Top 10 things that annoy men in modern girls

Probably every guy dream that next to him was not only the most beautiful, long-legged and just charming young lady, but also the one that will not constantly “tickle” his nerves. Of course, if a man did not like the girl outwardly, the rest of the moments can not even stutter, because they all quickly fall into the background.

But still, when a guy and a girl start a serious relationship, begin to swim out the other, so to speak, “pitfalls”, which is better to avoid the beautiful sex, if you really value your soul mate.

Today we’ll talk about the top 10 things men don’t like about modern girls. If you want to like the opposite sex, and even more so, try to build something more than a little flirtation, you may have to think about some of their features and maybe revise some of them.

Personal space. Men just hate it when girls try to fully control them, and this applies to both their life together and the man’s own personal space. Many women, literally on a genetic level, are supposed to take care of everything and everything: the cleanliness of the house, the cooked food, the children and, of course, the boyfriend they love. Sometimes this care concerns not only clean clothes and food, but also telephone checks, bans on meetings with friends and so on. Be careful, entering such a path, many of them do not last long when constantly break into their personal territory.

Increased emotionality of the woman. Many individuals of the fair sex tend to excessive emotionality: sometimes because of a touching movie or a sad book, they are able to sob all day long, and a man has to turn into a comfortable handkerchief that will always listen to and support. No, of course, if it happens rarely, it is not a problem, but if your tears and hysterics – a regular guest of your relationship, then such a woman quickly causes righteous anger in the majority of the strong sex.

Intellect. As unfortunate as this may sound, most guys just hate it when a woman exceeds them intellectually, because it directly affects their inner complexes. Even if you feel smarter, you shouldn’t brag about it all the time and try to show your superiority, it won’t end well.

It’s a pretence. Many girls are actresses who often use their talents to achieve some of their life goals. They manipulate, often tell the truth, believing that this is better, but most often, the secret becomes apparent over time, which leads to sad consequences. Men hate lies and pretense, and therefore rarely forgive.

Endless jealousy. When a man and a woman have a serious relationship, then, of course, jealousy takes place in them. Every woman dream that her man was only next to her, no friends and acquaintances who are perceived as potential rivals, and it is out of the question. And yet do not be jealous of your young man everywhere and always, to arrange endless hysterics and tears, there must be a line in everything.

Criticism to other women. Sometimes men do not understand why his girlfriend constantly washes the bones of other girls, even if it is her friend or employee at work. “Judge by the eyes” and not having the courage to compliment her opponent, if she really deserves it, is not the best quality for a good girl.

Excessive shopping enthusiasm. For men, the endless wandering around shopping is like hell, they do not understand our passion for hours of choosing skirts and shoes. If you are a born shopaholic, then at least do not drag your man behind you in the malls, do your shopping yourself or with friends.

Endless chatter. Sometimes girls are prone to endless and, most unfortunate, empty chatter that drives men crazy. If the empty question “How’s it going?” turns into your 2-hour confession of all your cases over the past week, it may be worth reconsidering your behavior.

Constant coercion. Many women want to build their relationships with men so that they are completely subject to their will: go to friends, go shopping, in general, lived only by their rules, so to speak, turned into henpecked. We must not forget that men also have their own desires and choices, which women must respect and support.

Laxity. Perhaps no man will tolerate a sloppy girl who does not look in the mirror before appearing before him. Well-groomed hair, legs and lightweight natural makeup – this is exactly what should unconditionally decorate any girl.