Top 11 ideas on how to make money on Instagram

A popular social network can please novice entrepreneurs with two advantages – a huge audience and great opportunities for earning.

Availability of tools for the development of their own business in the social network gives certain advantages to all who want to start their own business without much risk.

Why Instagram? Because today it is the most popular social network in Russia. There are over 25 million users. It has a young and promising audience. Trends. Fashion. New trends. Convenience and demand. And most importantly – daily attendance. And the numbers are only growing.

Probably, this is why Instagram has become one of the most popular advertising platforms for business. Not only youth brands are leading and developing their profiles in Instagram. Now, if you are not in Instagram, they will just look at you aslant. And even the most seemingly distant from the youth trends of the company publish photos, talk about their company, about the goods and services in Storizz and in every way show activity there.

Business areas at Instagram

There are two main directions.

The first is the development of one’s own profile.

Second – services for the development of someone else’s profile.

And the most popular way to earn money is to place advertising posts in profiles with a large number of subscribers. However, it’s no surprise. This method is effective. But it’s not the only one.

Another important nuance of business in Instagram, which, alas, overlooks many novice entrepreneurs – the lack of immediate results. Popularity also has the opposite effect. Looking at the multitude of successful blogger installations, people start to think that it is not only possible to earn money there effectively, but also to do it without much effort.

But business is business everywhere. And even if it’s the development of your own profile to use advertising tools, you still have to invest resources in it. The most important of which is time. Therefore, most beginners, and do not go beyond this venture, losing motivation after seeing how much effort and time to spend. Although no one is talking about what will be easy. They’re only talking about opportunities.

What would be useful to learn before you start earning money at Instagram?

SMM and network promotion. To take the right steps towards the success of your profile, you need to know at least the basics of its promotion.

The principles of winding up subscribers. No, we’re not going to advise you to use banal cheat. On the contrary, we recommend that you avoid it by any means possible. But knowing the principles of it is definitely worth it. That way you can understand why it’s not worth doing:


Not effectively

Scares away adequate users

And knowing the basics, you can intelligently analyze other people’s profiles.

This is interesting: for earning in Instagram it is important not so much the quantity (also important) as the quality of your audience.

How to create high-quality content. If you think that any profile can gain popularity, then we are in a hurry to upset you. Not any profile. Popular becomes first of all what is interesting to people. And people are interested in the content, whether it’s photo, video, storyz, text posts – which, firstly, is made qualitatively, and secondly, causes at least some emotions (except negative, of course. Though, it is possible to build an acting idea on a negative one as well).

Study the materials that are freely available on the subject of creating high-quality “suitable” content. Look at how popular bloggers do it. Understanding the basic principles will give you a good basis for successfully promoting your profile.

And once again – business in Instagram, like any other will not bring instant income. What’s more, it’s very competitive and attractive. So be prepared that you will have to give a lot of time and not sit idly by waiting for the mana of heaven.

Well, if it doesn’t bother you, then let’s finally move on to the ideas that you can use to start your own business.

№ 1. Sale of goods and services

For a long time already in this social network a part of profiles are not user monostranits, but store pages. Moreover, they can be both online and physical store pages. All because posts with photos – an ideal way to advertise your product.

A user who is even just interested in the direction of this store can subscribe to his profile. And by signing up, he is already a potential buyer.

What can you sell from Instagram pages?

Everything from food to bathroom decorations. The pages of clothing and footwear are very common, especially if it is positioned as a designer. Cosmetics from different countries are in great demand, as a huge part of the audience of the social network – women. Masters involved in the manufacture of handmade products, have long appreciated the possibilities of this site, and buyers of these products do not realize that any master can not be found here.

It is possible to sell services. And although for most services on the Internet, there are special exchanges where you can take the order and their services to promote, Instagram is becoming an indispensable tool in maintaining communication with the already bought something customer, and in the promotion of his name. Here you can find services of copywriters, personal and family psychologists, coaches, artists, law firms, fitness halls and other …

You can sell a product or service in this social network of any kind. It is important only to understand that you need to present everything qualitatively and beautifully. If you are selling something, then you need to attract an effective tool for quality photos. If you provide a service, then keep a profile for people. You don’t have to give out uninteresting facts in portions. Share valuable information with your subscribers, tell about interesting cases, give advice.

Everything will depend on what you sell and who your target audience is. Unlike many other advertising tools, Instagram allows you to communicate live and address your customers directly.

And remember that there are different content. Photos, text posts somewhere will be of great use, but in most cases, the alternation of content will add efficiency. Again, you need to analyze what exactly causes a response from your target client. And the main thing is to have a clear idea of who exactly is your target client.

If you know everything about the right audience for you – which city lives in, what he does, how old he is, what his income, you can work most effectively. This also applies to positions and profile promotion.

Ways to promote products or services in Instagram

Barter with the bloggers. A popular form of promotion, when the company provides a free popular blogger with his product, and he tells his audience about it, in fact, advertising you (even if not just praises, but tells his impressions of working with you, or your product). The main thing that the audience of the blogger coincides with yours.

