TOP 5 healthy breakfasts

Residents of megacities often do not have time for breakfast or eat on the go in the morning, running to work or study. And in spring, when the body’s defenses are reduced after winter frosts, a balanced breakfast is one of the most important moments to maintain energy and vitality.

There is no universal breakfast that is suitable for all people, physicians say. “Everything depends on everyone’s body here,” says physician Vyacheslav Yankovsky. – After all, there are different types of acidity, intensity of digestive enzymes and processes”.

What kind of breakfast is suitable for whom?

If a person has high acidity and intensive digestion, it is better to have a solid breakfast. A person with reduced acidity and poor digestion should choose an easier breakfast. Of course, only tests will help to determine the type of digestion, but as a rule, in people who wake up very hungry at once, digestive processes are more intensive. If, however, you don’t feel particularly hungry until 10-11 a.m. early in the morning, you are likely to have poor digestion and lower acidity.

“The constitution of man must also be considered. If he is thin, with pale skin and narrow bones, he is always freezing and has cold limbs, then he better eat and drink something warm for breakfast to “wake up” the body. If a person is always hot and has a stronger physique, he can eat colder dishes and drink cold drinks for breakfast,” says the doctor.

In addition, according to the specialist, breakfast is necessary, but contrary to popular belief, you can’t eat more than for lunch or dinner. “It is better not to eat a lot of food for breakfast. The saying ‘eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy’ is not quite correct,” says the doctor. – The food has to be balanced, and in the morning, when the body is still awake, you can’t ‘pile’ a lot of food into it.

What do you have for breakfast?


The product is truly unique. It contains vitamins E, A, D, B vitamins as well as phosphorus, iron and sulfur. “Egg yolk generally contains all the microelements a person needs, so you can eat eggs of any kind in the morning,” – says Vyacheslav and adds that people with high acidity can eat eggs, and people with low acidity is better to cook eggs. At the same time, you can eat scrambled eggs for everyone.


Oatmeal is a universal breakfast – it is suitable for people with any digestion. “It’s good for absolutely everyone,” says the doctor. Oatmeal contains vitamins B, A, E, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, as well as potassium and magnesium. To diversify the dish somehow, you can add different jams, dried or fresh fruit, nuts and some muesli to the oatmeal. Sugar in oatmeal can be replaced with more useful honey.


Not all fruits are suitable for breakfast – they contain large amounts of fiber and are difficult enough to digest. Therefore, your doctor recommends choosing apples of sweet varieties and baking them together with dried fruit, nuts, curd and honey. In addition, you can eat bananas in the morning – they are quite calorific, so they are ideal for breakfast. They also have a good effect on bowel function.

Cottage cheese

Cake and any fermented milk products are more suitable for people with good digestion, because when stored it can form a variety of bacteria that can potentially cause stomach upset. You should also avoid choosing different curds, glazed cheeses and ready-made casseroles – there is a lot of sugar and preservatives. However, natural curd without additives is very useful – it contains calcium, phosphorus, a lot of protein and B vitamins. It can be mixed with honey, berries and fruits.


We are only talking about healthy sandwiches cooked on wholemeal bread, with vegetables, hard non-fat cheese and lean meat. It is definitely harmful for health to eat sandwiches with sausage, margarine or mayonnaise not only in the morning but also during the day – these products are rich in preservatives, they are very caloric and difficult to digest. But sandwiches made from fresh products will not only be delicious, but also a healthy breakfast.

From drinks for breakfast you can eat almost everything – you should not drink only carbonated sweet water and instant coffee. Their frequent consumption on an empty stomach can cause digestive problems, down to gastritis or ulcers. Tea, juice (preferably freshly squeezed or one with less sugar), natural coffee – there are no restrictions. However, it is believed that the best breakfast drink is green tea – there is several times more caffeine in it than coffee, and microelements and antioxidants make it really useful.