Tired of everything in life

Are you tired of everything in life? You don’t want to get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go about your business… You don’t even have the energy to entertain yourself anymore. When did this happen? What happened to you? Why? And most importantly, what to do about it? How to get back to the taste of life, to become energetic, to enjoy the little things? Take your time, you will find the answers to these questions. First you need to “break down” this emotional state. What is this state? There is no separate feeling called “fed up with everything in life. Rather, it is an emotional state, and it includes a gamut of feelings.

It includes frustration, irritation, anger, despondency, longing, … and many others. It’s perfectly normal for all of these feelings to arise periodically and be replaced by positive emotions. But if you have a state of “bored with everything in life,” and it lasts for a long time? It is worth, at a minimum, to be wary. And you definitely need to change your life, if you have the following signs: your mood most of the time is low; interest in everything around you is lost; there is no feeling of joy; insomnia or, conversely, sleepiness; you do not want to have sex; feeling depressed does not leave you; no strength for anything; it did not matter how you look; hopeless feeling has arisen; it seems to you that life has no meaning; you have become inconsiderate; you are often anxious or afraid.

These signs indicate a depressive state. It is not yet a mental illness. However, if you do nothing about your condition, it can turn into true depression. On average, it lasts about three months. The clinical form of depression looks scarier. To all the above signs are added: lack or increase of appetite; weight loss or increase; constant feelings of guilt and shame; suicidal thoughts, sometimes turning into attempts; in some cases, hallucinations, delusions, psychosis. As you can see, clinical depression is much more serious. That’s why, before you get to the point of despair, it pays to sort yourself out and start taking action.

Why are you fed up with everything in life?

The first step on the road to a happy life – to find out the cause of unhappiness. In fact, the background to the emergence of a state of bored with everything in life, there are many. Look at the most common ones:

1.You live a boring life Do you have no variety in life, and you just exist? Boredom, routine, “work-home-work”, everything around is gray and uninteresting? Then it’s no wonder you’re bored. Keep in mind that depression by itself will not go away. If your life remains monotonous and boring, the situation will only get worse.

2. You are having an age crisis People go through all kinds of crises throughout their lives. Age crises are no exception. Every 5-10 years, you unwittingly reexamine your own values, priorities, and achievements. If you feel like a failure, devaluing all the good that came before, you are not alone. Many, if not all, feel the same way when they go through another age crisis. It always happens through pain. But the good news is that this difficult period will make you stronger.

3. You’re experiencing a loss Everyone goes through five stages in a loss: shock (denial), anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. This is perfectly normal. Even if you’ve lost your papers, it can cause a depressive state. And sometimes the experience of grief drags on, a person gets “stuck” at some stage. This may be your case.

4. You are not reaching your goals Any person will get tired of everything one day if their goals are not being reached. But here we need to consider what exactly you want? Maybe you’re trivial enough motivation to achieve their goals. Or maybe they are themselves unrealistic? Think about these questions, because the answers will depend on the steps to combat their depressed state.

5. You started having problems in the relationship it happens that after the next scandal with his girlfriend or wife, it seems that life is not going according to plan, and everything is sick and tired. In the head climb the most negative thoughts. Some people go through such periods more easily, and someone closes in and can not find a way out. If the second option is about you, then it’s time to learn how to cope with relationship problems.

6. You have constant conflicts at work In general, conflicts at work are, as they say, “worldly” things. But what if they systematically develop into emotional quarrels and scandals? In that case any person will go to work as a “hard labor” and think: “I’m sick of it all! And in the workplace people are in most of the time, so it is so difficult to abstract and distract from conflicts with colleagues or superiors.

7. You have no free time You are always busy with something, rushing somewhere, and you do not have a single free minute for rest, solitude and quiet reflection? Then do not be surprised why you have thoughts about how bored you are in life. After all, at this frantic pace, you just do not have time to live a good life.

8. You have too little to do Another extreme is to have too much free time that you have nothing to do. In this case, on the contrary, you’re wasting your time. Especially if you’re a fan of “couch rest. Still, for a full and happy life you need not only rest, but also self-fulfillment, to create something, to enjoy the results of their work.