Pranks and contests. A good way to increase user interest is to hold such events with prizes.

Hashtags. Filling your posts with a bunch of all kinds of hashtags is a popular pastime for beginners in installations. And for beginners, too. Hashtags are an important and effective tool in promoting your positions. But it only becomes so when used correctly. They should be aimed at your audience. A store that sells cosmetics can put hashtags “beauty”, “splendor”, “beautiful” under the post. No one’s forbidding it. Except for these hashtags, people can look for completely different information. And they can find you. Yes, your future clients may be among them. But it’s much more efficient to “spend” hashtags on more targeted requests.

Profile and posting. Look at the recommendations for proper design. People love the beautiful, aesthetic, comfortable and simple. Otherwise, you will lose an audience.

Targeting. A professional way to promote yourself in a social network. This feature is built into business accounts. If knowledge is not enough, there is no time to study, but there is at least a small budget for advertising, contact those who are professionally engaged in targeting.

What will help you submit to Instagram

Live communication with subscribers through posts. Share not just information, but emotions. People will appreciate and treat you with great interest.

Appreciate the feedback. Always respond to comments and letters in the directory.

Write a price for a product or service. Attempts to get the client to communicate with you using a hidden price may have the opposite effect. Not everyone is ready to spend time to find out the price tag.

Motivate and encourage. For example, by using feedback reposting. Involvement makes you more willing to continue to interact with you.

№ 2. Advertising posts

The most common way to earn money at Instagram. But it only works if you have many subscribers. The interest of advertisers in your audience. No one is interested in paying for the placement, which will see a few people. And the more followers, the more expensive will cost a place in your profile.

Usually, accounts with less than ten thousand subscribers are not so readily considered by advertisers.

How much money do you charge for advertising

The most popular scheme for calculating the cost of advertising space is now the formula of 10 subscribers for 1 ruble. That is an account in which 3000 subscribers can sell based on this formula place for advertising for 300 rubles. If the profile is followed by 15000 people, then the advertising will be more expensive – 1500 rubles per post.

This scheme takes as its basis a quantitative component of the audience. But there is another formula that evaluates the quality. Namely – the activity of the audience. In it, the price is taken for likes and comments. In other words, the fixed price for likes and comments is multiplied by the average number of likes and the average number of comments in posts of this profile. It should be understood that there are always fewer active users than the total number of subscribers. And in several times. But they are exactly what the advertiser needs.

Where to look for advertisers…

There’s a lot of “independent” clients. If your account is popular, it will one day definitely attract the attention of those who are interested in offering something to your audience. They can write to you themselves and ask for prices. You can increase the frequency of such cases by entering information about it in your profile itself.

The second way is to use special search sites. As of today, there are a lot of such sites. For example, Admaster, Epicstar, Sociate and others. They operate on the principle of exchanges. That is, you can find advertising orders for them and see how much you can get for it. Well, and then – to decide whether to take such an order or not.

№ 3. Sale of photos

How does this idea work? On the one hand, it’s simple. The algorithm is this:

You take pictures.

You put them in your profile.

At the same time, you register on a special exchange, placing a portfolio of your best photos.

Next, either the client finds you through the installers, or you look for orders at the exchange.

At the exchange, the client can give you the task and, executing it, you make the next photo to order, or he buys from you a ready photo of your portfolio.

In installations, your idea photos may also interest a possible client. And you don’t have to think that few people need quality photos. On the contrary, for filling sites all use photos. Therefore, the client can be and large firms, and advertising agencies and individuals developing any interesting projects.

The key here is your quality work as a photographer. So, if you have no experience, if you have never been involved in photography and do not know how to properly process the material, but want to earn on it, you need to start with a theoretical base and parallel practice.

Here’s a tip: try to shoot something that nobody takes photos of and make photos alive, not staged. That’s what brands are looking for. And also, don’t take square shots.

If you’re not a photographer, this idea of making money can be seen more as a hobby, which over time and diligence can turn into a profit. If you have experience and interest, then selling your photo through Instagram can be a great tool along with others you are used to.

№ 4. Promotion of other people’s accounts

Back to the popularity of Instagram. The fact is that its popularity and ubiquity, as we have already said, leads to the desire of the majority to make money on it. Of this majority, part has no idea how to promote their own account. And the other part doesn’t want to waste their time on it. That’s why, in fact, you can also make money on it.

And they do it with varying degrees of professionalism and success as whole firms, as well as freelancers-single.

Which includes promoting a third party profile

It needs to be processed properly.

We need to create a content plan that will target the audience.

It is necessary to organize SEO-optimization

You need to choose effective advertising tools

Targeting needs to be set up properly.

We need to develop a set of measures that will increase the activity of profile users, that is, increase the average number of likes and comments.

In fact, this work does not contain super-complicated actions. You just need to be good at it. If you don’t know how and what to do, you should definitely start by learning the basics. You can do it for free, there are many manuals online. But there’s not enough basic knowledge to do a successful job. Therefore, we recommend taking some not the most expensive paid training. Invest in yourself, so to speak.

