TOP 10 hobbies for those who live in constant stress

Aristotle once said, “Happiness, apparently, consists in leisure. It is hard to disagree with him. Today’s technologically advanced world plunges people into a state of constant busyness. The pursuit of self-actualization, the desire to please the leadership, the desire for a high salary – all this alienates quality rest, relaxation, immersion in themselves, their own feelings and emotions.

There is a way out of this difficult situation – you need to focus on all the things that bring you real pleasure. It is important to find time for a hobby that will help to restore the spent energy and give a feeling of happiness and peace.

If you have not yet had such a hobby, take a look at the top 10 peaceful hobbies from our list. We’ve gathered great activities especially for you that will warm the peace of your soul and fill your body with pleasant fatigue.

These hobbies will help you relax, you will begin to enjoy every second, throwing all the troubles and problems out of your head for a while.


It is an ancient teaching that can work a real miracle on a person. Yoga improves the overall physical condition of people, it strengthens the muscles of the body, increases its endurance.

However, along with physical positive changes, yoga also brings them to emotional, mental health. Now it’s not about getting into the most unthinkable poses to find your zen.

It will be enough for you to learn a simple set of asanas and it will help significantly reduce anxiety and stress levels. A person will be able to think calmly, he will not react acutely to non-standard, unusual situations.

Numerous studies and experiments have proven that yoga is extremely beneficial for the human body and psyche and emotional state. It reduces anxiety, improves sleep and eliminates negativity and stress of everyday life.


Lettering or calligraphy is the art of expressive and beautiful writing. In the process of studying lettering a person finds calmness, inner harmony. He concentrates on his work and then aesthetically enjoys the result.

As you learn calligraphy you can pass from technical skills to the reference samples of creating beautiful fonts. Here additional professional tools come in handy. Beautiful handwriting can help you relax and take a break from your busy life.


Being at one with nature is always peaceful and relaxing. People of all ages can join this fascinating activity. You can get many benefits by taking care of the plants, in particular getting pleasure from your work and moderate physical activity, being in the fresh air.

There is nothing more pleasant than seeing the fruits of his labor – blooming trees, bushes, ripening vegetables on beds, ripening fruit with juice on the branches of trees.

By the way, numerous studies have shown that the fans of gardening have a longer life expectancy. They are less exposed to stress and negativity, calmly react to arising problems.

Coloring anti-stress

The first coloring books were sold and freely available many years ago. It began with intertwined small patterns reminiscent of a Buddhist mandala. As technology developed, the coloring books changed as well. They now include themed illustrations, motivational writing, and animals.

You can buy pencils, felt-tip pens, paints and sit down tight for coloring. Ideally – buy special liners and gel pens, then the process will lead you to sheer delight.


The first reason a person rushes to open a book and plunge into the world of a story is the desire to relax. Only a few components are important here – an interesting book and a quiet, peaceful place. For a while a person is carried away into the world, which the author has diligently described.

You completely disconnect from reality and all the problems and troubles are pushed into the background. Reading generates in your head all the most unusual – magic and magic, love as in a fairy tale, investigations of enterprising detectives, etc.


You can now object and argue that this hobby is quite expensive. However, it seems so at first glance. Here it is necessary to make the first step and go on a voyage, and after that you yourself will not notice how you “get hooked” on it.

Travelling gives a lot – they tear people away from the vanity and dull world and plunge them into all the unknown, interesting, beautiful. A man gets new knowledge, impressions, emotions. If your budget is not so great, and you can not afford the trips to the hot islands, start with your country. Believe me, it also has a lot of unexplored and beautiful.

Creative Writing

If you are overwhelmed with the desire to find an outlet for the emotions that have accumulated within you, to release the energy that has stagnated, to share those feelings that are difficult to voice to someone – creative writing will come to your aid.

At first glance it may seem boring and ordinary. But you should try it! Writing down all your thoughts, feelings and emotions with a pen on paper will get rid of stress and negativity. You may even find answers to the questions that torment you for a long time.


It would seem – a man and needlework… They are on completely different poles. But are they? No one is now saying that you need to master macrame weaving or crochet. Handicrafts for men also exist. For example, you can make furniture, make kayike some crafts from stones, wood and other materials.

Handmade in its effect resembles meditation. A man does what he loves and relaxes, and gets pleasure from creating new things.


Singing, playing different instruments, just listening to your favorite songs – all this produces dopamine in a person – a chemical compound that is responsible for the emotional state. Music fills a person with joy, happiness, and pleasure.

You can turn on the classics, and sit in a comfortable chair, drink tea or wine and listen to it. You can learn to play the guitar or the violin. In any case, such a fascinating hobby will give you peace of mind.

Anti-gravity yoga

In society, there is a perception that everything associated with plasticity and grace is beyond men’s control. But is it really so? You can try anti-gravity yoga, which is an alliance of yoga, gymnastics, dance and Pilates.

Anti-gravity yoga is gaining popularity around the world, it helps to relax mentally, relax muscles that are tired, train the vestibular apparatus, improves circulation. In addition, regular practice of anti-gravity yoga can help you get younger!

In addition, it develops the body, the strength of the arms, legs, pumps abs. All the time you’ll be floating in the air, and believe me, you’ll experience tremendous stress. And at the same time you will be able to fully relax.