TOP 10 best speaker manufacturers

Buying a speaker from a reputable manufacturer means raising the volume of the built-in TV or PC speakers to hear every sound, rather than getting annoyed by wheezing instead of bass or squeaking treble. Convenience of control and connection is not superfluous either. But the loudspeaker companies that make it are now – at least shut up! Which one is better? This article will help you find out.

The rating includes the top 10 companies that create acoustics. Each manufacturer creates a loudspeaker that sounds great and looks good. The key features of each company’s speakers, as well as the examples in this overview, will help you find your favourite options.


Since its establishment (1996), the company has become a popular manufacturer not only in the domestic market (China), but also worldwide. Edifier – excellent acoustics for every taste: at least for home, at least for the car; at least stereo systems, at least home theaters. In a rating of the best this firm got thanks to quality sound and original design solutions.

Whatever you like:

Some Type 2.0 systems can attract not only price, but also excellent sound. For example, R2700 speakers encased in an MDF cabinet deliver 128W of power. They may well play the role of entry-level studio monitors.

The manufacturer makes excellent 5.1 speakers, which simply can not leave indifferent movie lovers. The systems consist of powerful loudspeakers in wooden cases. For example, the S760 has 540 watts of power, of which a subwoofer accounts for almost half. Not only will this set allow you to fully immerse yourself in the movie plot, but it will also help you throw a party – the sound will be sure to please: the bottom can be felt by the skin.

Certainly, the company creates also universal decisions which will perfectly supplement the PC or the laptop, and also any other gadgets thanks to the built in bluetooth module. For example, the compact stationary S360DB with two satellites and a sab does not need to be placed close to a computer: after all it is connected without wires. With 150 watts of power, you’ve got enough power to go around your head.


Established in 1993, the company is now one of the top five loudspeaker manufacturers. It supplies the market with both active stationary type acoustics and portable multimedia kits. The company, which has its own equipment for the production of speakers, casting of cabinet elements and assembly of electronic components, has 18 assembly lines. In addition, it has its own laboratory where the manufactured speakers are tested. This allows users to taste the fruits of stringent quality standards.

Why F&D got to the top 3 reasons:

Universality: most models are made of MDF. Yes, this can boast many brands. However, it is nice that the manufacturer follows the rules of good tone. Devices can be connected via Bluetooth, and music they can play not only from the medium, but also from radio stations. All this can, for example, 70-watt system T-200X with a powerful 35-watt subwoofers.

In addition to the Bluetooth, some speakers (such as the T-30X) have a slot for USB flash drives.

The firm also creates portable wireless speakers. These speakers are ideal for outdoor gatherings. Models are equipped with high-capacity batteries, so they can please owners for a long time. For example, the four-capacity W12 can play the track list for 12 hours without stopping.


The firm, founded in 1988, specializes in computer speakers. However, the company regularly expands its product range to include not only compact versions for laptops, but also serious 5.1 loudspeakers that help recreate surround sound like in a movie theater.


One of the company’s main advantages is that it never stops developing, improving the speakers it produces every year. The best features of most options are the quality of the cabinet, excellent sound and low cost compared to other brands.

Interesting: Genius was founded in 1985. Under the brand are produced not only acoustic systems, but also peripherals for computers: keyboards, mice, etc.

Why was the manufacturer in the top 10:

The firm makes budget options for TVs, PCs and laptops. Bright representative – 32-watt SW-HF1205. Despite the cost, the speakers sound good: thanks to the fact that the main cabinet elements are made of wood, the sound is almost undistorted.

Branded speakers can also be portable. They are lightweight and connect to Bluetooth speakers. They’re a loudspeaker of choice for autonomy. For example, the Mobile Theater MT-20, with three speakers that produce 15 watts, knows how to play the playlist for 10 consecutive hours. And it also has a memory card slot: if your smartphone or tablet is empty, it will not deprive the owner of the fun, because the flash drive from the gadget can be moved into the speaker.

There are also compact options that are ideal for small items. The inexpensive SP-U115 is just that. It has an interesting design and a small power of three watts. However, its sound quality is still an order of magnitude better than most speakers integrated into a TV or notebook.


This company is the undoubted leader in the market of loudspeakers. Its name has long been synonymous with reference sound. Of course, working since 1946, the company managed to become popular. It produces a variety of models: from monovarian portable type, to powerful floor sets. Whichever option is chosen, it will delight its owner.

About JBL speakers

Among the variety of models, everyone can find the best option. The company’s range includes 5.1 systems and classical versions of stereo acoustics, which can be used both for everyday music listening and for professional tasks. The Studio 230 is an example of this. You can listen to music and sound movies on these speakers. And they can also be used as studio monitors for track previews. These columns will give you the power and detail you need. For all this you should be grateful for the high resolution HDI dome horn tweeter, high quality bass and bass drivers and the reflex inverter. All the details of the design are securely hidden in wood. Frequency distortion in this case is out of the question.

Fans of outdoor activities also have something to offer. One of the brightest representatives of wireless acoustic devices is Boombox – monoblock system. Yes, this “monster” weighs as much as five kilograms, but it has 4 speakers, which together produce 60 Watts. And also this bluetooth model can play tracks all day long and is not afraid of water.

JBL also takes into account the needs of film lovers and especially fastidious audiophiles. The STUDIO 190/180 PACK is one of the brightest examples to confirm this fact. The 5.1 set contains everything from the powerful signature sound to the “cosmic” modern design. The 530W of total power is hidden in the MDF cabinet, and that’s more than enough for even an impressive footprint. Having a private house, with such a system it is quite real to arrange your own “Ibiza” in the yard.


