a mash of hair. And it is always virginly blessed to clone eyes to the floor! Remember: a swaying in the wind mustache / iris micromovement / tight pants can provoke an accidental passer-by to molestation! And as you know, women’s sexual instincts cloud their minds.

Different kind of intimate life. But at home… you have to transform yourself into a Priests of Love, Curtisan, Sweetheart, Intermalchik, King of the Boudoirs, hot and rabid Tropicana-male… With a kitchen knife placed on your smooth chest, perform the dance of Jadie. Dulin in a plaid shirt, waiting for his Mikhalovna. In a cocoon and decorated with rhinestones and coins, meet her on the doorstep with bread and salt. Anyway, to be Jimmy Jimmy, what an acha- acha wants!

Remember men’s secrets. Little fairies don’t poop, get bald, or grow smoked hair on their chest-legs in the bikini zone (or swimsuit?). At least that’s what their chosen ones should think. Remember, hygiene procedures should remain your man’s secret. In front of a woman, you must appear perfectly smooth, glossy, fragrant and… with a cop of hair like Leontief (only on the head). And shaving and washing is a mystery that remains behind the scenes…

Be interesting and versatile. Sooner or later any woman is despised by a housekeeper who devotes his free time to “dancing”, rags and pans. So keep the brain (and potency) in tone. Sign up for a Stretcher to entertain your tired yak dog’s earning wife with gymnastic numbers. Or on vocals to sweeten the ears of Pavlozibrovskaya’s wife “Zheeyeenshchinaa lyubiiimaya, kaak fata venchaalnaya”. Go to training seminars. Read books on self-development. Meditate and breathe the prostate. Accumulate sexual energy, empty your shoes in the evening. Briefly, Wait for your masculinity!

That’s it for today, my little home keeper. Remember, God created a woman from a man’s rib purely by fan. So go please your wife!