Top 10 types of caviar

What kind of product should be on the holiday table to make it look rich? Of course, it’s caviar. It’s good if it’s red, but ideally it’s black. Everybody knows how much it costs, and everybody has heard that caviar has an incredible amount of nutrients in it. After all, caviar is a germ of fish, just like a hen’s egg, contains a huge amount of nutrients that help the future of the body. Requirements for the quality of caviar well formulated by the main character of the movie “Man overboard”: caviar should be one time a measure, eggs round and the same, getting on the tongue, they must both burst and create unforgettable taste sensations. Is that so? We offer a description of 10 types of caviar, which, undoubtedly, will confirm this opinion.

1. Black caviar

This caviar product of sturgeon fish: beluga, sturgeon, sterlets, and sevrugs.

The most expensive and rare is beluga caviar. Black caviar is often not too black. In fact, caviar is more valued in a shade closer to light. So the most expensive is the Albino beluga caviar “Almas”. One kilogram of such caviar costs 18,500 euros. Since six meters of sturgeon fish weighing half a ton, the caviar of gold-colored caviar is mosquered about once in a century.

2. Red caviar

Red caviar.

Red caviar is a product of salmon fish species: pink salmon, coho, trout, sockeye, chum salmon, chinook.

Sockeye caviar is the rarest and most expensive. Color red, eggs up to three millimeters.

Cossack caviar – the most useful, contains a rich vitamin composition. Especially useful for children and elderly people. Its color is bright orange, eggs up to three millimeters in diameter.

Pink salmon caviar – most often found on sale. Color pale orange, eggs up to five millimeters.

Caviar of chum salmon is the most nourishing, it is considered the most delicious and qualitative. Color orange, eggs up to seven millimeters.

What is it, the perfect egg? There are several requirements: inside the caviar there should be a small embryo; for the taste – to the extent salty, without a sharp smell of fish, should be elastic, not to spring, and easily burst under pressure, not to dissolve in hot water and do not give water staining.

3. Lobster caviar

lobster caviar

Red lobster caviar (“Coral”) is considered to be a delicacy of exquisite gourmets. Gentle taste, perfectly suited to red and white wine, is served in expensive restaurants. It consists of 95% protein and is easily absorbed by the body.

4. Snail caviar

Snail caviar.

It is a unique product that has recently appeared on the French market. It is white, reminiscent of pearls. It has a characteristic taste of black caviar. It is not easy to get it. Only twice a year a grape snail carries eggs weighing only three grams. 115 dollars for 50 grams of caviar from here.

5. TOBBICO flying fish caviar

Flying fish caviar TOBBICO

Unique flying fish caviar, which develops the speed of a good car, is used in Japanese cuisine, usually in rolls and sushi. Sometimes orange, green or black. It is indispensable for athletes and cosmonauts.

6. Frog caviar

Unusual caviar is not available to everyone. The price of a jar of sterile eggs reaches hundreds of U.S. dollars. Without sufficient experience, it is very difficult to distinguish between frog caviar and sturgeon caviar.

7. Caviar of sea urchins

Sea urchin caviar

There’s no distinct taste. No smell of fish. Rather, it is a creamy sweet mass with a creamy aftertaste. Very suitable for fans of exoticism.

8. Trout caviar

Trout caviar

Pleasantly golden or pink, trout caviar has a bright flavor. It is mainly served on sandwiches or canapés with the addition of cream cheese or cream, as it has a salty taste.

9. Pike caviar

pike caviar

This caviar is as tasty and nourishing as black and red caviar. In the olden days, its value was high, and only monarchs, rich merchants or nobles allowed it. That is why they began to call it a king’s treat. Russian pancakes with pike caviar have long been considered a classic gourmet. Nowadays pike caviar is available and popular.

10. Caviar of moiva (masago)

Caviar of mine (masago)

To be appreciated all over the world, has an extraordinary delicate taste and fits perfectly with all dishes. In demand in Japanese cuisine. Small crumbly and crispy grains of caviar come in different colors: pink, red, black, orange and green. It is very useful for strengthening the immune system, removes toxins and maintains blood vessels in tone.

As you can see, the choice is unlimited and it is up to you.

In any case, remember: “Caviar should not be eaten, it should be tasted!