9. You don’t develop A depressive state can also appear if you have stopped developing. Perhaps at one time you were striving for something, reading, learning new knowledge and skills, trying to become better. However, over time, you have decided that you have already “grown up” enough. But this is a big misconception, because you can “grow” until the end of life. Everyone around you is changing, and you have stopped at one point of development. Hence the longing, disappointment in yourself, anger.

10. You have chosen a profession you do not like You already know that “workplace disputes” can drive the most stress-resistant person into despondency. Now imagine how a profession you don’t like affects you? Even if you have the most friendly staff in the world, loving your hateful job is extremely problematic. After all, you’re doing something you can’t stand every day. Where can a good mood, a burst of energy, motivation, a desire to live come from?

11. you do not know how to set priorities It may seem paradoxical, but very enthusiastic people can also have a state of “everything is boring”. The more activities you do, the more you get “bored” before you have mastered anything in depth. In addition, you have to have a lot of energy for a huge number of activities, which becomes less and less with age. The inability to set priorities is one of the common reasons why people get bored with everything.

12. You do not know what you want You are “lost”, can not define your desires, do not know what to strive for? Believe me, many people regardless of age face this problem. Yes, and it’s not at all strange, because rarely in childhood are taught to listen to themselves, their needs and desires. As a result, children grow into confused adults who live “like everyone else,” all the time looking back at someone else.

13. Are your surroundings depressing You may be surrounded by toxic people all around you? Or are you surrounded by a lot of depressed acquaintances? This also takes its toll. It is impossible to rejoice, laugh, be happy when you are surrounded by sad, angry, irritable people. Often they “suck all the juices out of you,” and you’re probably not the first time you think about how sick you are of it all.

14. You have formed an addiction How does a depressive state appear because of a strong addiction to something? Aren’t you supposed to be enjoying yourself? No, that’s not it at all. And to take the most common addiction, alcoholism, as an example. At first, alcohol acts as an antidepressant, but then it has the opposite effect. In the end a person cannot live without a bottle, and it no longer brings joy, but only supports the existence. And, if the alcoholic becomes aware of what is going on, he realizes how fed up he is with this life. As you can see, there are many reasons why you are fed up with everything in life, and you are depressed. Is it possible to do something on your own, without the help of a specialist? In fact, not everyone can do it, but it’s worth a try. To do this, take advantage of psychological advice.

What should you do if you’re bored with everything in life? So, you have three important steps to take to find joy, harmony, and happiness in life: Step 1: Determine the cause of your emotional state You already know what the prerequisites for depression are. Now your task is to determine which one you have. There may be more than one. Answer yourself the question, which ones are realistic to eliminate? And which ones you can just leave in the past. For example, you are going through a divorce from his wife, and a joint future you will definitely not. Force her to return you will not be able to. It remains only to forgive and goodbye. After that, you can move on.

Step 2: Change your habits Start with the most seemingly insignificant: change your diet, start eating healthy foods; do daily exercises; go to bed early; use gadgets as needed; stop “hanging out” on social networks; change your route to work; try to walk more; read books every day, at least a little bit; watch interesting movies every once in a while. Then proceed to more drastic things: give up addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, games, etc. Learn to ask for support from loved ones; be attentive to your feelings, analyze yourself; communicate with people as much as possible “in person”; try to go to different exhibitions, the theater and cinema; take up some kind of sport; watch your appearance, keep yourself “in shape”; throw out all the stuff from the house, rearrange your house, start repairs. Habits take about a month to develop, on average. Once you get used to your new lifestyle, take the next step.

Step #3: embark on a global change To make a dramatic change in your life, you must:

1. Reconsider your priorities Maybe previously it was important for you to build a career, to earn as much money as possible, or, on the contrary, to build a family. Think about it, are your old priorities relevant now? Maybe it’s time to learn something again, then education will come first. Or, you’ve never had time for a personal life, and now it’s time to look for a decent woman? Think about it and build your list of priorities. That way you’ll understand what’s most important to you at the moment and what’s secondary.

