To survive the winter, not to lose yourself and your beard: is it real?

Winter is your test for fortitude, courage, and faithfulness to your bearded principles. If you pass it successfully, you get a pleasant bonus – enthusiastic sighs of beautiful girls and envious glances of men who cannot boast of a large chic dignity.

Winter is your test for fortitude, courage, and faithfulness to your bearded principles. If you pass it successfully, you get a pleasant bonus – enthusiastic sighs of beautiful girls and envious looks of men who cannot boast of a big chic dignity. If you fail, you might even lose your beard.

The problem is that winter does not come alone, but accompanied by its faithful friends: wind, dryness, frost. They can’t react calmly to the way you enjoy the first snow, the choice of gifts and the pre-holiday atmosphere. They snidely toss their checks to see if you’re serious about your intentions: whether you’re ready to groom your beard daily, invest in your health and beauty, or give up easily at the first difficulties.

For real hardy men who consider a beard their treasure, we have put together some top tips for caring for it in winter.

So, let’s begin.

Tip 1. Moisturize your beard every day

Your beard grows dull and sluggish in the cold, so without sufficient moisture you risk joining the ranks of mediocre beardless gentlemen.

Remember rule number one: come out of the bath, oil your beard. But remember that hot showers are not a good idea (although if you’re going to be accompanied by a sultry brunette with a size 4, you can make an exception ;))).

Rule #2: sunflower oil is for frying, blakk brut oil is for your beard.

Rule #3: premium oil is for premium male, premium male is for premium female.

Do you want your beard to be perfectly groomed and healthy?

Even if you do, but don’t say anything, know this: the best thing to do is to rub the oil into it in the morning (or, if you feel the need, in the evening) and then use (just shhhhhh!) the secret custom balm from blakk. 8 organic oils + vitamins not only spread seductive fragrance, but also give even more moisture to your skin and beard, and the natural wax in the composition makes styling easy and creative. The results of a study by the Kiev National Institute of Sexual Beards speak for themselves: 12 out of 10 girls crane their necks and, like zombies, go for the smell of this balm. One milligram and a pretty girl is ready for anything 😉

Tip 2. Comb, comb, comb and comb again

A brush or comb made from natural materials is a grooming tool that should not be neglected. It makes your beard look neat and stylish, improves circulation, distributes oil evenly, and trains your hair to the right growth path. What man in his right mind and sober mind would allow his beard hair to stick out in different directions like he stuck his wet fingers in a socket a minute ago?

We also want to share with you the secret of brushing your beard (you can safely pass it down from generation to generation, we are not sorry for good people). If your beard is long it’s a good idea to start from the hair tips (to detangle the hairs) and gradually move “under the root. This method will allow less trauma to the hair and will leave the beard intact.

Tip 3. Take care of your beard in the cold, like CVV cards and correspondence in your phone

It is possible that beautiful girls are excited by brutal macho guys, who make photos against a background of snowy mountains, exposing their thick beard, in which the snowflakes are entangled, but … let’s be frank: after such a photo set without using special oil for the beard you risk waking up with minus one man’s dignity 😉 Trust me, it’s not worth it! Use the oil regularly and don’t hesitate to wipe your beard dry from snow and raindrops (and right after showering). Your girlfriend will understand how caring you can be to those you care about.

Tip 4. Try to outshine Edward Scissorhands or find your barber god

Be sure to trim your beard 1-2 times a month. Expand your talents, go beyond the boundaries of the possible, get a sharp scissors, trimmer, fine comb, wide and narrow machine … and prove to yourself your own awesomeness! Or do not tempt fate – find your cool master in a barbershop. Let’s tell you a secret: a trip to the barber – a great excuse to get away from home if you need to drive, rock and roll, male companionship and single malt whiskey 😉

In short, the conclusion is the same: you want a girl – be prepared to love her, to cherish and nurture her. If you want a beautiful thick beard in the winter (no matter if you live in Ukraine or Antarctica) – do the same steps as in the paragraph about the beautiful weak field ;). Just remember that a lion’s mane is adapted to any weather conditions and your beard runs the risk of going flat if you abuse cheap low-quality grooming products, especially when it’s cold. Let yourself be truly exclusive! Only blakk, only hardcore!