Since 1981, this Swiss company has been working on creating cool loudspeakers. Do you need affordable, quality speakers for your PC or laptop that will last? Logitech is the right choice. Stereo systems, 2.1 sets and complete home theaters – the company always has something to offer. With a wide price range, sound quality is equally good.

Why is the firm on the top list

The company produces models for different purposes. Fans of powerful bass, gamers and movie lovers do not need to buy a five-channel version if you want to save money. Suitable for a simple model with a decent power. For example, in Z533 this figure is 60 watts. Stereo system with subwoofer is enclosed in the body, which combines elements of plastic and MDF. It sounds great, and the tweeter doesn’t break at high volume.

For the sound of computers and laptops the company produces inexpensive stereo versions without a separate subwoofer, but with quite surround sound and deep bass. Bright representative of speakers of this class – 20-watt Z240. In addition to the classic design and pleasant sound, this system can please the compactness.

If you need small speakers in a room, so that their power even at full volume doesn’t hurt the feelings of others – then the company has solutions. It produces a worthy seven-watt system, with just over half the power coming from a subwoofer. This is enough for a decent sound, which will please the owners of the system and will not upset the neighbors.


The history of the brand began in the 1990s. Since then, the manufacturer has clearly grown in professional terms. This can be seen in the quality of materials, assembly and, of course, the quality of sound. Now the company deservedly takes one of the top places in the rating of the best acoustic brands.

What kind of loudspeakers does Sven – 3 examples:

Compact computer systems of small capacity. Such variant will be quite useful for a small room or office (to sound a presentation in a conference hall for 15 people will turn out exactly). Perhaps, one of the worthiest representatives of such models is SVEN 235. It has a plastic case, which could be a drawback (it causes rattling at high volume), if not for the optimal power indicator for such material – 4 W.

Sven acoustics

  1. For those who cannot listen to music without deep bass, the company makes sets of two satellites supplemented with a subwoofer. Usually these models are compatible with a wide variety of signal sources. For example, MS-2100 connects to DVD/Media players, portable devices and PC. Connectors for USB-drives and flash-cards add universality to this variant. You can also listen to podcast on the radio.

  1. Affordable home theaters are also about Sven. The chic three-way 5.1 systems have a decent power reserve: the loudness of the speakers is enough with your head. For example, the HT-210 has 125 Watts of power. It also syncs with your Bluetooth playback source so you don’t have to pull the wire to your TV.


The Danish brand, which was established in 1983, is popular for its chic sound. Its loudspeakers are chosen by sophisticated audiophiles, musicians with absolute hearing.

Attractive acoustic qualities

The company has achieved its objectives of musical realism and sound integrity. The range of products of the brand is very diverse. The company also makes budget models, you can buy top Hi-End class systems from it. Dali supplies both passive and active stereo systems. The first one needs an amplifier, the second one – it is built in. In any case, chic sound and stunning detail are guaranteed.

high-end Dali speakers

A good example is the Zensor 1. These are passive speakers to which you can connect a 25-100W amplifier. This makes it possible not to overpay for ultra power if you do not need it. Portable devices of this brand will delight not only with its compact size and unusual appearance, but also with its “stuffing”. For example, a kilogram Katch Moss will “sing” to its owner at least 24 hours. The power reserve of the system is also very good – each transmitter produces 25 Watts.


Like the previous manufacturer in the ranking, this company is also known for Hi-End hardware. Founded in 1946, it is one of the few acoustic brands in the world. However, it produces a wide range of options for different costs and purposes. In any case, Klipsh is the “higher mathematics” of sound.

The delightful Klipsh high-end speakers

Even compact systems will delight you with their high power. For example, the Reference R-4B soundbar is 250W. The three-way system can be connected via Bluetooth. The speakers are equipped with dome-shaped tweeters, so the level of detail will please even the most demanding audiophiles. Absolutely! After all, the same principle is used to make monitor speakers, which are used in recording studios for information about compositions. Such “squeaker” is established in 150-watt passive stereo pair Reference R-24F – the best variant even for picky ones.


The Japanese corporation was founded back in 1887. This firm is the oldest among the brands of the rating. Yamaha is one of the best manufacturers of musical instruments. To buy loudspeakers of this brand means to pay for the most chic, purest and dense sound, which will delight with naturalism and detail.

It is interesting: in addition to the devices of the musical direction, under the brand are produced household appliances, sporting goods and even industrial robots.

How can speakers from this brand attract?

Variety is off the charts. Yamaha produces all kinds of loudspeakers, from which anyone can find an option to suit their taste. It makes the most powerful sets – five-channel home theaters with a separate subwoofer. The NS-PA40 is just that. It delivers two hundred watts of sound and lets you immerse yourself in the story of a game or movie. And listening to orchestras on such speakers will give you a new experience.

Fans of classical stereo sound quality are also pleased with the engineers of this company. Even compact “shelves” will sound super powerful. For example, the NS-333’s stereo speakers deliver 120 watts. With them, you can hear even those sounds that were not visible before. It’s worth thanking the dome tweeter for that. Such design of the speaker is used in studio monitor stereo systems, so this option is quite useful for preliminary information of the audio track. By the way, to save space, the speakers do not need to be placed on a shelf: you can hang them on the wall.

It is difficult to say for sure which acoustics is better, which manufacturer ranks first in the rating. It all depends on your preferences. For demanding audiophiles, fans of Hi-Fi and Hi-End systems are suitable devices of cult firms such as Dali, Yamaha, JBL or Klipsh. From these same companies you can also find professional models for studio work. Low price is the most important criterion? Then Genius, Sven and Logitech are the right ones. They won’t hurt you with sound quality, either. Anyway, each of these manufacturers makes great speakers. The main thing is to choose the option that’s right for you.