2. Make a life plan After reviewing your priorities, it’s time to start writing a new life plan (script). Describe in as much detail as possible how you see your life in the near future: in a year, two years, five years, etc. What kind of job do you have? What is your salary? Where do you live? Who are you building relationships with? Then make a list of goals that you would like to achieve. Don’t forget to think of tasks that will help you achieve what you want.

3. Start realizing your goals So you can clearly see your achievements, start an organizer diary. Write down your goals and tasks to accomplish them. Take a small step – cross it off the list. In the end, all the tasks will be accomplished, the goal is achieved, and you can be proud of yourself. That way there won’t be a trace of the depressed mood.

4. Learning to plan your time wisely In today’s world, this skill is one of the most in-demand. However, to learn how to plan your day, you need to know how much time a particular action takes. So first observe yourself: how many minutes you get to work, drive to it, how much time specific work tasks take, etc. Then you can already make daily plans. Try to take into account the unexpected force majeure that happens to everyone. And do not forget about rest, it must be in your schedule.

5. Fulfill at least one of your dreams What are you dreaming about? Think about it. They say that dreams are just dreams, something unattainable. On the one hand, that’s true. If, for example, you wanted to be an astronaut as a child, and you grew up and became a sales manager, it is unlikely that your childhood dream will become a reality. However, there are quite realizable dreams (to open your own business, to buy a prestigious car, to live in a house by the sea, etc.). You just need to turn them into goals. And you already know how to achieve them.

6. Find like-minded people It’s not just friends and acquaintances. These are the people with whom you can exchange interesting thoughts, useful advice, experience, and knowledge. Colleagues (not in the place of work, but in a related profession) are perfect for this role. Or people with identical interests in any field (motorists, sportsmen, fishermen, activists, etc.).

7. Change the job, if the old stopped satisfying Unfortunately, love what you do not have a soul, it will not work. No matter how you try, you will still not be satisfied. So there is only one piece of advice – find your profession. Let it take some time, but you’ll start to do what you love. You ask, but how to do it? First analyze your abilities, skills, knowledge. Ask yourself, what do you do best? What gives you that rush of energy? Think about these questions. So you’ll see what work can be your favorite. It doesn’t matter what other people think about your career choice. The main thing is that you like it.

8. Find a hobby You don’t have to turn your job into a hobby or vice versa. You’ll have to try a lot of things to find one. Join a gym, take a trial drawing class, build a ship out of matches, try repairing something. In short, explore your interests, observe the feelings that the activities evoke. As a result, you’ll find out what makes you feel good.

9. Learning to express emotions and feelings You will have a hard time learning to analyze your emotions and to talk through them. After all, you’ve been taught since childhood to suppress them. And just to talk about feelings for you to show weakness. But now you need to abandon the imposed attitudes. Ability to express emotions will make you free, natural, open. You will be able to adequately share experiences with loved ones, and therefore will receive healthy support. This is very important if you find yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown again and become depressed.

10. Add variety to your life How do you make life more varied and interesting? This includes both trivial advice: change your environment, go sometimes to the nature, travel, meet and communicate with new people… and grandiose: move to another city or country, radically change your professional direction, get married, have children. Choose what is closer to you. The main thing is that you forget what “boredom” is.

11. Turn “bad” days into “good” To turn the most disgusting day into a good one, you should: analyze the events that happened; try to look at them neutrally; strain your memory and find pleasant moments, even fleeting; understand what invaluable experience you had thanks to this day; thank yourself for your fortitude and endurance. As you see, not all events can be influenced and not all mistakes can be corrected. But you can change the way you look at these experiences. You can change your life beyond recognition if you work hard. Here you’ll see how your mood gradually change for the better, and you will stop thinking about how boring everything in life. One last thing: if you can’t cope with problems on your own, and your depressed state lasts more than three months, see a psychotherapist/psychiatrist.