Top 10 fashionable men’s haircuts and hairstyles 2020

An integral part of the stylish look is the hairstyle. It complements the style, emphasizes the features of the face and can tell about the character of men. Besides, it should be trendy if you follow fashion.

It’s not just women who care about their hair. Men keep up with ladies, too. Moreover, lately the strong sex has been spending as much time on hair as the girls.

As you know, demand gives birth to supply. Today there are many variations of men’s hairstyles. In today’s article we have collected the most fashionable trends, among which you can choose the right style and hairstyle for yourself.

Before deciding on the choice, it is important to consider the shape of the head, the type and structure of hair, the desired length, as well as personal preferences.

Trendy hairstyles 2019 – 2020 can effectively emphasize the style and character of men. With their help, the image can be both romantic and masculine or seductive. Even a short hairstyle can be turned into a fashionable hairstyle by adding a couple of trendy touches.


Actual variants of a pompadour cut various. But they have one feature – the elongated strands of hair from above, which require regular styling. Hair can be combed backwards, sideways or upwards. But in any case, you will need constant care.

Long hair

Effective and modern in the current season look men with long hair. Moreover, it is one of the most popular hair styles.

The haircut can be cascading, to the shoulders and below. But it is important that the hair is not too rare and thin, otherwise the look will be ridiculous.


In the current season in fashion variations of weaving. Men except the tail can weave a pigtail. Especially fashionable and effective looks pigtail in the style of “fish tail”.

Weaving can be done at the top of the head. Long hair and a pompadour haircut are also suitable for creating a hairstyle.

Polubox and boxing

Short haircuts are always relevant among men. But this season they are also fashionable, if it’s boxing or semi boxing. In addition, these cuts emphasize the features of the face.

Hair tattoo

Such a haircut is characterized by the patterns made by the machine on the back of the head or in the temple area. It is best to trust a haircut to an experienced craftsman, because one wrong move can ruin everything.


Fashion is cyclical, and haircut is no exception. The “potty” haircut has become relevant again. It is characterized by a sharp transition from the cap to the occipital part.


The hairstyle fits perfectly with the informal style. There are many interesting styles to choose from, from discreet to expressive. It is not necessary to form a classic hiroquois – do protruding “sharp” hair and shave the sides. Hair can be done even with curly hair. Do not shave the sides, but cut them with scissors, leaving 0.5 inches.


If you want to add a stylish accent to your haircut, you can apply coloring. You can make reddish strands, brown, white. The current trend is dyeing the top strands in a pompadour haircut. There are also more daring solutions – dyeing the strands in yellow, red and even green.

Asymmetric haircut

With the help of asymmetry, you can give your hair volume and expression. In this way, you can make a bangs, cut or parting. You can add to the asymmetry by coloring.

Side parting

Side parting is in fashion this season. Most often it is made by masters in a haircut anderkat or Hitlerjugend. It is a good choice for a stylish and elegant look.