Top 10 Original First Date Venues

The first date is always very special. After all, I want it to be perfect and bring only positive emotions. Partners do not know each other at all yet, and the first meeting should arrange for close acquaintance. Where to spend it?

If the cafe and the park are too trivial for you, then look at our list. We’ve prepared 10 alternative locations for you.

Fresh ideas

Need to surprise and yet feel comfortable yourself? Then you’re looking at our top. I’m sure there’s an idea for you.

An equestrian club

Hippotherapy is a known course of psychology. After all, people always feel calm, balanced and pleasant near horses. Take advantage of this moment, and your communication will stop in your spiritual pastime.

And if you want to drive, take the risk of galloping around the racetrack. Bright impressions are guaranteed.

Sync by honeybunny

Want to combine the useful with the pleasant? Then go to the master class. One of the best options is culinary. There you can demonstrate your skills and those of your partner. In fact, it’s a great way to work together and have a romantic time.

After all, a relationship is also a work together.

Dance lesson

Can’t you dance? Fine. The lesson will be a chance to learn how to do it. Or at least have a good laugh about trying to do it together. Either way, a good time is guaranteed. You can finish the lesson with a walk and exchange impressions over coffee or a delicious dessert.

Cycling or rollerblading

They can be replaced by skates in the cold. If a couple can’t skate, you can have an impromptu lesson. The more advanced ones will be able to compete. The winner should be honored after something delicious.


If you can find out which music your partner prefers and buy tickets to a concert of your favorite band or artist, it will be ideal. Your lover will definitely note your interest in his hobby.

A good mood will be ensured, and the awkward pauses of the first date will overlap with what is happening on stage.


This activity opens up the possibilities of the human soul. It also perfectly demonstrates to your partner from the very beginning what is a priority for you in this life. Try to do even a small good thing together, and you will feel exactly if it is your person.

Tea ceremony

Such a date promises to be very cozy and even a little homey. There will be no rush, no distractions and no noise around. In such a favorable atmosphere, it is especially pleasant to listen to your partner, catching his tone and emotions.

In addition, learning the peculiarities of making tea and tasting it will help to get closer in spiritual terms.


Cultural recreation is always good. Getting to know classical art or vice versa, modern trends are often very fascinating. In any case, there will be benefits. Even if you make the wrong choice, you can always run away, laugh together and choose a place that will please two people.

Amusement Park

Fun and excitement are your companions. Ride “fun races”, go karting or electric cars, laugh in the room of “crooked mirrors”, risk riding on the most extreme attraction and try to win a prize in the shooting gallery. Why not? I’m sure you won’t be bored. Because this is really one of the coolest places to spend time together.

Don’t forget the sweet wool, the delicious drink and the photo as a keepsake.


And if you don’t surprise anybody with ordinary ice cream, then an ice cream cafe, for example, will be a great place for the first meeting. So many delicacies and a wonderful chance to share childhood memories when ice cream was one of the highest gastronomic pleasures.

The first impression is often the most important. That’s why lovers try very hard to move away from the banal scenarios and sparkle with creativity. If you also think it’s time to surprise, then choose something from our list and hurry to realize it.