Top 10 proven rules for successful travel

Travel is always a step to meet something new, an opportunity to feel refreshed and to charge a positive for a long and boring gray everyday life.

Specialists say that with the help of such trips, we kick ourselves out of our usual comfort zone, and, therefore, learn something new, develop, learn the world and fight our own fears!

Do not be surprised, it turns out that travel – is the best healer of many complexes, which can not be resolved in our usual environment. Of course, because in every trip we have to deal with unforeseen situations, look for compromises and, of course, meet new people.

Some people are frightened by this prospect, if you do not count the banal lying on the beach for a week, travel seems to be something difficult and unbearable, requiring titanic work.

In fact, even novice inexperienced tourists can quench the thirst for travel, get a lot of pleasure and, at the same time, do not have a lot of difficulties and inconveniences. For this simple thing to do you need very little, namely to get acquainted with the top 10 rules that you need to know for a successful trip abroad.

The organization of your own holiday must be approached responsibly, but this does not mean that it is a difficult and lengthy process, which requires at least a couple of VO. The most important thing is everywhere do not forget that we are mostly surrounded by open and friendly people who, even in spite of the language barrier, can help and advise, and, therefore, in any situation, you can find a solution.

  1. Travel light!

Many experienced travelers recommend not to bother your head and hands huge suitcases, a ton of things “in stock”, in most cases, you do not even need, but the most important, in the end, and remain at home.

Each item of luggage should serve a purpose, try not to forget those things that can not do without: chargers, beach towel (they say no self-respecting traveler can travel without it), swimsuit, sunglasses and cream, corkscrew, knife, documents, medicine and tickets. Without the extra T-shirt you can do without, but without drugs in a difficult situation will be much harder in a country where the pharmacy is very different.

  1. Study the country you are going to

Some tourists go on a trip and, at the end of the trip, are extremely disappointed, saying that nothing that could really impress, we have not seen. Find out what historical events took place here, what the culture and life of the local people are like, get to know the main attractions, and find out why they became such.

It is possible to pass by and not notice that there are dozens of interesting things around you, if you don’t know at all where to look. There are even such examples: people coming to Turkey, do not know in what sea they will bathe, not to mention the knowledge of history, as well as the uniqueness of the places that are even in such, seemingly ordinary for the Russian tourist, country.

  1. Make a clear travel plan

Of course, it is much more exciting to travel on your own, not with the help of travel agencies. Is it possible to compare a comfortable brain shutdown with the freedom of choice, adventure and the sharpness of feeling that comes from traveling independently.

Beforehand, while you are exploring the country, choose the places and routes you would definitely like to visit, as well as the options for reaching your goal. Get a good guidebook and do not be afraid of anything!

  1. Find a good traveling companion

They are always more fun and carefree. And by the way, it doesn’t have to be your best friend with whom you can spend hours on the phone. You want someone who will share your plans for the trip, it may even be someone with whom you have nothing in common in life, and when you arrive you say goodbye to your next trip.

  1. Take care of the tickets

If you’re traveling on your own, in order to get cheaper tickets, it’s best to get them in advance, and if you want to save a decent amount of money, you’ll need to spend some time to do this. Monitor websites, call agencies and airlines, compare prices, and you may well find a very attractive offer.

  1. Check your documents and money

Experienced travelers recommend checking all major documents several times before departure, and, for complete peace of mind, scan them at home and send yourself an email address. This way, you’ll always have the essentials “at your fingertips” anywhere in the world where there’s internet.

Divide the money into several different cards, and even better, bring a decent portion of the amount in cash, since not all countries equally accept cards, which can put you in a very awkward situation.

  1. Don’t become a tourist

It sounds strange, but it reflects the essence: tourists are spontaneous and mass, they always have money and crave comfort, but the locals treat them accordingly. If you really want to feel the country, its atmosphere and color, become a traveler.

Don’t carry a camera around your neck all the time, don’t talk to the locals as if you have just arrived, but behave as if you plan to stay here for a long time. This way you don’t risk becoming bait for crooks and a “milk bag of money” for experienced peddlers.

  1. Be a guest, not a customer

The locals don’t like pompous and self-confident tourists who think that they owe everything here for the money. Try to be friendly, respect local traditions and customs while you are there, try to stick to them, if possible. This will help you find common ground with the locals, and possibly lead to new places, good people, and even friendships for years to come.

  1. Stock up on experiences

What warms our souls after a good trip? Of course, the photo report brought from distant countries. Make photos, of course, and the more the better, but in parallel with this do not forget to simply look, remember and store the seen in the far corners of your soul.

  1. Leave all the problems at home

If you went on vacation, then all the cares, problems and work should stay at home: a work phone, a laptop with working papers and similar gadgets you won’t need in a romantic Italy or a hot Thailand. Forget about what’s waiting for you at home, you came here for the sake of returning home was as welcome to you as the trip itself, which means that you need a very good rest in the process.