Together forever: 15 cool ideas for couples’ micro-tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a serious decision in itself, and if you want to get a paired tattoo with your boyfriend or better yet girlfriend, you should think twice! And, of course, stock up on bright ideas – there are plenty of them in our stylish selection of paired micro tattoos.

Couples tattoos are cute, romantic, and just plain beautiful! If you are confident in your relationship and ready to declare it to the whole world with a drawing on the body, then go to the master with a ready idea. It can be a drawing that goes smoothly into your partner’s tattoo, it can be some symbol or just the same tattoos.

A paired tattoo, of course, should symbolize love and your strong bond. Let it be, for example, a pair of interlocking hands!

…or two matching pieces of the same puzzle. You have the white one, he has the black one. Or vice versa, as you prefer.

And you can also divide the word “LOVE” into two parts – will be an incentive to hold hands more often.

The most common version of a couples tattoo is a heart-shaped lock and a key to it. Yes, it is banal. But how romantic!

Another, already more succinct variant on the theme of puzzles.

Cool idea for best friends – not everyone would dare to do that, but it looks really great!

You are Minnie Mouse, he is Mickey Mouse. What could be more wonderful?

As an option – just the same mini-hearts somewhere not very visible place, on the ankle, for example.

For lovers of the nautical theme. It remains to be decided who gets the anchor and who gets the rudder.

Or sketchy little people who draw one line – that is, they look in the same direction, just like you.

The sun and the moon are a symbol of harmony. These tattoos can be very small – only you and he will know about them.

Tattoos in the form of cats giving high-fives are more of a “friendship” version of a paired picture.

You can also fantasize about word combinations broken down into 2 tattoos.

The infinity sign is a symbol that you will always be together!

And, of course, the yin-yang – to always be in harmony with each other.