Or you can come to everything yourself, combining theory with practice on your own account. It’ll be free, but it’ll take more time.

How to get started

If you already know how to do a lot, but have not done anything yet, you should not count on a large order to fall from the sky. So start small. Offer your services for free. Combine the pleasant with the useful. It’ll be a great practice. You will be able to present the result as your portfolio, you will understand what other layers of information to study. But don’t get carried away with altruism.

Tip: When filling orders, keep track of how long it takes you to do this or that task. In the future, this will be very useful for you in forming a price tag, and in consultation with the customer.

№ 5. Administration of accounts

Social groups in Instagram have one goal – to get as many regular subscribers as possible. To achieve this, it is necessary to provide users with necessary and interesting information at all times, as well as to maintain activity in all possible ways.

However, when a group grows to the required size, it becomes difficult to manage it. Given the fact that, among other things, you need to keep up with other things. Therefore, more and more large groups hire administrators who, depending on the need, publish content, moderate chats, respond to company messages, place advertising posts and so on.

Well, due to the fact that there are so many such groups, administrators are looking for with enviable consistency. In addition, this kind of activity in 99% of cases is remote.

The pros of this kind of income:

You can be an administrator of several groups at once.

The work gives an excellent internal experience and understanding of how certain social networking tools work, as well as how the audience behaves in different cases. Together, it will allow you to develop your groups more effectively in the future.

№ 6. Sale of own experience

This idea is suitable for those who have some specific skills and knowledge. And the more specialty you have, or the richer your experience, the more expensive you can sell it.

For example, a regular copywriter is unlikely to be able to offer anything to an audience that they themselves can’t find on the Internet. But a copywriter who has long experience, or experience working for well-known firms, or specializing in a narrow area can already sell itself. And sell cheaply.

The main task here – to gather an audience and sell not just services, but advice and information. That is to arrange an infobusiness or coaching, or training. Everything that the audience is now actively responding to.

№ 7. Partner programs

The essence of partnership programs in the installation is to sell other people’s goods or services to their audience for a certain percentage.

Why is it necessary when you can sell your goods with a large audience? Not everyone has his product. And if you have gained an audience with the help of information and not products, why not advertise to them what you like while earning money?

Just be more careful with this tool. People who subscribe to your profile because of the very specific content will react to the change of courses. You need to give everything very portioned and easy, without rolling into a conversion to a sales account.

Affiliate programs – a full-fledged tool that acts as an exchange. In other words, you will not have to offer and negotiate. You can just register, choose your own affiliate product, get affiliate link, place it in your posts and get money for the fact that one of your subscribers goes through it. In some cases, you will have to wait for approval of your account in order to get permission to participate in the partnership.

№ 8. Execution of tasks

Such an idea will not bring much money, so it should be considered only as additional income. However, it is an income through the installation. That’s why we included it into the article.

The possibility to receive tasks for actions in social networks is implemented by special services. Therefore, in order to start, you will need to register on one of these services.

Tasks are simple actions that you perform using your account. For example, a task to put likes, or write a comment on a certain number of characters, or subscribe to a certain profile and not cancel the subscription within a week.

People are willing to pay for all these actions. Not enough, but still pay. Because it’s one of the tools for cheating. In fact, you become the dead audience of the twist profile we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Your account doesn’t suffer much from that.

In one day you can earn from 100 to 500 rubles on such exchanges. But given that the tasks in some days may not be very much, and willing to make no effort to earn – enough, the amount of earnings will certainly be even less.

№ 9. Instamaty

This idea already applies to the business with investments, because such devices will have to buy.

Their essence is simple – they print photos from a social network for a fee. They print them instantly, like a Polaroid. And a user can print photos not only from his account, but also from any other account that is not in closed mode.

If you are interested in such an idea, we recommend looking for a franchise company that provides such devices. You can choose a franchise in a special section of our catalog.

№ 10. Creating photo albums with photos from Instagram

As the practice of the same Instamat shows, the fashion for physical photographs is back again. And it means that you can catch a trend and start a business on it. Best of all, of course, it is suitable for those who already have experience, or in general operating business in the photo printing industry, or just printing.

Ideal for this business – to create your own site designer, which will allow the client:

Choose a photo album design

Select the photos from Instagram that should be printed in it.

Choose the number of pages in the photo album.

But under this type of business, you’ll have to lay down a budget. Because you need to spend on many items – from the creation of the site, to printing services, or equipment. All promotion will be concentrated just in Instagram, which makes sense.

№ 11. Trading accounts

The idea is based on a simple and ancient way of trade – to buy cheaper, to sell more expensive. It is possible to implement this method in Instagram for a long time, and given the fact that the social network continues to grow, opportunities in this area are only added.

Sell whole accounts, as a rule, those who are tired of maintaining a profile. At the same time, naturally, it should be promoted, otherwise no one will buy it.

Buy accounts for those who plan to make money on the promoted account (perhaps even one of the methods described in this article), but do not want to spend time creating and promoting their own profile.